DIY Lipstick Holder

Saturday, 3 November 2012 - 21 Comments

As some of you saw on Twitter/Instagram, yesterday I made a lipstick holder! I’ve been craving after one of those clear lipstick holders for ages but since I didn’t want to spend a fortune on it, I decided to DIY one! Should be easy enough right? :)

I started by grabbing some cardboard, I used leftover boxes I had lying around. Then decided what size my box had to be and then drew out a grid to mark the size of each space. I used my trusty glue gun to glue everything in place! I was convinced I’d have it done in no time!

I cut out inserts for each space and covered all the cardboard with white paper. Above are two progress pics I posted on instagram (follow me! I’m veryemily). Despite my enthusiasm, it took me pretty much all day to make this. Way longer than I anticipated. Buying a ready-made lipstick holder is so much easier! :D

I used wrapping paper to decorate, which I purchased at Primark earlier this year. I really love that leopard gold/nude leopard print! Must do a mani inspired by my lipstick holder! :D

And here’s how it looks filled up! I still have a few slots left to fill. On the bottom I have all my nude lipsticks, and on the top I keep corals and reds. I only just discovered that red lipstick looks okay on me, so I am dying to get more red lipsticks. I’m sure my holder will be full before I know it. Meaning, I’ll have to make another one of these boxes. Oh noes!!! :)

If you’re wondering what some of the lipsticks are, I mostly have ones by Catrice, Wet’nWild, Etos, Inkane (Born Pretty Store), Essence, Max, Estee Lauder and Bourjois. If you’re wondering what a specific shade is just ask me and I’ll let you know!

Some of my favourites are:

  • Catrice – Marie Antoinette (from the Urban Baroque limited edition, I even bought a back-up!)
  • Wet ‘n Wild – Purty Persimmon
  • Inkane – 604
  • Catrice – Princess Peach (Ultimate Colour)
  • Estee Lauder – Melon

How do you store your lipsticks? What are some of your favourite brands of lipstick? Let me know in the comments!

  • whoa, yours looks great! i did basically the same thing for mine, but i didn't glue it so that it's collapsible and i can remove cardboard pieces as the size of my collection changes (i purged a whole bunch lol). i really love how you covered it with white paper though, looks way better than my yucky looking cardboard!! well done, emily!!

    • veryemily

      Yours is collapsible? OMG how awesome! :D I bet yours didn’t take all day either haha. If it’s just for inside a drawer a simple and easy cardboard looking one would have done the job. I’m still hitting myself for being so perfectionist with my holder haha :) But I like it! Thanks!

  • awesome idea :D

    • veryemily

      Hehe thanks!

  • Claudia

    that wrapping paper! I actually did a mani with nude/gold leopard xD

    • veryemily

      Hehe isn\’t it gorgeous? I must do a nude/gold leopard too :D so pretty!

  • Ems

    For cheapo one's you already know it :D but Wet n Wild Megalast Lip Color. I don't have one for medium/high end brands really. This came out wonderful and was so worth it. And I love the wrapper you used on it!

    • veryemily

      Hehe thanks Emmie! I just love that wrapping paper x

  • This is so Amazing Em!! A million times better than an acrylic holder. I would totally do it if it was safe to have makeup out haha.

  • Echt een superleuk idee! Maar dan moet ik eerst nog mijn collectie verder uitbreiden :D

  • Very cool idea !!!!

  • ABI

    It looks great!!! :D yesterday they told me about an ebay seller who has got the plastic one for 2.6€!! So I think I'm gonna get two! :D the wraping paper is so cute!! We all love primark :D


    • Yes! BuyInCoins has them! They are a great eBay seller, I’ve bought from them before! :) they have their own site too,

  • sandra

    OMG. I never thought to look into ebay for a lipstick holder!!! All this time I`ve only looked at Etsy and none of them were big enough to hold my lipsticks. And shipping almost killed me. Now I know, off to ebay I go!! You know Emily, here in California we have flea markets that sell polishes for a dollar. Last I went I got myself about 4 china glazes. Sooo excited! I have to go again. That was random, but I remembered your USA haul and mentioning that polishes out there were more expensive than in the US. xD

    • veryemily

      Yes! When I'm changing my storage system I'm definitely grabbing some eBay lipstick holders. Mine has become much too small now, my collection almost doubled. Eek! :)

      How lucky you found ChG for 1 dollar! That's awesome!

  • Roni

    This is so cute. I must give this a try, maybe tonight actually since I don't have to go into work. My favorite lipstick brand is lipstick queen btw. Yes, its very expensive but there is something about it that makes it so, so worth it.

  • Jenny

    You could have saved a lot of time not doing every inset individually.. here’s how: first put in full length strip all parallel in one direction (which is what you seem to have done). Then make full inserts that go all the way across is the other direction making these strips a little taller than the originals. then you can cut notches into the taller strips where it would intersect with the original strips so it can slip over them and into place!

  • Zoe De Jonge

    Omg! I love this! I definetly going to make this.

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