Hexagon Glitter Nails

Friday, 18 January 2013 - 24 Comments

Guess what I have for you today? A nail art post!!! Yay! Finally! :) Sorry for not posting any nail art for so long… It’s taken me a few weeks to get my nail art mojo back but I hope it’s back for good now!

Anyway these are some uber sparkly nails I did! I saw Candice share a picture on Instagram featuring some awesome glitter placement nails she did, and how they helped her to feel better. I figured this was the perfect time to try these! It took me roughly under an hour to do all 10 fingers. They are so mesmerizing! They are so sparkly in person, I admit I did zone out of several conversations because I was staring at my nails. :D Oops!

The base colour I used is an old Essence limited edition shade from the Denim Wanted collection, it’s called I Love My Jeans. It’s a charcoal black with silver shimmer. Then I used a thin and non-quick drying top coat to make my nails sticky and individually placed the hex glitters using a dotting tool. Finally two coats of ProNails Seco Seco (similar to Seche Vite!) to smooth everything out.

These are the glitters I used for this manicure! They are a set of 12 colours of hex glitter. I got these from Born Pretty Store. This set is just $6.45 for all 12 colours! The box I keep mine in is not included but I also got that from Born Pretty, you can find it on their site here.

I ended up putting one scoop of each colour (except for the translucent white and silver) in an empty jar. This way I could easily grab random colours each time. Btw, how pretty does that glitter look? :D

Anyway I hope you like these! I had a lot of fun doing them, it was actually less time consuming than I thought so that was good. And these are definitely a good solution to distract your mind, you need a lot of concentration placing each glitter on one by one. Fun fact: I made a rough calculation and it took me around 400 hex glitters to cover all 10 nails! :D

  • these are so perfect! love them :D

    • veryemily

      Thank you <3

      • Nerissa

        Did you glue them on or use clear nail polish to stick them on, then a top coat of clear?

        • veryemily

          I used a non-fast drying top coat to stick them on then added 1-2 layers of top coat on top! :D hope that helps!

  • linvant

    Ik vind het ook echt een superleuke nailart! Ik heb zelf maar 3 kleuren sequins, maar je nagels zijn zo sparkly! Ik denk ook dat setje van 12 ga bestellen.

    • veryemily

      Dankjewel! Ze waren in het echt nog duizend keer sparklier haha! Echt bijna onmogelijk om op foto’s vast te leggen :D dat Born Pretty setje kan ik je zeker aanraden!

  • Jolien

    Oef, daar moet ge volgens mij toch echt engelengeduld voor hebben!

    • veryemily

      Haha, grappig dat iedereen altijd vind dat ik veel geduld heb, is helemaal niet zo! Dit kostte maar vijf minuutjes per nagel ongeveer, geduld heb je dus echt niet nodig, enkel een vaste hand :D

  • Whitney

    so pretty! i need to do something like this soon, i have and love these hex glitters but have only used them once… for shame!

    also thank you for linking to that box – it's exactly what i've been wanting to store my little glitter pots in! :D

    • veryemily

      Yes you need to start using your hex glitters STAT! :D I love that box, so much easier to store glitter pots! I only wish they also sold it empty without the jars. Now I have a ton of extra empty jars but luckily they always come in handy! :D

  • Vanessa

    I hope you continue to do nail art! Yours are always the prettiest, and so well done. They always inspire me!

    • veryemily

      Awh thank you so much! I won’t ever stop doing nail art :) <3

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  • alesitoide

    wow, how much time did it take?
    btw i'd love to go to belgique.. It must be a beautiful country. :) I want to go to bruges..

    • veryemily

      Surprisingly not a lot of time haha! About less than 5 minutes per nail so less than an hour in total! :D I’m not a very patient person, I like doing detailed work but it needs to go fast haha. :D

      And you should come visit!! :) Eat chocolate and waffles and fries and try our beers haha! :D

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  • Reminds me of a disco ball! I like it :D

    • veryemily

      Hahaha! Thanks!

  • Chitaka

    Awesome! When I get money I'm definitely getting these!

  • Sophie

    Beautifully done!

  • Beautiful *O*
    So much effort in it <3

  • Alisa

    I love this idea although it must have taken you ages!

  • Eva

    I really need these… and foil!

  • Love glitter polish and just got a sequined manicure and a bling hologram kit to test out!! I will have to try the hex glitter at some point-that's a great price for all 12!!