Rimmel Metal Rush – Bronze Princess

Wednesday, 12 February 2014 - 10 Comments

Today I have a quick swatch of a Rimmel shade I picked up recently! I don’t own a lot of Rimmel London polishes but when I saw this little duochrome gem hiding away in a discount bin, I had to grab it. I’ve been hugely into duochromes and multichromes lately. Though I felt like the mainstream brand duochromes often lacked vibrancy and a strong colour shift. Definitely not the case with this one! Let’s take a look!

Rimmel Bronze Princess shifts from a gorgeous deep reddish purple(?) to a vibrant rich green. It’s so stunning! The duochrome particles sit in a blueish green base that makes this polish nice and opaque. No need for a black base. The main colour of this duochrome is so hard to describe, it looks drastically different in each light setting too. Sometimes it looks red, other times it looks purple or brown. A real chameleon this one! :D

What I love most is the colour shift to green though… It’s so vibrant and stunning. Love it! The formula was great too. The only (minor) downside is the bottle size, it’s only 8ml so it’s fairly small but you get a nice full-size brush so no complaints.

These Rimmel Metal Rush shades were launched in October 2012 and are sadly no longer available! However I found this Rimmel Bronze Princess polish at a local discount store called Action for just €2.29. Maybe you can still find some if you’re lucky.

  • I had no idea Action sold polish! Oh god :’)

    • Very Emily

      They have their “homebrand” Max nail polish (not a fan) but they recently had this cluttered discount bin with a few branded polishes like Rimmel and MNY (can’t remember if there was anything else). I found this beauty so I was pleased hehe!

  • This looks stunning! I have 2 of the other shades from the collection (Pearly Queen and Purple Reign) and I love them, but I get MAJOR bubbling :(

    • Very Emily

      Thank you! Oh that sucks! :( I didn’t experience any bubbling. I find that I get bubbles when I layer my coats too thick and too quickly. Very thin coats and waiting a few minutes inbetween often helps for me. :)

      • I know and at first I did think it was just me, but now I’ve had more practice since I really got into nail art and I still get the bubbling with these specific polishes. Maybe they just don’t like me :'(

        • Very Emily

          That does sound annoying. It can be caused by humidity too. But usually it helps for me to leave enough time inbetween coats but I also get it more with certain brands or certain polishes. :( Bubbling is pretty random!

  • Nice find :D!

    • Very Emily

      I know right?! I had to grab it hehe.

  • Kiersten Bonifant

    I JUST yesterday found out about these polishes! I got on Amazon right away and was lucky enough to find a bottle of Pearly Queen for $6 shipped. Not bad for something so unique. Bronze Princess is really pretty, it reminds me of an old Revlon I had.

    • Very Emily

      That’s a great deal!! I’m so glad you still found some :) they were originally $9 here in Europe so that’s a great price.