I Love Nail Polish – Spring 2014 Swatches

Thursday, 30 January 2014 - 36 Comments

Today I’m bringing you swatches of the spectacular I Love Nail Polish Spring shades! Barbra, the talented lady behind ILNP created 5 new Pastel Holographic shades, 2 Ultra Holographics and 4 new Ultra Chromes for this collection. I’m so excited and honoured to swatch this stunning collection. I Love Nail Polish has quickly become one of my favourite brands!

All Ultra Holos and Pastel Holos are shot both indoors and with flash to show off the holographic rainbow. I really wanted to show off both “states”. These holos don’t turn grey indoors, the colours are still gorgeous and vibrant! For the Ultra Chromes I shot both indoors and underwater. Underwater photos show off the full multichrome rainbow as the light breaks differently underwater (it’s science!). :D I’ll mention underneath each photo which is which! Let’s take a look at the swatches!

I Love Nail Polish – Kings & Queens (indoors)

I Love Nail Polish – Kings & Queens (flash)

I Love Nail Polish – Kings & Queens: First up is one of the ultra holos, which was immediately obvious once I swatched it. The holo is very vibrant, even indoors! Of course it really comes to life once the sunlight or bright light hits it. How amazing is that holo rainbow?! Kings & Queens is a stunning bright fuchsia purple. Formula was ah-mazing, I only needed two coats. Love this!

I Love Nail Polish – Mega (indoors)

I Love Nail Polish – Mega (flash)

I Love Nail Polish – Mega: Next up we have the second ultra holo, this is Mega, a 100% spectraflair pigment nail polish. As Barbra said “all thriller, no filler”. This one is a must-have!!! The holo rainbow is there, even indoors. And once the light hits it… crrrrrazy holo! Can you spot the DOUBLE RAINBOW in the bottle? Awesome! :D This was three coats.

I Love Nail Polish – Cutie Pop (indoors)

I Love Nail Polish – Cutie Pop (flash)

I Love Nail Polish – Cutie Pop: Next up is this stunning pastel holo! It’s a gorgeous coral pink with tons of gold shimmer and holo sparkles. Sometimes shimmers look gorgeous in the bottle but disappear on the nails. That’s definitely not the case with this one, the gold shimmer is so stunning! The holo is subtle but super pretty. The color of the indoor shot is most accurate. This was three thin coats.

I Love Nail Polish – Dreaming In Violet (indoors)

I Love Nail Polish – Dreaming In Violet (flash)

I Love Nail Polish – Dreaming In Violet: Next is this stunning muted warm lavender purple. I always really gravitate towards this type of purple shades. A soft lavender or pastel purple always looks so flattering! The holo rainbow is really stunning and indoors you get a lovely soft wash of silver shimmer. Very pretty! This was three coats.

I Love Nail Polish – Charmingly Purple (indoors)

I Love Nail Polish – Charmingly Purple (flash)

I Love Nail Polish – Charmingly Purple: Next is this gorgeous blueish lavender pastel holo. I love-love-love shades like this. This one is easily my favourite out of all the pastels! It’s perfect for Spring! The holographic finish works beautifully with this. I used three thin coats but you could definitely get away with two, coverage is great.

I Love Nail Polish – Music Box (indoors)

I Love Nail Polish – Music Box (flash)

I Love Nail Polish – Music Box:  Say hello to the perfect pale pastel blue holo! How stunning is this? Seriously! I can’t get over how gorgeous this blue is. Wearing it as I’m writing this and it’s just so pretty. It has an ever so subtle greenish tinge to it. Love it! This was three coats.

I Love Nail Polish – Princeton (indoors)

I Love Nail Polish – Princeton (flash)

I Love Nail Polish – Princeton: And finally we have the last pastel holo, a stunning pastel minty green holo. All of these holos are right up my alley. This mint holographic is just everything you want it to be and more. It’s the green kind of mint, which I always love the most! I don’t know how Barbra does it but she managed to create 5 perfect pastel holos that have a flawless opaque formula. Utter perfection! This was three thin coats.

I Love Nail Polish – Sirène (indoors)

I Love Nail Polish – Sirène (indoors)

I Love Nail Polish – Sirène (underwater)

I Love Nail Polish – Sirène: This is the first of the four ultra chromes! Sirène is a gorgeous teal multichrome that shifts from teal to blue to purple to orange. It’s SO strong and vibrant! It’s definitely in the same camp as Nostalgia in terms of vibrancy and multichrome strength. It is so impossibly stunning. I mean… Look at it! Ugh! This was three coats.

I Love Nail Polish – Undenied (indoors)

I Love Nail Polish – Undenied (indoors)

I Love Nail Polish – Undenied (underwater)

I Love Nail Polish – Undenied: Next is this stunning fuchsia multichrome that shifts from fuchsia to orange to gold. It’s so vibrant and gorgeous! It really packs a punch! And.. How stunning is it underwater? I could stare at it for days! I only needed two coats.

I Love Nail Polish – Reminisce (indoors)

I Love Nail Polish – Reminisce (indoors)

I Love Nail Polish – Reminisce (underwater)

I Love Nail Polish – Reminisce: Next is this ah-mazing green multichrome that shifts from green to teal to deep blue. This one is a true beetle wings multichrome! I’m so in love with it. It’s so fresh and perfect for Spring! In the underwater shot you can even see it shifting to this reddish purple. Gorgeous! This was three coats.

I Love Nail Polish – Nostalgia (H)(indoors)

I Love Nail Polish – Nostalgia (H)(indoors)

I Love Nail Polish – Nostalgia (H) (underwater)

I Love Nail Polish – Nostalgia (H): Finally we have the holo-ified version of Nostalgia, the gorgeous multichrome from the Holiday 2013 collection. Nostalgia is without a doubt the strongest multichrome you’ll ever see. The holo sparkles just makes it even better! You have to see this one in the sunlight! It’s magical. This was three coats.

That concludes my swatches of the new I Love Nail Polish Spring shades for 2014. I’m truly in love with every single one of these. They are exceptional. It’s also worth mentioning that these have one of the best formulas I’ve tried, it’s smooth, opaque and a real pleasure to work with. Everything Barbra does is utter perfection! The ILNP Spring shades will be up for sale in February, pre-orders will be available on February 14.

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  • AlenaAlenka

    Какая красота!!! Мне все понравились))))

    • Very Emily

      Thank you for your comment! Could you please write in English so I can understand you? Thanks! :D

      • AlenaAlenka

        ))) Beautiful manicures and varnishes I liked everything!

        • Very Emily

          Awh thank you!! :)

      • Xilde

        She said, “What beauty! I liked them all!”

  • http://www.ritsy.nl/ Monique

    They’re all so gorgeous! <3 Love holo's.

    • Very Emily

      Thank you! They really are stunning!

  • Pretty Purple

    Cutie pop is amazing :))

    • Very Emily

      Isn’t it? I love the coral-y tones and the gold shimmer, I don’t wear a lot of pinks but I would totally wear that one! :)

  • http://paulinaspassions.com/ Paulina

    My gosh, Ems! You really did amazing with these swatches. The holos look perfect <3 I love Kings & Queens.

    • Very Emily

      Awh thank you Paulina!! I’m so glad you like it! :D

  • http://thenailaholic.blogspot.com/ Katie

    Princeton is my favorite! It is so gorgeous! I pretty much love all the holos from the collection, though :)

    • Very Emily

      I couldn’t agree more! Princeton is really edgy, I love it!

  • Niki T.

    The collection is pretty stunning. Cutie Pop is my favorite. And your nails are so beautiful! I wish I could get mine looking like that lol.

    • Very Emily

      Awh thank you so much! I’ve never been able to grow my nails out to this length but since I started using Duri Rejuvacote they are very strong :) I highly recommend it!

      • Niki T.

        Oooh, thank you for the recommendation! I’m definitely going to have to get some! =)

  • http://paintedfingertips.wordpress.com/ Kerry

    Even more gorgeousness from ILNP! Sirene looks beyond amazing.

    • Very Emily

      Barbra knows how to please us haha! Sirène is stunning isn’t she?!

  • Apolishobsession-dk.blogspot

    I don’t know how Babra always manages to make breathtaking polishes… This collection is beyond amazing. And your swatches are too! :-) which would you choose, if you had to pick only three (I’m probably going to by the entire collection anyway..)?

    • Very Emily

      Barbra is a true artist! It’s unbelievable what she comes up with… And thank you so much, glad you like the swatches!

      My top three? Charmingly Purple, Sirène and Undenied (I think). Can I pick all 11 instead?! Haha!

  • http://silvialacenails.blogspot.it/ Silvia Lace

    Amazing job with the swatches!!! I must say I prefer the pastel holos, though Siréne has really stolen my heart <3

    • Very Emily

      The pastel holos are incredible! And the formulas are amazing though.. Very opaque!

  • http://www.lovevarnish.com/ Deborah

    I loooooove the multichromes! So good!

    • Very Emily

      They’re ah-mazing!!

  • bat-chen guaron

    Wow! Such beautiful colors! :) I want them.. All of them! :P

    • Very Emily

      Haha I know right?! They are ALL stunning!

  • Lindsey Garber

    OMG! “Charmingly Purple” is literally SCREAMING my name! It’s saying : “Come and get me, Lindsey! You know you cannot live without me!!” LOL! I think that polish was pulled right out of my brain. Looks gorgeous on you. I swear, you have the prettiest nails/hands that I have seen on any blog-EVER!

    • Very Emily

      Oh gosh!! I am totally blushing thank you for that super kind comment! <333

      Haha I TOTALLY agree with you on Charmingly Purple! It's the perfect shade of purple! I am head over heels in love with it!

  • Laura_B84

    I love these swatches, they look amazing. Emily, do you have any idea if they shipp to Holland too ? Thank you !

    • Very Emily

      Thank you so much!! Yes Barbra ships internationally. I’m not sure what her rates are but I’m sure she can tell you if you contact her :)

  • http://www.squeakynails.com/ Squeaky Nails

    The Ultrachromes are TO DIE FOR. I need all of them :o

    • Very Emily

      Aren’t they just?! Utter perfection haha!!

  • Michelle Roberts

    Shut the front door!!!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!! I definitely need to find a way to get my hands on ALL of them!!!

    • Very Emily

      I know right?! I don’t know how Barbra does it.. they are ALL so incredible! There is literally not one that isn’t gorgeous!

      • Michelle Roberts

        You are absolutely right! That is what is making ordering so difficult!

  • Tanya Payne

    Sirene, Nostalgia, Reminiscence, Undenied and Mega, omg. Can you tell I love holos!?