Indigo Bananas – Swatches

Monday, 23 June 2014 - 5 Comments

Today I’m sharing swatches of five Indigo Bananas minis sent to me by the super sweet Mei Mei from Mei Mei’s Signatures. Indigo Bananas is a brand that never ceases to impress me. Owner and creative brains Andrea has incredible eye for detail and rigorously tests her creations before they ever see the light of day. Each polish has incredible depth and complexity. Let’s take a look!

Indigo Bananas – Son Of Fire

Indigo Bananas – Son Of Fire: First up is Son Of Fire which is a gorgeous orange/red duochrome with holographic shimmer. It’s very fiery and the colour is so saturated! This is part of the Endless Summer collection. Application was thin and smooth. I loved working with this one. I used three thin coats and no top coat. Make sure to check out the bonus swatch after the jump to see what this one looks like in direct light.

Indigo Bananas – 2% butterscotch

Indigo Bananas – 2% butterscotch: Next is this crrrrazy duochrome glitter! It has a plum jelly base but I layered it over black for a bit of a different effect. You can check out a few swatches on the official website to see what it looks like layered on its own. The glitters shift from golden orange to yellow and green. Very unique! Part of the Paradise/Willy Wonka collection. I used two coats over black and added top coat.

Indigo Bananas – Medusa Transducer

Indigo Bananas – Medusa Transducer: This amazing black jelly with irridescent glitter and shimmer. It also glows a teal blue in the dark! I’ve attempted to capture it, you can see my photo of this at the bottom of this post (after the jump). This one is part of the Rocky Horror collection. You’ll require three coats to wear it on its own, I layered two coats over black to avoid VNL and added top coat.

Indigo Bananas – You Get Nothing!

Indigo Bananas – You Get Nothing!: This gorgeous holo is also part of the Paradise/Willy Wonka collection. It’s an ah-mazing charcoal grey holo with blue and magenta glitter. Check out what it looks like in direct light after the jump. You don’t want to miss it! Again you can layer this on its own using three coats but with my long nails I played it safe and used two coats over black. I also added top coat.

Indigo Bananas – We Are The Music Makers

Indigo Bananas – We Are The Music Makers: And finally another Paradise/Willy Wonka shade. This is another stunning multichrome GLITTER. It’s so gorgeous! The base is a teal jelly which is gorgeous but three coats still gave me some VNL. So I used two coats over black and top coat. The glitters shift from a turquoise/teal to vibrant blue to pink and to orange. Simply stunning!

You can find these Indigo Bananas polishes at Mei Mei’s Signatures (worldwide shipping) and from the Indigo Bananas website. Full size bottles hold 15ml and minis 8ml (which is A LOT!). The formula is great to work with and 3-free.

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Connect with Indigo Bananas: Homepage – Etsy – Twitter – Facebook – Instagram

Bonus Shots


Indigo Bananas – Son Of Fire (direct light)

Indigo Bananas – Medusa Transducer (glow in the dark)

Indigo Bananas –  You Get Nothing! (direct light)

Indigo Bananas –  You Get Nothing! (direct light close-up)

  • Your bonus shots are gorgeous! These polishes all look so amazing, my favourite is We Are The Music Makers and Son Of Fire looks amazing as well :)

    • Very Emily

      Thanks so much! <3

  • Anna

    Do you use a light box or something like that? Do you have a tip on how to take photos from holo polishes? Your photos and these polishes are awesome! :D

    • Very Emily

      Thanks so much! I always use natural daylight for my photos, no lightbox. :) for the holos I tend to use flash or a lamp to capture the holo rainbow. Hope that helps!

  • 2% Butterscotch O.o *dead*