Espadrilles Floral Nails

5th June, 2012 - Posted by Emily - 26 Comments

I’ve always loved doing nail art inspired by prints! This one was inspired by a pair of espadrilles I got some time ago. I instantly fell in love with them when I saw them in the store. I knew what had to be done, a nail art manicure inspired by that gorgeous floral print!

The polishes I used for these nails were:

  • BK White
  • China Glaze Rich & Famous
  • Essie French Affair
  • Essence Bella
  • 2B mini 11
  • Essence Sealing Top Coat

Here are the espadrilles I was inspired by. I love them so much! Apologies for the sock marks on my legs. :$

Have you ever done nails inspired by a print? Or bought an item of clothing just because you wanted to do nail art inspired by it? Let me know in the comments!

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Posted on: June 5, 2012

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  • Emmie

    EMIIIII my love! These are beyond perfect! Freakin' love these!

    • Emily

      Awh yay thanks Ems <3 *blushes*

  • LinvanT

    wauw, i wish i could do this. it's amazing! like you have nailstickers on or something. Love the shoes, and i love your nails even more <3

  • Jenny

    These are adorable! and normally I don't like floral patterns. These have gotta be my fave! :-)

  • Ellen

    Pretty damn awesome. I'm too lazy for this stuff and find excuses such as 'My nails are too short anyway' (they aren't) or 'this won't look nice on your ugly hands' (they, in fact, are) ^_^

    • Emily

      @Lin, thanks! They really looked like nail wraps from a distance haha. I love wearing uniform patterns across all nails, looks really fun!

      @Jenny, I'm a huge sucker for floral patterns haha. I'm glad you still like them despite not being fond of them! Yay! :D

      @Ellen, no excuses! Just go for it! Nails are never too short for nail art. :D and thanks!

  • Sophia (Unhas a Troi

    I fell in love with this… and after a few months stalking your blog I just had to comment and say that this is BEAUTIFUL!


  • maria ramirez gutier

    Wow they are amazing. U have an amazing talent. I wish i was this good. Love it <3

    • Emily

      Thanks so much Maria! That means a lot :) <3

  • Isha

    Love the espadrilles and the nails!

    They're different from all the regular tiny floral designs and that's what makes them pop that bit more.

    • Emily

      Thanks Isha! Yes I wasn't sure if people would like them since it's so different from "regular" floral designs but I'm glad they appeal to most so far haha. :D

  • LOdoesmakeup

    Je viens juste de découvrir ton blog et j'ai lu que tu venais de Belgique !

    Wow quel travail, tu as vraiment du talent !

    je continue ma visite avec plaisir !



    • Emily

      Merci beaucoup Laura! X

  • Esmay

    Love it :D!

  • Claudia

    wow, that is very well replicated! I don't think I'm skilled enough for such detailed designs (especially not my non-dominant hand).

  • Jolien

    echt heel tof

  • amanda

    Loooovvvee these..these are ammazzziiinnng. They are very detailed and spot on. I think prints are great inspiration. :)

    • Emily

      Thanks so much! <3

  • Eileen

    this is awesome! i love matching my nails to my kicks (:

    • Emily

      Thanks so much Eileen! I think I have just fallen in love with your blog! :o

  • Sofii

    hello..omg can you please do a tutorial..please!

  • Sera

    This design looks really cute!!

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  • sandra

    I actually tried doing the floral print on my nails after seeing this post. I took a screenshot on my phone and tried it about 4 weeks ago. I made SUCH a mess of my nails, at some point if the nail polish wasn`t scraped off, it looked more splattered than anything. XD makes me stick to stamping until I get better at freehanding things!

    • Emily

      Awh what a shame! Don’t get disheartened! I swear my first few freehanded designs were super messy and totally lame. It just takes a little practice! At this point I find freehand easier than stamping, I can never seem to get a nice stamped design :D

  • violet

    so cute! will try to do this :)