Rimmel London Rita Ora Nail Polish Collection

Today I have part of the Rimmel London Rita Ora collection to show you! Rita Ora teamed up with Rimmel and together they created 12 polishes and 7 lip balms. I have six of the polishes to show you today. It’s a full collection of cremes which I absolutely love for nail art, so you’ll definitely see some manicures popping up soon with these. Let’s take a look!

Rimmel London – Don’t Be Shy: First up is this bright pink creme. Coverage on this one was flawless, pretty much a one coater but I added an extra coat for good measure. The Rita Ora collection is part of the 60 Seconds line which is no exaggeration. You need to work very quick with these because they dry fast!

Rimmel London – Let’s Get Nude: Next is this gorgeous nude. I can never resist a good nude and this one is pretty gorgeous. I used 4 thin coats but I recommend doing 3 thicker ones. I can see many nail art manicures ahead with this as a base! Love it!

Rimmel London – Do Not Disturb: This one was an absolute pain to capture. My camera wasn’t working with me at all here! I tried to adjust the colours in Adobe Lightroom but it’s still not 100% spot on. It’s a deep teal green, it’s a bit greener in person and darker. Really gorgeous but beware of staining! This was two coats.

Rimmel London – Breakfast In Bed: I’m wearing this one while writing this, which is probably not a surprise. I cannot resist a pretty mint green. This one is absolutely gorgeous! It’s very pale and very bright and has a teeny tiny bit of hidden shimmer to it. This was three coats but you could get away with two thicker ones.

Rimmel London – Pillow Talk: Next is this gorgeous pastel baby blue. Ugh! I adore this one so much. It’s super cute and perfect for Summer! I will totally rock this on my toes as well. Again this had a little hidden shimmer to it but it’s not as noticeable on the nails. Very pale blues like this one with a nice formula are hard to come by. I’m happy to say this was two coats!

Rimmel London – Blindfold Me Blue: And finally we have this bright electric blue. Amazing coverage, I used two coats but it’s pretty much a one coater.

I’m personally a fan of this collection! I will never say no to a good creme and this collection holds tons. The colours are great staples especially if you are still building your collection. All 60 Seconds line polishes have a rounded brush which you either love or hate. Many people adore them but sadly I’m in the latter camp, I’m just not a fan of wide or rounded brushes. They weren’t impossible to work with so it’s just a matter of preference. Formula was nice but a little thicker so I do recommend working quickly with all of these as they DO dry very quickly! Thicker coats work better here, but beware of bubbling. Make sure to wait in between layers!

You can find the Rimmel London nail polish collection by Rita Ora in local drugstores near you! In Belgium they are priced at €3,99 a piece for 8ml bottles. I’ve attached a photo of all 12 shades after the jump!


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Max Factor – Fantasy Fire Swatches

I have a quick post for you today! Recently I decided to swatch some of my older favourites from my stash. Polishes I hadn’t posted pictures of before, and today I’m sharing the first one which is Max Factor Fantasy Fire. Let’s take a look!

Max Factor Fantasy Fire is a supposed dupe for the cult favourite Clarins 230 which is why it became so popular. I don’t own Clarins 230 sadly (very hard to find nowadays! Not to mention expensive), but I did grab me a bottle of Fantasy Fire when it came out! It’s really stunning and did not disappointed. Here I layered two coats over OPI OPI Eurso… Euro. 

Max Factor Fantasy Fire has gorgeous multichrome shimmer and changes from fuchsia to golden hues to green to blue and purple. It’s very vibrant and really beautiful in person. You have to see it to get the full effect! It’s quite sheer on its own so definitely meant for layering. I layered it over a deep royal blue but if you layer it over black you get a totally different effect.

I believe Max Factor is not available for purchase in shops in the US but you might be able to find it online on eBay or Amazon. If you live in Europe and it’s available near you, you have no excuse not to get it! It’s gorgeous! I myself paid €4.99 at my local drugstore for a mini size (4.5ml).

Do you own a bottle of Fantasy Fire? Let me know in the comments!

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El Corazon – Confetti 531a Swatches

Today I’m sharing another swatch with you! I received three El Corazon polishes from Maria/Hypnotic Polish and today I’m posting the third and final one. You can see the previous two here. El Corazon is a Russian brand with a very large and unique range and today I have a very interesting polish of theirs to show you. Let’s take a look!

This is El Corazon Confetti in 513a. It’s a clear polish with dense white mini glitter particles. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before! Very unique and interesting. I used three thin coats which still show some translucency. I’m usually not a fan of visible nail line but it looks really delicate with this one somehow. I think this would be perfect as a bridal manicure!

The finish is matte and ever so slightly textured so I used one layer of Seche Vite to add some shine. Be careful with application as the tiny glitter particles are a little tricky to remove from your cuticles. There’s also a black and white version of this lacquer which Nihrida showed here, it’s pretty much the coolest polish I’ve ever seen!

You can find El Corazon Confetti polishes on the Hypnotic Polish website. They are sold for €6.99 a bottle for a 16ml size. Hypnotic Polish ships worldwide and has an amazing range of indies with more brands being added soon. Keep an eye out on their Facebook page for all the details!

Connect with Hypnotic Polish: Official Site - Facebook - Instagram
Connect with El Corazon: http://www.scarlet21vek.ru/ & http://elcorazon.ru/

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El Corazon Swatches – Active Bio Gel

Today I am sharing swatches of a new-to-me brand, El Corazon! It’s a Russian brand with an absolutely gigantic range of colours and amazing quality formula. I’m sharing two colours from the “Active Bio Gel” range today. These are available at Hypnotic Polish! Let’s take a look.

El Corazon – Active Bio Gel Shimmer 423/6: First up is this beautiful shimmery taupe! Sadly doesn’t have a name, only a number. Don’t be alarmed by the words “Active Bio Gel”, these aren’t gel polishes and don’t require a UV lamp to harden. In fact the have a strengthening agent (edit: formaldehyde I’ve been told) that helps to gradually improve the health of your nails, this is where the name comes from. They have a long-lasting formula (I tested it and indeed, still no chips after 5 days!) and apply very smooth.

El Corazon – Active Bio Gel Shimmer 423/6: I’m definitely a fan of the formula of these El Corazon Active Bio Gels! I used three thin coats which gave me a nice coverage. They dried very glossy, as you can see, I didn’t use top coat.

El Corazon – Active Bio Gel Shimmer 423/6: And finally a close-up. I really love the golden shimmery flakes.  They are subtle but definitely add some interest to an office-appropriate shade. It’s a very flattering colour!

El Corazon – Active Bio Gel Magic Purple Charm 423/552: Next up is this beautiful fuchsia with gorgeous blue, pink and silver shifting microshimmer. Again, flawless formula! I used three thin coats and no top coat.  Apologies if my pose looks somewhat different from usual. The bottles are nice and big (hold 16ml!) but were a bit awkward to hold for swatches. :D

El Corazon – Active Bio Gel Magic Purple Charm 423/552: I really love this colour and it’s a perfect match for the colour of the year, Radiant Orchid!

El Corazon – Active Bio Gel Magic Purple Charm 423/552: And of course, the close-up! I’m so glad my swatch shows off the shimmer! If you look closely you can see the blue, pink and silver microshimmer particles. They are irregular sized so almost look like teeny tiny flakes. Very pretty!

You can find these El Corazon polishes on the Hypnotic Polish website. They are sold for €6.99 a bottle which is a nice price for such a high quality brand and large (16ml) bottle. The formula on these was flawless. Here is a link to the fuchsia and the taupe colour.

I’m also very happy to announce the Hypnotic Polish website is now live!!! This blogpost was meant to go up tomorrow but Maria, the owner, is currently offering an amazing opening discount to celebrate (ends tomorrow) which you don’t want to miss! Use the code WELCOME to get a 20% discount on ALL items. It runs until 2 April 23:59 CET. Hypnotic Polish is based in NL and offers worldwide shipping. Other brands include Dance Legend, Rainbow Honey, A England, Shimmer Polish and many more.

Connect with Hypnotic Polish: Official SiteFacebook - Instagram
Connect with El Corazon: http://www.scarlet21vek.ru/ & http://elcorazon.ru/

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piCture pOlish – Starry Night Swatch

It’s Monday so that means… piCture pOlish swatch! Next week I’ll share my final swatch, today I’m sharing a gorgeous scatter holo. Let’s take a look!

Today I’m sharing photos of piCture pOlish Starry Night, a gorgeous charcoal black collaboration shade from last year. This one was envisioned by Leah Ann, the owner of Llarowe (US online stockist). The consistency and formula of this one was really wonderful. I used three thin coats which gave me great coverage. I love working with the scatter holo formula, it’s so easy to work with. It dries quick, it’s thin and really smooth.

As I mentioned, it’s a scatter holo, a signature piCture pOlish finish and as I mentioned in my post about Shy Violet, it’s one of my all time favourite finishes. The irregular shaped holo flakes are just mesmerizing. They show all kinds of different colours in the sunlight. Sadly the sun was hiding away under some clouds today or I would have attempted to capture the effect for you. In any case it’s one of those “you need to see it to believe it” polishes, they never look as beautiful in photos as in person.

And finally, the close-up! It really does look like a starry night… I love how it’s not 100% black and more of a dark charcoal grey. Definitely gives a bit of interest. I didn’t use top coat so as you can see the finish is very shiny. The jelly-like formula creates a gorgeous 3D effect as it buries part of the scatter holo. So much depth in this one! Love it!

piCture pOlish Starry Night is available exclusively through Llarowe and the official piCture pOlish website. No other stockist has this shade! It’s one of my all time favourite piCture pOlish shades… I couldn’t recommend this one enough!

Connect with piCture pOlish: Official Site – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Pinterest

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Cirque Colors – Heritage Collection Swatches

Today I am sharing swatches of an absolutely stunning new collection by indie brand Cirque Colors. If you haven’t heard of Cirque Colors before, you are missing out! They are (in my humble opinion) one of the best and most professional indie brands. Owner Annie Pham has an impeccable eye for detail and she knows how to please. Let’s take a look at her latest release, the new 7-piece collection called Heritage!

From left to right: Cirque Colors Sani, Cirque Colors Sky Woman, Cirque Colors Cerrillos, Cirque Colors Panacea, Cirque Colors Luminous Owl, Cirque Colors Powwow and Cirque Colors Xochitl. 

These gorgeous vibrant shades make up the new Cirque Colors Heritage collection! Featuring seven holographic lacquers, inspired by the native cultures of the Americas. From the Inuits to the Aztecs, Cirque Colors drew inspiration from the vibrant and rich traditions and arts of these cultures. I’ll be honest, I was blown away when I unboxed these! Every single one of these is just stunning. Let’s take a look!

Cirque Colors – Xochitl: First up is Xochitl, which is the Aztec word for “flower”. A beautiful radiant orchid purple holographic shade. What makes these holos so vibrant is that they have bright colourful shimmer as well as the holographic pigment. This makes them very colourful even in low light. Below shown in direct light to show off the holographic rainbow! It’s even stronger in person. Really gorgeous! Formula was absolutely amazing, I only needed two coats. Very impressive!

Cirque Colors – Xochitl (direct light)

Cirque Colors – Powwow: Next up is this gorgeous bright fuchsia pink holo. Really vibrant and gorgeous! I cannot believe the coverage on all of these. I usually need some extra coats since I have longer nails (and a more visible nail line) but this one had perfect coverage in two coats again.

Cirque Colors – Powwow (direct light)

Cirque Colors – Luminous Owl: Next up is this beautiful nude/coral holo. It’s a really unique shade, quite hard to describe. Thus, I love it! This shade was inspired by iconic printmaker Kenojuak Ashevak. Again, flawless coverage in just two coats.

Cirque Colors – Luminous Owl (direct light)

Cirque Colors – Panacea: Wow! How amazing is this green?! Probably my favourite shade out of the collection! It’s crazy vibrant and really unique. You don’t see colours like this often! My mom went absolutely crazy over this one, she adores green. The holo rainbow is much more vibrant in person compared to my photo below. Holos are so tricky to capture! This was three thin coats.

Cirque Colors – Panacea (direct light)

Cirque Colors – Cerrillos: I’m always a sucker for turquoise shades and this one is no exception. A beautiful rich and vibrant turquoise holo. The colour is so amazing, perfect for Spring and Summer! I can’t wait to sport these on my toes. This one was two coats.

Cirque Colors – Cerrillos (direct light)

Cirque Colors – Sky Woman: Next is this beautiful “deep periwinkle” that I can only describe as a jeans blue. It’s a muted blue while still being vibrant in colour. Does that even make sense?! Haha! Coverage was great again, just two coats.

Cirque Colors – Sky Woman (direct light)

Cirque Colors – Sani: And finally we have this beautiful silver foil with holographic finish. This one is super cool! It’s different to other silver holos as the pigments sit in a foil base. This also makes it very reflective! The holo is very strong as you can see, it’s even visible in lower light. It looks insane in direct light! I used three thin coats.

Cirque Colors – Sani (direct light)

That concludes my Cirque Colors Heritage collection swatches. I was super impressed with all of these. Coverage is amazing and the colours are absolutely beautiful and really vibrant. The holographic rainbow is much stronger in person too. A great collection I can highly recommend! Cirque polishes are 3-free and hold 13.2ml. They are very lightly scented with lavender essential oil which I personally love as well!

Cirque Colors Heritage will be available online on April 10. You can purchase them from the official site or check out a list of stockists, including Mei Mei’s Signatures!

Connect with Cirque Colors: Official siteFacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest

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piCture pOlish – Tail Feather Swatches

Today I have a swatch of a piCture pOlish collaboration shade on the blog! This one is from the most recent early 2014 collaboration release. It introduced a new finish to the piCture pOlish family, “bijou holo”. It’s a very soft and delicate holographic finish, a mix between shimmer and scatter holo, at least in the shade I tried! Let’s take a look.

Meet piCture pOlish Tail Feather, the collaboration shade of blogger Kayla Shevonne. It’s a stunning bright mint green with bijou holo finish. It’s a gorgeous bright pastel, right up my alley! I used 4 thin coats but 3 medium-ish ones should do the trick as well. As you know I always like to layer my nail polish very thin and wait in between coats, to ensure it dries and hardens thoroughly.

Kayla Shevonne‘s tagline is “Flaunt it… All eyes on you”. Her inspiration was peacock feathers and fun tropical colours. I really love this colour! I have nothing exactly like it in my stash. It’s the perfect mix of bright, pastel, mint and green. Great job Kayla!

The bijou holo shimmer was subtle from a distance but really gorgeous up close. Especially in the sunlight! You can spot a multitude of colours which is really fun. I love the subtlety of the shimmer. It really works quite nicely with the bright mint green.

Finally a bottle shot! I turned the bottle so it faced the sunlight which really showed off the bijou holo sparks. How many different colours can you spot?! The 2014 collaboration shades, including Tail Feather, feature the new 5-free piCture pOlish formulation. They were previously 3-free.

You can purchase piCture pOlish Tail Feather directly from the official site based in Australia. If you live elsewhere, I suggest taking a look at the Network page where you can find all the international stockists. I’m a huge fan of piCture pOlish, they have some of the most unique and wonderful colours. Make sure to take a look!

Connect with piCture pOlish: Official SiteFacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest

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Dance Legend – Lollypop Swatches

The lovely Maria from Hypnotic Polish sent me three Dance Legend polishes to swatch for you and today I’m sharing the final one (Previous swatch here & here). This time I’m sharing one of the Candy Flakes polishes which is a gorgeous flakie collection. Let’s take a look!

This is Dance Legend Lollypop, a bright pink flakie. The flakie particles have strong colour shifting properties and go from reddish pink to orange, yellow and green. It’s fairly sheer on its own though you could reach opacity at around 3 coats. I personally suggest layering it over a similar shade to get closer to the effect you see in the bottle. I layered one coat of Dance Legend Lollypop over China Glaze Snap My Dragon.

The effect is really gorgeous and pretty, though a little subtle. The formula of Lollypop was really great and easy to work with. Flakie toppers can sometimes be a little thicker but this one was nice and smooth, no issues whatsoever. Dance Legend is also Big-3 free so nothing but praise for the formula!

I’m not sure about you – but I personally prefer flakies layered over black to get a more dramatic effect. Dance Legend Lollypop absolutely blew my mind when I layered it over Jessica Black Lustre. The flakie particles suddenly come alive and you see it shifting to gorgeous vivid colours. I started at my nails for days when I wore it like this! :D

How gorgeous is this?! As you can see, if you shift your nails a tiny bit you’ll instantly see the green shift appear. It’s SO stunning! Bright and vivid and gorgeous and simply perfect. I adore this one!!!

You can find the Dance Legend Candy Flakes at Hypnotic Polish, on the Facebook page you will find a fully functioning store. The official shop is opening soon so make sure to keep an eye on their page. Hypnotic Polish is based in NL with worldwide shipping and stocks an amazing range of indies including El Corazon, A England, Glitter Gal, Rainbow Honey, Shimmer Polish, Delush Polish, Pretty Serious, Mint and more!

Connect with Hypnotic Polish: Facebook
Connect with Dance Legend: Official Site – Facebook – Instagram

More photos after the jump!


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Dance Legend – Wazowski Swatches

Today I have another Dance Legend swatch for you! (Check out the previous one here). This time, I have one of their ah-mazing multichrome lacquers from the Chameleon collection. The lovely Maria from Hypnotic Polish (new EU indie polish supply!) sent Dance Legend Wazowski to me, which is the green/blue multichrome from the collection. Let’s take a look!

This is just two thin coats of Dance Legend Wazowski! The first thing that blew me away was the pigmentation. It’s unbelievable! It’s so opaque and packed full of multichromatic pigments. It shifts from a stunning yellowish green to a vibrant deep turquoise blue. It’s like beetle wings on your nails!

Here you can see it shifting to blue. You can easily spot the entire colour shift in person, it’s very strong! You do get a small amount of visible brush strokes but it didn’t bother me at all. They went away for the most part once it dried thoroughly. I do recommend using a ridge filler base coat OR two layers of Seche Vite on top to prevent it highlighting imperfections of your nail plate. (Yes top coat works too!)

I believe Wazowski was named after the green creature in Monsters Inc, but I could be wrong! Whatever it’s called, this polish is absolutely gorgeous. I seriously could not stop staring at my nails while I had this on! The colours are so vibrant and beautiful.

Finally a macro close-up! How gorgeous is Wazowski?! I have to  say I was thoroughly impressed with it, the formula was incredibly opaque and easy to work with. I mean, two thin coats (and NO black base!) for a multichrome is pretty spectacular. I can highly recommend these!

You can find the Dance Legend Chameleon collection at Hypnotic Polish. Usually Dance Legend contains 15ml but these multichromes are slightly smaller to keep costs down, and hold 6,5 ml. They are currently priced at €8,70 a bottle. Please check out the Hypnotic Polish Facebook page for more info and the store. The official web shop is opening very soon! I will keep you posted!

Connect with Hypnotic Polish: Facebook
Connect with Dance Legend: Official Site – Facebook – Instagram

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Lacquer Legion: Knitted Nail Art

Today I’m participating in The Lacquer Legion! It’s a monthly nail art challenge set up by Sarah from Chalkboard Nails and her admins. This month the theme is Adoration which you can interpret in many ways (it’s what I love most about the challenge!). I had a few ideas going through my mind but eventually decided on doing a nail art themed around knitting. It’s another one of my passions besides nails so I had to do some knitted nails!

This is what I came up with! If you read my blog regularly you may remember that I did nails inspired by my knitting some time ago, but these are a bit different. On my pointer and pinkie I created a line print that mimics a wound-up ball of yarn and on my middle finger I have a depiction of the knit side of stockinette stitch. And of course I finished with a glitter accent nail, because we all adore some glitter in our lives, am I right ladies?! :D

For my pointer finger I used a nude colour from The New Black from the Weekly Journal Typography set, the greyish base of my middle finger is from the Heathered set by and the pink glitter is from the Cloudy Ballet set.  The design was freehanded with ORLY Instant Artist in Crisp White. I finished with Seche Vite top coat.

Knitting and crochet is a very therapeutic hobby for me. Especially when you do more complex patterns, you will need full concentration which helps distracts you from negative thoughts. Both my hobbies (knitting and nails) have definitely helped to keep me sane during the past year. They relieve stress and I love getting creative. You really need to have something to distract you when things are rough. If you are also into knitting and are on Ravelry, feel free to add me or check out my work.

All Lacquer Legion manicures will be found under the hashtag #LLadoration on various social media. The next prompt will be announced on the Facebook page so make sure to keep an eye on it if you would like to participate next month. Everyone is free to join! And now I’m off to check out the other manis. :)

P.s. Do you have any other hobbies besides nails? Let me know in the comments!

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