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Friday, 31 January 2014 - 23 Comments

Today I have a quick post & nail art for you. Tomorrow morning I’m headed on a weekend getaway with the boyfriend, we are celebrating our fifth anniversary! We planned a romantic weekend away in the south of Belgium (The Adrennes). I’m really looking forward. I desperately needed a little vacay away from all the daily stress! I might post some pictures of the beautiful view from our chalet on Instagram. :)

Anyway, this is the nail art I did in under 15 minutes this morning! I had half an hour before I had to rush off to work and I still had bare nails. I never leave the house without nail polish (hello staining! Eek!) so I had to slap something on, ASAP! I really wanted to use the new I Love Nail Polish Ultra Chromes, and suddenly I remembered the gorgeous nail art tutorial Fashion Polish did with the Ozotic shades. I used her technique and created this gemstone (?) effect with a fan brush. I’m obsessed!

I used Jessica nail polish in Black Lustre as a base and then I softly applied I Love Nail Polish in Nostalgia (H), Reminisce, Undenied and Sirène with a fan brush. I think that’s the first time I’ve ever used my fan brush that came in my nail art brush set haha. It’s super easy and quick. I finished all 10 fingers in less than 15 minutes. That’s pretty good right?!

The I Love Nail Polish Ultra Chromes shift in colour so if you move your nails back you get a different coloured effect! So much fun! I really love this nail art, it’s very subtle but still eye-catching and unique. It reminds me of fall leaves or jewels. What do you think?

Make sure to catch my swatches of the Ultra Chromes in my previous post and the rest of the I Love Nail Polish Spring 2014 collection. It’s a truly stunning collection! P.s. They will go up for pre-order on February 14 so maybe  sure to keep an eye on the ILNP Facebook page or subscribe to the newsletter. I suspect she will have a giveaway for the collection soon! :)

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Posted on: January 31, 2014

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  • Lisa Fedewa

    Wow, I would buy those colors just to recreate this mani, amazing!!

    • Very Emily

      Awh thank you so much!!

  • ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    • Very Emily

      Thanks! :D

  • Love this look! Those Ultra Chromes are breathtaking <3

    Hope you're having a great weekend!

    • Very Emily

      Thanks so much! They are seriously amazing multichromes :)

      And I had a perfect weekend thank you! So much fun :)

  • emzi –


    • Very Emily


  • bellisimo!!!!

    • Very Emily

      Thanks Missy! :D

  • Niki T.

    So gorgeous! I remember being blown away when I saw it on Fashion Polish and, I have to say, I’m equally as blown away by yours’! Stunning!

    • Very Emily

      Thanks so much! Yes I was totally in awe of Fashion Polish’s manicure too, I’m glad I finally recreated it!

  • anishagiri

    This is beyond gorgeous! LOVE!

    • Very Emily

      Thank you so much!!

  • Wow, this looks stunning!

    • Very Emily

      Thank you!!

  • Anna

    You make absolutely beautiful nail art – so elegant and stylish… I’m so glad I found your blog – can’t wait to try out some of the designs and techniques you’ve shared!

    • Very Emily

      Thank you so much that means a lot!! Make sure to send me pics if you do :)

  • Megan Russell

    Love this look! Sounds easy enough that I could do it!

    • Very Emily

      Thank you! Oh yes it’s so easy and takes no time whatsoever :)

  • Break rules, not nails

    That is such a gorgeous, amazingly colourful mani! I can’t wait til these colours arrive! :)

    • Very Emily

      Thanks so much!!

  • Nailphotos by Lani

    Very beautiful! :-)