Lumina Lacquer – Moonchild

Wednesday, 31 July 2013 - 8 Comments

Today I’m back with another awesome indie polish from Mei Mei’s Signatures! This time from the indie maker Lumina Lacquer which was new to me before trying this polish. A big thank you to Mei Mei for introducing me to this brand! Lumina Lacquer hauls from the USA I believe, and they have ah-mazing glitter bombs. Let’s take a look!

Say hello to Lumina Lacquer Moon Child! Wow… How awesome is this glitter? Moon Child is a chunky and bold glitter with tons of different shapes. I found stars, hexagons, moon-shaped glitter, large round glitter, tiny square glitter, diamond shaped glitter, tiny microglitter, even bar glitter! There’s even some flower-shaped glitter, which you can see if you look closely at the bottle. Crazy awesome!

I layered one coat of Lumina Lacquer Moon Child over China Glaze Prey Tell which is a deep -almost black- red. It really makes the glitters pop! As the pieces are so large, application was a little trickier but I personally don’t have too many issues with the “dabbing” method of applying glitter. I did have some stubborn build-up of moon glitter that wouldn’t spread out on my middle finger, but other than that it wasn’t difficult to fish out the large glitter pieces as there are lots!

Finally, the close-up of Lumina Lacquer Moon Child! As you can see there are some gorgeous tiny flecks of pink along with the large chunky glitter pieces. They really give this glitter mix a lot of depth! I thought Moon Child was a lot of fun and really interesting to try. This is probably the chunkiest glitter mix I own and I personally really loved it! It’s fun, bold, bright and definitely something different!

You can find Lumina Lacquer polishes at Mei Mei’s Signatures, Moon Child is available for S$15. Make sure to check out Mei Mei’s shop for an absolutely gigantic range of indie brands and nail polish supplies! You can also connect with her on Facebook and Twitter. You can also check out the website of Lumina Lacquer, and their Facebook page.

So, what did you think of this bold glitter? Would you wear this? Let me know in the comments!

  • silviabia

    It's gorgeous!! +.+

    • veryemily

      Thanks so much! Such a fun glitter, right?! :D

  • Hmmm, ik kan nog steeds niet wennen aan dit soort glitter helaas :(. Ik vind de onderkleur dan wel weer heel mooi :D!

    • veryemily

      Hehe kan ik volledig inkomen hoor! Ik vind het leuk maar ook niet voor elke dag :)

  • It's beautiful! I love the idea of mixing so many shapes of glitter in a bottle :))

    • veryemily

      So awesome right? I totally agree :D

  • joasia303

    it's soooooo beautiful (.o.) !

    • veryemily

      Thanks so much!