Purple Geometric Nails

Monday, 7 July 2014 - 16 Comments

If you read last weeks post you know that today (Monday) means.. Nail art! :D Apart from weekly swatches of a certain brand I don’t think I’ve ever had a regular feature on my blog. Mainly since I don’t like too much commitment as my blog is still very much a hobby and something I do for me. However I’ve created most of these nail art manicures in advance so that takes off the pressure of having to create something every week. :) Without further ado, let’s take a look at todays nail art!

This week I created something inspired by Japanese nail art. A purple-y geometric design with a bling-y accent nail! :D On all fingers I started with Essence Hattrick! as a base, my new favourite white polish. I even bought a backup! (Well.. to be precise, the boyfriend did. Isn’t he sweet? Hehe!) Then on my middle and ring finger I sponged on several colours to create a watercolor effect. I used piCture pOlish Wisteria, piCture pOlish Sky, piCture pOlish Coral Reef and China Glaze Hanging In The Balance. I then freehanded a geometric line design using my ORLY Instant Artist in Jet Black.

On my pointer finger I painted on a different geometric design using my ORLY striper and then cut off a teeny bit off my sponge to fill in two blank spaces. I added three black dots using a dotting tool to finish the design. Topcoated everything with Seche Vite for shine!

Finally on my ring finger I added some bling: 3mm silver rhinestone, purple holographic heart, 2mm round pastel purple pastel stud, gold steel balls, 2mm pearl. Everything can be found from Born Pretty Store!

Hope you like this design! Let me know in the comments below. :)

  • These look awesome! I love geometric nail art designs and the sponged on background with different colours makes the look more special :) The heart stud is so cute as well!

    • Very Emily

      Thanks so much!! <3 Geometric designs are easily my favourite hehe

  • Maja

    Gorgeous! I don’t know how you manage to create so many beautiful manicures… :D

    • Very Emily

      Awh thank you hehe :D

  • wow, beautiful shapes!!! those are such creative and artistic nail art designs *u*

    • Very Emily

      Thank you so much! Glad you like it :D

  • So beautiful :D

    • Very Emily

      Thank you!!

  • Виктория Артамонова

    Maybe I’m too conservative but I like your watercolor “background” even more than the finished result :) it is so lovely and delicate.

    • Very Emily

      Hehe thank you :D I can appreciate that!

  • Simone Kooijman

    omg this is soooooo awesome ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥<333333333333333

    • Very Emily

      Thank you so much ehhehe :D

  • Wooow I really like this! My favorite would be your pointer and your ring finger. You can just never go wrong with blings ^.^
    Hmmm I’ve actually never heard of essence Hattrick before :/ Is it new? Guess it’s limited since your bf bought you a pack up (which is btw super sweet of him)
    I usually create nail designs in advance too but sometimes I even forget about them haha xD

    • Very Emily

      Thanks so much! <3

      Essence Hattrick was released in the "Hup Holland Hup" limited edition only available in The Netherlands. I wish I knew if they released it under a different name in other countries but I sadly have no idea. It's an amazing white though! I wish they would add it to their core collection. :(

  • Amazingly done, as always!

  • The ringfinger looks SO cool – love the cute charms together!