Nail Art Society – The Great Glitzy + GIVEAWAY!

Monday, 27 January 2014 - 103 Comments

Today I’m finally sharing my Nail Art Society The Great Glitzy look! This kit has been with subscribers for a while but mine only got here today. My post is a little overdue but this is one of my favorite kits to date (for several reasons!) so I hope you will enjoy this regardless!

The Great Glitzy is, as the name suggests, a very shimmery kit! It’s inspired by The Great Gatsby and the glitz and glamour of the roaring twenties. The featured brand this December month was Floss Gloss which I was so excited about. It’s a luxury indie brand that I’ve been dying to try forever! The Great Glitzy kit came in a gold and silver version and included:

  • 1 Floss Gloss glitter nail polish (Dimepiece OR Stun)
  • 1 Jar of holographic hex glitter (gold OR silver)
  • 1 Bag of #thegreatglitzy mix decoration!

The kit came in either a gorgeous silver drawstring or gold drawstring bag and included a card with tutorial (as always). This kit is extra special to me as I designed the card for his months kit! A proud moment! :) Photos of it down below after the jump. First let’s take a look at the nail art look I created with my kits.

On my pointer finger and pinkie I did a glitter gradient using Floss Gloss Stun and Floss Gloss Dimepiece. I usually struggle a little with glitter gradients but the Floss Gloss glitters made it such a breeze! They can be layered to perfect opacity too as you can see on my ring finger, where I used 2-3 coats. As my “feature” nail I did a glitter placement à la Polish All The Nails using the hex glitters. I had so much fun doing the glitter placement!

The Great Glitzy kit includes a gorgeous bag of decorations, sadly I didn’t have mine on hand so I used some decorations I already owned that were similar to what was featured in the bag. Inside the baggie are gorgeous different coloured rhinestones, pearls, and some golden rings too. Very pretty!

Nail Art Society is a monthly subscription that features nail art decorations, nail polish and a curated tutorial. For this kit NAS even created an awesome video tutorial featuring artist Lynette Cenée. Make sure to check it out here! Kits are $11.95 a month plus shipping. This kit has gone out to subscribers already but you can still purchase it in the Nail Art Society À La Carte shop!

I hugely loved this Nail Art Society kit! I am also very excited to announce a giveaway for my fans. I’m extremely grateful that NAS have allowed me to open this internationally, so all my readers can have a shot at winning! Nail Art Society only ships in the US for now so this is a real exclusive! What are the prizes? The winner will receive both the Silver AND Gold The Great Glitzy kit AND 3 Floss Gloss nail lacquers of YOUR CHOICE! Amazing! :D You can enter down below using the Rafflecopter widget. Make sure to read the rules under the Terms and Conditions.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The card included in The Great Glitzy kit (front side at the top and back on the bottom).

  • Lisa Fedewa

    I would love the silver kit!
    Your nails are looking amazing, so long!

    • Very Emily

      Thank you! I think I might need to do a post on my nail care routine haha :) Good luck!

  • Beautiful manicure! I love that you combined the gold and silver for this manicure :D

    • Very Emily

      Thanks so much Emily!!

  • I would loooove to win these! Both the gold and the silver look stunning :) I love the manicure you created here as well!

    • Very Emily

      Thanks so much!!! Good luck :)

  • I really love what you did with the studs on your ring finger! Hopefully I win a set ^^

    • Very Emily

      Thanks so much Deborah!! Good luck :D

  • Carla Allio

    Your nails are stunning, and your designs as well! Thanks for this giveaway , I hope to win!! :D

    • Very Emily

      Thank you so much!!! Good luck :)

  • Harriet Lockett

    I love this mani. The hex glitter looks particularly gorgeous

    • Very Emily

      Thanks so much!!

  • These glitters are to die for! :) Such a pretty mani, Emily :)

    • Very Emily

      Thanks so much Paulina!

  • These kits look awesome and I love the look you did! Nail art is so much fun to do.

    • Very Emily

      Awh thank you! Yes nail art is the best hehe!! :D

  • Sjoukje

    I would looooove to win the silver one! I’ve always wanted to make a mani with hex glitters

    • Very Emily

      You need some hex glitters in your life! :) Good luck!

  • Emmy

    those kits look like fun! and you make a good combo of all the elements! good job :)

    • Very Emily

      Thanks so much! Good luck :)

  • Brethil Ebontree

    Love your mani! Those polishes look great in a gradient! And those silver hex glitters… yum.

    • Very Emily

      Thanks so much! They are totally perfect for gradients, it’s unbelievably easy! :) Good luck!

  • Anne Lise Lærnes Havnvik

    Oh, I LOVE this!!! Crossing fingers for the giveaway prize to find it’s way to lovely Norway! <3

    • Very Emily

      Hehe thank you and good luck!! :)

  • Marina Pardini Cinatri

    I loved it!!!! I want to win!!! o/

    • Very Emily

      Thanks! Good luck :)

  • Melissa Cushing

    I Love your blog an LOVE the pics of your nails for this giveaway!!! Very cool and I hope I win!

    • Very Emily

      Thank you so much!! :) Good luck!

  • This nail kit look fun and easy!

    • Very Emily

      Hehe I agree!

  • Laure

    Cool! Je nagels blijven maar groeien… *duimen*
    Bedankt, Emily! :D

    • Very Emily

      Haha ja hier zijn ze wel echt op hun langst! Hierna heb ik ze flink gevijld :) Succes!

  • Irina Dubinskaya-Gnatiuk

    Great giveaway! Thank you!

    • Very Emily


  • SparkFrenzy

    Just stumbled on your blog! Great reviews, and great nails!!!

    • Very Emily

      Thank you!!

  • This kit is beautiful! :)

    • Very Emily

      I agree!! :)

  • April Sidlow

    Thanks so much for this Emily!!
    I am from the UK and I’ve been wanting to get my hands on NAS forEVER, really hope I win!!
    Good luck to everyone x

    • Very Emily

      Awh thanks! Good luck!!!

  • Charlotte

    What a lovely nail art kit!

    • Very Emily


  • Marlies Prins

    So pretty *O* Keeping my fingers crossed for the giveaway :D

    • Very Emily

      Thank you hehe! Good luck :)

  • Eva

    all i have to say is OH MY GOD SO MUCH GLITTER.

    • Very Emily

      Hahaha! :D

  • ty for the giveaway! I love Floss Gloss & NAS!

    • Very Emily

      Me too! :)

  • Jaclyn

    Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

    • Very Emily

      Good luck!

  • yes, this kit is awesome!! might also be one of my favourites!! gotta take some times to create an awesome look myself though…

    • Very Emily

      Thanks! I agree it’s one of my favourites so far :)

  • Tanya Payne

    I’m always too lazy or freaked out to try glitter placement, but those gold and silver holo hexes have me rethinking my stance. Great swatches.

    • If you use larger glitters it’s less time consuming so that’s a tip if you want to try it! It doesn’t require patience, just mainly focus and determination! You’ll be surprised at how therapeutic it is, it’s great to distract your mind when you are feeling down :) I love it! And thanks so much!!

    • Very Emily

      You should definitely give them a go! Especially if you use slightly larger hex glitters like these, it’s not as time consuming. I find glitter placement really therapeutic and almost soothing, you just need a bit of focus! :) And thank you!

  • This kit really made me want to sign back up… it’s just out of my price range now! Congrats on designing the card!

    • I understand :) You can always order the kit from the À La Carte shop if you want to grab it! And thank you!!

    • Very Emily

      I can definitely understand that! You can always order it later in the A La Carte shop if you have some budget :) And good luck!

  • Dinky

    Amazing giveaway, thank you!!!! :) The prizes are awesome :)

    • Very Emily

      Thanks and good luck! :)

  • Emily YayilsOrNails

    I love the glitter placement! Wish I had the patience to do that. Also, so glad this is an international giveaway, I’ve wanted to get my hands on a NAS box for ages!

    • Very Emily

      Awh thanks! I find it doesn’t require so much patience (I’m super impatient!!) but more focus and determination hehe. Good luck!

  • Rainbowify Me

    I can’t even imagine the patience you must have, placing all the glitters on your nail like that :)

    • Very Emily

      Awh you would be surprised, I’m one of the least patient people ever haha! Glitter placement is more about focus rather than patience to me! It’s very therapeutic. :)

  • Erin Ortiz

    Thanks for the giveaway :)

    • Very Emily

      Good luck!

  • Wow, the prize is amazing *.*

    • Very Emily

      Hehe I think so too, I would love to win that! :D Good luck!

  • Desire Mutch

    These kits look like a lot of fun. I have been wanting to try Floss Gloss for far too long, I absolutely love their branding! Stunning mani and thank you for the exciting opportunity!

    • Very Emily

      I totally agree! These were my first Floss Gloss polishes and I love them so much. The quality is great and the bottles are just the prettiest :) Good luck!

  • Lindsey Garber

    This is so cool! I have been dying to try this! Thanks so much!!

    • Very Emily

      Thanks!! Good luck!

  • Niki T.

    Thank you for having the giveaway! =)

    • Very Emily

      Good luck!

  • Erin McGarrahan

    Fantastic job on the glitter placement! And the card you designed looks great too. :-)

    • Very Emily

      Thank you so much!!

  • Michelle Roberts

    This is just too gorgeous for words! I can’t even say which nail is my favourite because I simply love them all!!!

    • Very Emily

      Awh thanks so much Michelle!! You’re the sweetest :)

  • irina

    I really love your mani; it looks amazing!

    • Very Emily

      Thanks so much!

  • carlabosch1

    Thanks so much for the giveaway, the products and your nail art creations look amazing! :)

    • Very Emily

      Thanks!! Good luck!

  • Kelley

    These are so gorgeous! Reminds me of red carpet glamour :)

    • Very Emily

      Thanks so much!!

  • Very Emily

    Thank you!

  • Very Emily


  • Miriam Ch.

    I just love your vlog I enter in it every day. Just amazing. Love from Spain

  • Jennifer Snyder

    these are beautiful!!! TY for the chance!!!!

  • Isa Val
  • Denise F

    Normally I only love silver, but you make the gold rock!!!

  • Cathy Malmat

    These are gorgeous, perfect blingy nails!

  • sissy kat

    fingers crossed!

  • Alice Beerland

    So much sparkle!!I’m feeling lucky!

  • Elle

    This kits are amazing! Good luck everyone (:

  • Marta K

    I admire the patience to do the nail art like the one one the big photo above, in the middle finger. It looks gorgeous!

  • Ariana Gallegos

    Beautiful nail design u created :)

  • Kim_P1

    I’d love to win this so that I could try the Nail Art Society. I’ve been thinking of ditching Birchbox, and just use the extra $$ for this instead.

  • Anna

    Looks like a fun combination kit to play with!

  • Bethany

    I love this look! Holographic sparkles get me every time.

  • Diane M Gooding

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  • Megan Russell

    This manicure is absolutely gorgeous!! Love gradients!

  • Sammy

    Would love to win this! I’m a huge Floss Gloss fan! Loving your use of Stun & Dimepiece together.

  • Colleen Boudreau

    Thank you!! :)