piCture pOlish – Orbit

Saturday, 12 January 2013 - 4 Comments

This is the final post of the 5-week piCture pOlish “swatchathon”. I think I saved the best till last with this gorgeous sparkly shade called Orbit. This might not be my last swatchathon, but I can’t give away too many details yet! :D

Orbit is a beautiful deep blue glitter. I say blue but it’s more of a mix between purple and blue, though it depends on the light setting. I love those “in-between shades”, they’re hard to describe but they are all the more unique! I used two coats for the swatch above but I could have gotten away with just one!

Sadly this was the first piCture pOlish shade where I had some issues with application. My bottle of Orbit was gloopy and harder to apply. The brush was soaked in polish and it was tricky to remove it and get the right amount. In any case I added some thinner which helped straight away to make application a little easier.

Here’s a close-up! Orbit consists of an opaque jelly blue base with fine silver glitters that shift to blue. It has so much depth to it! It’s seriously such a stunning shade. I would easily call this one of my favourite glitter polishes ever!

As always, the final bottle shot! Look at that blurred glitter at the top of the picture! :love: Don’t you just love blurred glitter bokeh? All in all, despite some application issues, this was a real stunner of a polish. Flawlessly opaque in just one or two coats and this polish will have you mesmerized for days!

You can find Orbit for AU$9.50 on the piCture pOlish website. Make sure to check out their network page to find an online store near you. If you are in Belgium or the Netherlands, you can take a look at PrettyPolish.nl!

If you’d like to see the previous piCture pOlish swatches I posted, make sure to check out my piCture pOlish tag

  • wow this is stunning!

    • veryemily

      Thanks! x

  • Omg! This is such a perfect nail polish :)

    • veryemily

      Isn’t it? It’s such an amazing glitter!