Starrily – When Pigs Fly Swatch

Saturday, 12 July 2014 - 9 Comments

Today I have a Starrily swatch for you! Let’s take a look at some pretty glitters! :D

Starrily – When Pigs Fly: Today I have this awesome glitter bomb to show you which I used for a glitter gradient manicure. Mawi told me she loves nude glitter gradients so I went ahead and used When Pigs Fly for this! It features mainly pink and blue glitters, ranging from tiny glitters to XL circles.

I did use a base colour as I have some staining to hide (life of a nail blogger, haha!), I used Rimmel Let’s Get Nude. Then I applied thin coats of Starrily When Pigs Fly on the tips of my nails. I also sponged on some of the glitters to create a denser effect. All in all this look took only a few minutes to create. Of course don’t forget to finish with top coat to smooth everything out, I used Seche Vite.

Formula was very nice to work with and this one is really packed with glitters. I really loved it!

You can purchase When Pigs Fly from the official website for $10. It’s currently in stock and I’m happy to say the previous Starrily colours I shared with you that were out of stock at the time of writing are back too!

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  • I loooove this gradient look! So good! And circular glitter still rocks my world :).

    • Very Emily

      Thanks so much! Yes circle glitters all the way for me too!

      • Oh, also I voted for use both rectangular and square – I had the same thing and think rectangular usually fits better, but one square photo isn’t too much and it’s so much easier for Instagram!

  • I voted for keep them as they are. In the end of course it is up to you. But I feel like rectangular pictures flow more into the post and a square pictures will just pop out to much. Idk.

    I love the naills <3 It looks so great on top of Let's Get Nude. I didn't realize it was such a great 'nude' shade.

    • Very Emily

      Thank Monique I appreciate your input! I got a lot of votes to keep them as they are so I will probably do that. I was toying with this idea in my head for a few weeks now and I’m happy to have some more opinions now I can just put it aside hehe. :)

      And thanks! Yes I really love that Rimmel nude.

  • Maja

    Love this manicure! <3 I just did my first glitter gradient mani today and it turned out quite nice. :)

    • Very Emily

      Yay that’s awesome! Glitter gradient manis are addictive hehe :D and I love that they’re easy to achieve.

  • Such a pretty glitter!

    • Very Emily

      Thanks so much!