Polish Me Silly – Meet My Chromies Part II

Thursday, 16 January 2014 - 17 Comments

Today I am sharing the new collection by Polish Me Silly (formerly known as Lush Lacquer). The talented and lovely ladies behind this brand, mother/daughter team Karin and Lexi are releasing a new collection which is called Meet My Chromies. As you’ve guessed, it’s a collection filled with dazzling duochromes and multichromes. Exciting!

As there are over 20 new shades in this collection (and I have more than 50 photos to share!!!) I decided to split up my post into three parts, leading up to the launch which is later today (7PM PST). This is part II which shows the five amazing glass fleck multichrome top coats and the two “bonus” shades, a French manicure topper and a real sterling silver nail polish! Stay tuned for part III!

Polish Me Silly – Green Goddess: First up is Green Goddess which is an ah-mazing green glass fleck top coat with holographic glitter thrown in the mix. This shifts from a warm goldish green to vibrant green to blue. The shift is really strong and it’s very eye-catching. I used two coats over black, if you use one coat you’ll have a softer effect. You don’t need to use black, you can layer these over whichever shade you want!

Polish Me Silly – Stardust: Next is Stardust which is… do I need words to describe this? It’s in-cre-di-ble. So amazing! When you see these top coats sitting in the bottle you would never expect them to look like this! They are really magical. Stardust has a shift from turquoise blue to purple and pink, again with TONS of holographic glitter. I used two coats over black.

Polish Me Silly – Mindblowing: Next is mindblowing which is a stunning soft glass fleck with sparse holographic square glitter. It shifts from a beautiful bright blue to purple and pink. Really gorgeous! I used two coats over black again.

Polish Me Silly – Love Struck: Next is Love Struck which shifts from purple to pink and orange. It’s SO beautiful! All of these really pack a punch. The colours are very vibrant and the silver holographic glitter makes them even more dazzling. This is two coats over black.

Polish Me Silly – Bombshell: Finally we have Bombshell which shifts from fuchsia pink to orange to gold. Again lots of holographic glitter! As you can see the colour shift is so vibrant and strong. I really love these! This was also two coats over black.

Polish Me Silly – Blissful Moments: Next is one of the “bonus” shades of this collection. It’s not a duochrome or multichrome but a French manicure topper. It’s the perfect French nail polish! It’s packed full of shimmer and beautifully whitens your nails. The shimmer is a lot stronger and more obvious in person, I really struggled to capture the true beauty of this one. If you love French nails you NEED this! This was two coats over a freehanded white French nail.

Polish Me Silly – Hypnotic: And the second bonus shade is a stunning platinum gold glitter. It has REAL sterling silver flakes! It’s so gorgeous when the light hits it. I used four coats here which still shows some VNL but Karin told me there is a new formula for this that is even more opaque so you can get a FULL coverage of the sterling silver flakes! Amazeballs!

The glass fleck multichromatic glitter top coats are definitely my favourite polishes out of the entire Meet My Chromies collection. Karin and Lexi did an AMAZING job with those. They are vibrant and gorgeous and I own nothing like them in my stash. They are really unique and simply must-haves! You can layer them over any colour and they’ll look stunning.

The new Polish Me Silly collection, Meet My Chromies, is launching today at 7PM PST on their Etsy page. Prices range between $10.50 and $11.50, Blissful Moments is just $9 and Hypnotic is $13 due to luxury ingredients. Make sure to keep an eye on their Facebook page and Instagram for the announcement! In the meantime you can also enter their Facebook giveaway which closes tonight.

Make sure to stay tuned for part III (and perhaps a giveaway!) and hit “read more” for LOTS of extra bonus shots after the jump! 

Polish Me Silly – Green Goddess

Polish Me Silly – Stardust

Polish Me Silly – Stardust

Polish Me Silly – Stardust

Polish Me Silly – Mindblowing

Polish Me Silly – Mindblowing

Polish Me Silly – Love Struck

Polish Me Silly – Love Struck

Polish Me Silly – Bombshell

  • Holly Smokes! I have been scrolling up and down, back and forth to see the colors over and over again. In the bottle they don't look like anything special, but once applies, OMG! I am amazed :) Super lovely swatches, Emily :)

    • veryemily

      Thanks so much Paulina! They are sooo amazing!

  • Green Goddess is very pretty, but these look a bit.. chunky? I don't know, I guess I would have loved them more without the glitter :).

    • Awh I love the glitter! I think it really adds something unique. :)

  • Niki T.

    Wow, I love these toppers!

    • Aren’t they amazing? Hehe!

  • shir

    amazing :O

    • veryemily

      Thanks! Good luck! :D

  • Wow, they look great and you wouldn't think there was that much colour in there!

    • veryemily

      Yes you would never expect it! So amazing! Thanks!

  • Meredith

    Bombshell is beautiful! I've never seen a pink-to-gold that bright and pretty before. It looks almost like a foil.

  • Mia

    Love Green Goddess and Stardust, love the quality of your swatches, always amazing!

  • anissa

    i can't decide which of these is my absolute favorite. gorgeous collection, every one! however, as a rule, i am partial to purple … so i am in love with Mindblowing!!

  • thenailsnail

    These are all so gorgeous!! I love Bombshell, the color shift is amazing :) Beautiful swatches, your nails are gorgeous!

    • Very Emily

      Awh thank you so much that means a lot!

  • Charlotte

    What a lovely collection of polishes this is! I especially love the 2nd and 3rd one :)

  • Kara

    Blissful Moments is super pretty!