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One of my favourite shows of all time is Doctor Who. It’s the longest running science-fiction show to date and something that’s as common as sliced bread in the UK. I’m a big sci-fi fan so I was instantly in love when I first discovered it. I decided that it was time to do some nail art dedicated to my favourite show, this not being a very difficult task since there are so many iconic images in this show. I did some thinking about which images I was going to choose and then I got right to it!

Take a look at what I created:


I’m so proud of these nails and extremely pleased with how they turned out. I thought the logo was going to be a stretch and it was rather difficult but so pleased with the end result. The shadowing on the TARDIS is also one of my favourites and the Cyberman too, although the latter looked better in person without the flash of my camera.

I can imagine that none of these images have meaning if you’re unfamiliar with the show so I lined up the images which were my inspiration for these designs.


*none of these images belong to me. © BBC

  • Thumb: the logo of Doctor Who
  • Pointer finger: The outfit of Matt Smith, the current actor that is portraying the Doctor.
  • Middle finger: The TARDIS, the ship of the Doctor.
  • Ring finger: A Cyberman, one of the Doctor’s enemies.
  • Pinky finger: Daleks, another one of the Doctor’s enemies. These guys are bad news!

I used A LOT of polishes to create this, here’s my very long laundry list:

NYC City Blackout, China Glaze Snow, China Glaze Spontaneous, China Glaze Light As Air, Essence You Belong To Me, Catrice Blue Cara Ciao, China Glaze Sunset Sail, Barry M Mushroom, H&M Blue, China Glaze Cheers To You, China Glaze Jitterbug, China Glaze Goin’ My Way, China Glaze Swing Baby, China Glaze Midnight Kiss, China Glaze Lighthouse and black, red and white nail art pens.

Next up: Harry Potter nails! And maybe Star Wars nails? Star Trek nails? Any suggestions?

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Posted on: June 12, 2011

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  • Ik heb nog nooit naar doctor who gekeken, maar je nagels zijn echt meeeeegamooi gedaan!

    Grote voorstander van HP-nagels trouwens :)

    • Hihi dankje! Die komen er zeeeer binnenkort ook aan dus geen zorgen :D Ik heb de ontwerpjes al klaar! :)

  • Good work !

    T'ziet er super uit, k'ben zot van je wijsvinger ! :D

    Xx. S

  • STAR TREK NAILS!! Ooooh my goodness if you did I would just about lose my mind! Huge Trekkie over here ;) I don't watch Dr.Who but I can certainly appreciate the artistry of these nails!

    • Yes I really want to do Star Trek nails as well since I'm quite the trekkie too though unfortunately there's less iconic imagery to choose from. Only the shirts and rank symbols come to my mind. If you have any suggestions about what I should include in my Star Trek nails that would be MORE than welcome!!!! :D

  • I am unbelievably impressed by this; awesome job! XD I love how they all came out! I especially love the bowtie/jacket nail. XD

    • Thank you so much :D really means a lot! X

  • Joanna

    I am a huge doctor who geek/fan! Totally love these, they're amazing! I would love to make my nails look like that but I don't think I've got the time!

    • Thank you! Yes it did took me a while to do these but they were an homage more than anything else really. :D

  • L

    I am in love with these. I too am a long time Who fan. Awesome job.

    • Thank you so much! I'm really happy you like them and it's awesome to hear from so many Whovians, really glad everyone likes them. Means so much! :)

  • Elysha

    Please please please do Harry Potter nails, especially with the film coming out in 23 days (i'm a MASSIVE fan)! I would love it :D

    • To both of you, I have done Harry Potter nails and get ready because I am posting them VERY soon! :D

  • xxMARTHAxx


  • Natasha

    OMG!!!! Those are amazing!!!!!! If I could paint my nails like that, I'd do them in a heartbeat. Harry Potter would be amazing, but I don't think they'd be able to beat the Doctor Who ones because Doctor Who is just that awesome :)

    • Thank you do much! Really glad you like them. If you go to the home page you can see my Harry Potter nails. :)

  • Elizabeth

    I absolutely love these!!! My favorite doctor was David Tennant, but your nails are still fantastic :)

    • Mine too, you never forget your first doctor! I love Matt Smith don't get me wrong, he does a kickass job but I will always love David Tennant more! :D And thanks so much!!! xoxo

  • Emilee

    i am in love with doctor who it is the best show of all time i think amy is the best partner

  • Emilee

    i like matt smith the best bowties are cool

  • Carolina

    Fabulous! Do you mind if I steal these designs? I'm not talented enough to do this to myself, but have hopes that I might find someone willing to do this for me.

    • veryemily

      Sure :) but please credit if you post a picture online!