Born Pretty Store Nail Studs

Wednesday, 16 November 2011 - 15 Comments

Today I have a very exciting review to share! These nail studs are one of the newly stocked items by Born Pretty Store. The exciting part is that they are being stocked because of me! I’ve been eyeing up nail studs for ages and since I do not like purchasing with eBay I thought, heck, I’ll send an e-mail to the lovely Jayce at Born Pretty! A few days later… there they were!

They do them in many different colours as well as sizes and I hope that soon they will stock different shapes (square please!) as well. I received the 3mm silver studs and the 2mm gold studs.

This is the bag they came in. Each bag comes with a whopping amount of 10.000 studs! Each bag of nail studs is sold for about $6 at the moment, they range between $5,84 and $6,07.

Since I recently purchased empty nail wheel containers I decided to store the nail studs in one of my spare wheels. Perfect fit! Gold on one side and silver on the other.

Close-up of the studs. They’re very flat, with the gold ones you can clearly see which is the right side as the other side is silver. With the silver studs you have to look for the convex side as the bottom is concave.

This is what I created with my nail studs! It’s inspired by the Jessie J nails she wore in the Price Tag video. I think it looks very WAH! I used the 2mm gold studs to create this manicure. The polish I used is one of my favourites from last years China Glaze holiday collection called Naughty And Nice. It’s a deep burgundy red, almost black! Very vampy.

If you would like to place an order with Born Pretty Store don’t forget to use my coupon codes to receive a discount! You can either use the code EMILYJ61 to receive 10% off your entire order or EMILYL73 to receive $4 off if your order $30 or more. These codes have expired, please use EMILYW21 for 10% discount! :)

I was kindly sent these products by Born Pretty Store to review. I am not in any way affiliated with this company nor am I being paid by them! All opinions stated are honest and my own, as always.

  • Seb

    Loving those nails! Pretty classy!

  • Liese

    a-ma-zing! wish i had the patience/time to do something like this with my own nails

    • Thanks Seb! (: and thanks Liese! This one's pretty easy but kinda time consuming to put them all on one by one. I'm usually not a patient person but I don't mind stuff like this haha, it's therapeutic! :D

  • Looks amazing!

    Now I want to order too but I'm kind of broke, haha.

  • Oeh, I think I need some nail studs to make my nails just as fabulous as yours!

    • You definitely do! The studs are so fab and gorgeous! :D Love them a lot!

  • Oooh I need those ! Color Club made studs like that a long time ago and I couldn't get my hands on them.

    It's time for a BPS order !

    • If you would like square ones too I suggest waiting to order! I'm hoping they will stock them very soon. :D The only place I know of that sells these as well is dollarnailart, even though I am planning on ordering with them soon the shipping to Europe is very expensive. For me BPS wins every time with the free shipping to be honest!

  • viveka

    hey, when I try to go to the store it doesn't work, is this the same as

    • Hmm Viveka, it's not working for me either, their website seems to be down! Hopefully it will be back up soon :)

  • Oh wow, DO like!

  • Aileen

    So cute! I will be trying this for sure :). I'm the same as you I don't usually have the patience for much anything but when it comes to nails it's just relaxing :) wish I had come sooner so I could use the promo :( but I'll still be buying these studs thanks!

    • Thanks so much Aileen! Yes nail art is so relaxing to me as well hehe, it's the best! I still have a 10% coupon code for Born Pretty! It's EMILYW21, it's in my sidebar as well, that one doesn't have an expiry date so it's valid for pretty much all of eternity haha! Don't forget to use it so you can save some money! (: xxx

  • Beatriz

    What did you used to glue the studs into your nails? I always had problems in this part, I had been using hard glue, even though it might damage my nails… ;_;

    • veryemily

      Hey Beatriz, I just use clear polish! Stick them on while the clear polish is wet and then add top coat. They lasted several days on me before one or two fell off :) hope that helps!