Maybelline Bleached Neons Review

Today I have swatches of three Maybelline Bleached Neons! I purchased these a few weeks go at my local drugstore. I didn’t even know this collection was being sold in my country so that was an awesome surprise as there’s been a lot of hype about this collection on social media. Let’s take a look!

Maybelline – Coral Heat: First up is Coral heat, an awesome coral neon pastel. This collection definitely reminds me of the China Glaze pastel neons (the cremes from the Summer 2013 Sunsational collection), only the formula is less chalky. I wouldn’t say it was perfect but they were definitely easier to work with! This one had the nicest formula and required two coats. I also added top coat as they dry semi-matte.

Maybelline – Sun Flare (aka Bleached In Peach): Next is Sun Flare which is called Bleached In Peach in the US. This one is my favourite out of the three I picked up. It’s an awesome neon pastel peach. It’s so Summery! It’s fairly similar to China Glaze Sun Of A Peach only this one’s a lot paler. I love how tan this makes me look. Formula was a little streakier and required three coats but was still pretty easy to work with. I also added top coat!

Maybelline – Chic Chartreuse (aka Lime Accent): Then finally we have this awesome pale neon green. This one also has a different name in EU/UK compared to US. It kinda looks like Wasabi! :D I am so glad they had this one in stock as it is such a fun colour. Love this one! I also used three coats and top coat.

I totally understand the hype and buzz around this collection. These shades are a must-have for Summer. If you loved the China Glaze pastel neons you will adore these! The formula is fairly good though you might need an extra coat to even out streaks. The only thing I disliked about these was the brush, mine all seemed to have a very scratchy and uneven brush with stray hairs. Maybe I was just unlucky with this batch, as the other Maybelline Color Show polishes I have have an awesome brush.

Did you pick up this collection? Let me know in the comments if you did! Which one is your favourite?

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Polish Me Silly – Cloud 9

Today I have swatches for you of the brand new Polish Me Silly (formerly known as Lush Lacquer) Summer collection called Cloud 9. This collection features 9 gorgeous multichromes that are super vibrant. They also don’t require a black base which is great! Let’s take a look.

I’d like to add that I used 3 thin coats for all of these, though you could get away with two thicker ones for most of them. I personally like to use thin coats to ensure it dries smooth and quickly!

Polish Me Silly – Legacy

Polish Me Silly – Legacy: First up is Legacy which is a beautiful green multichrome. Head on it’s a warm golden yellow then it shifts to a bright grass green then to blue. It’s really vibrant and the shift is nice and strong!

Polish Me Silly – Dreamer

Polish Me Silly – Dreamer: Next up is dreamer which is also a green multichrome! It’s a lot darker and more bluish though. It goes from a vibrant grass green to a dark green to blue and you can even see the purple shift right at the end. It’s really pretty!

Polish Me Silly – Justice

Polish Me Silly – Justice: This one is a gorgeous royal blue that shifts to a dark deep blue to purple. It’s more vibrant in person, my photo doesn’t show it off to the fullest. It’s stunning, I really love this one even though the shift is a little more subtle. The colour is just so vibrant!

Polish Me Silly – Envy

Polish Me Silly – Envy: This one shifts from a pale blue to a dark royal blue to purple and to pink. It’s the slightly softer and more muted version of Paradise. Super gorgeous nonetheless!

Polish Me Silly – Paradise

Polish Me Silly – Paradise: This one is my close second favourite! It goes from a gorgeous vibrant teal green to turquoise to blue to purple and to pink. It shows A LOT of colours in one glance and my photo doesn’t even begin to translate how gorgeous this one is. I love it!

Polish Me Silly – Vixen

Polish Me Silly – Vixen: Next is this beautiful purple multichrome that shifts to a deep fuchsia and pink and orange. It’s quite feminine and again the colours are so vibrant!

Polish Me Silly – Mystery

Polish Me Silly – Mystery: This one I really love! It has a super unique shift and goes from a warm pink to orange to green! It’s really strong, you can catch almost all the colours on your nails quite easily.

Polish Me Silly – Rebel

Polish Me Silly – Rebel: This one is fairly similar to Mystery only that it starts from a red rather than a pink. Also really stunning!

Polish Me Silly – Dynamite

Polish Me Silly – Dynamite: Obviously I saved the best till last! This one is absolutely mindblowing. Super strong and vibrant and it shifts from a red to a golden orange to green. You have to see this one in person! I’m not a fan of orange or red usually but this one blew my mind!

As I mentioned above, I just three thin coats for all of these but you could get away with two thicker ones. Application was really good and smooth. They all dry very glossy so I didn’t need any top coat.

The Polish Me Silly Cloud 9 collection will be released next Wednesday 5PM PST and will be available for purchase from their official Etsy store. Make sure to keep an eye out on their social media to check out more swatches!

Connect with Polish Me Silly: Etsy – Facebook – Instagram

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Femme Fatale Cosmetics – Swatches

Today I have some Femme Fatale Cosmetics swatch spam for you! I have 8 of the new shades, all of which are gorgeous and complex shimmers with a holo finish. At the end of this post (after the jump) I have bonus shots of what they look like in direct light, so make sure to keep scrolling!

Femme Fatale Cosmetics – Gentlemen’s Scuffle

Femme Fatale Cosmetics – Gentlemen’s Scuffle: First up is this gorgeous dark teal blue polish. It has gorgeous depth and is super vibrant. Application (on all of these!) was absolutely flawless. They were so easy to apply and a real pleasure to work with. This was two coats with top coat.

Femme Fatale Cosmetics - Chrysoprase

Femme Fatale Cosmetics - Chrysoprase: Next is this amazing dusty teal with a golden green hue. It’s very complex and quite tricky to describe. It has a ton of shimmer that make up the unique colour in this, the base itself is more of a teal. Again a flawless formula, I needed just two thin coats.

Femme Fatale Cosmetics - Apothecary

Femme Fatale Cosmetics - Apothecary: This stunning mint shimmer with gold flakes is without a second of a doubt my favourite Femme Fatale polish ever. It is truly mindblowing! It’s so shimmery and reflective and bold and vibrant and… just utterly stunning! It’s very mermaid-y to me somehow. What do you think?! I used two coats and top coat.

Femme Fatale Cosmetics - Falling Glacier

Femme Fatale Cosmetics - Falling Glacier: Next is this gorgeous pale blue shimmer with a subtle duochrome finish. There’s blue and pink hues in here, it’s a very delicate polish. I was expecting this to be sheer but there’s a lot of pigment in this and I was pleasantly surprised that it covered very nicely. It has a pearly quality but not the kind we all like to avoid. It’s truly unlike anything else I own. I used three thin coats.

Femme Fatale Cosmetics – Shadeling

Femme Fatale Cosmetics – Shadeling: This is a beautiful dusty blue with a pink sheen. Very beautiful and elegant! Again quite complex and interesting. I really love Sophie’s creations, they are some of the most unique and surprising shades I’ve tried over the past few years. This was two coats.

Femme Fatale Cosmetics - Maddening Whispers

Femme Fatale Cosmetics - Maddening Whispers: How stunning is this one?! A gorgeous dark dusty purple with green shimmer. It also has a subtle duochrome finish and shifts to pink. I just can’t.. No words! Just look at how gorgeous it is! This was two easy coats.

Femme Fatale Cosmetics - Ruby Hare

Femme Fatale Cosmetics - Ruby Hare: Next is this beautiful dark fuchsia pink with gorgeous reflective shimmer. It’s very eye catching and feminine. I used two easy coats.

Femme Fatale Cosmetics - Etherium

Femme Fatale Cosmetics - Etherium: And finally we have Etherium which is a soft pink with bright turquoise shimmer. It’s super sparkly! This one was also two coats.

That concludes my Femme Fatale swatches. I hope you enjoyed these! I am a huge fan of Sophie’s polishes. All of these really reminded me of gemstones and also reminded me of her complex eyeshadows. She sent me a ton of samples which I will be swatching and sharing with you soon. Make sure to keep an eye out!

You can purchase these from Femme Fatale Cosmetics in Australia. She also has some international stockists which you can find here at the bottom of the page (including Mei Mei’s Signatures). The formula on all of these was absolutely flawless and such a pleasure to work with. I can highly recommend them! Especially my favourite, Apothecary, one of the most gorgeous polishes I’ve ever seen.

Connect with Femme Fatale Cosmetics: Official Website – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram


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Starrily – Goosebumps

Today I’m back with another quick Starrily swatch! Let’s take a look.

Starrily – Goosebumps: This is one coat of Goosebumps layered over China Glaze Emerald Fitzgerald, and one coat of Seche Vite. I absolutely LOVE this glitter topper! I’m not sure what the inspiration behind it was but it reminds me of the forest. It features lots of circle glitters in green hues, fuchsia, gold, lavender, and also a few XL green hexagons. Really pretty!

Starrily – Goosebumps

Starrily – Goosebumps (close-up)

Starrily – Goosebumps: I also wanted to show you a mattified version so here it is! I used Catrice Matte top coat for this. I’m really loving mattified glitters lately. It somehow makes the glitter pop more, especially in photos it definitely shows them off nicely since you don’t have any reflections.

Starrily – Goosebumps (mattified)

Starrily – Goosebumps (mattified close-up)

You can purchase Starrily Goosebumps from the official website for $10. Currently out of stock so make sure to keep an eye on Starrily’s social media links to be informed of a restock! Mawi also informed me she’s made out of stock items temporarily invisible so the site is easier to navigate, so don’t worry if you don’t spot it on the site, it’s not discontinued!

Connect with Starrily: Official Site – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram


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Floral Decal Nails

Today I have some quick and fun nail art for you! I received a gorgeous set of full nail decals in a swap I did with the sweet Daniela (she owns indie brand By Dany Vianna) ages ago. I only got around to using them now! I feel bad for waiting so long as they are so stunning. I’m scared to “use up” nail decals or certain nail polishes so I end up not using them at all, which is a bit of a shame haha. Anyone recognize this?!

On my middle and ringer finger I applied the full water decals over a layer of black polish to ensure there aren’t any gaps. They fit my nails really well! To find the correct size I used this neat trick I found on Facebook (only I used a plastic baggie rather than tape so it didn’t stick to the decal). Once they were secured in the correct place I applied top coat over the top and once it fully dried I gently buffed the edge of my nail to file off the excess. Then I added one more layer of top coat to seal in the free edge.

I tried to find some complimentary colours to the decals in my stash, on my pointer finger I used NCLA Laurel Canyon Lolita and on my pinkie I used LVX Callais. That baby blue is just to die for! The formula is great too. I also added some small square 2mm studs from Born Pretty Store to add some detail.

I could have sworn these full nail decals were available at Born Pretty Store at some point, but right now I can’t seem to find them on the website. If anyone does find them, feel free to let me know and I can put up the link! In any case, big thanks to Dany for these beautiful decals. Hope you like the manicure!

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A England – Hurt No Living Thing Swatch

Today I’m sharing swatches of a new shade by A England called Hurt No Living Thing. This was released together with a re-release of A England Excalibur Renaissance which I will be sharing swatches of very soon. The lovely Maria of Hypnotic Polish sent this to me, she is one of the EU stockists of A England (based in The Netherlands). Let’s take a peek!

A England – Hurt No Living Thing: Hurt No Living Thing is a jelly polish, mainly designed as a top coat. It has a sheer greyish base with gorgeous pink and orange shimmer that has a very subtle duochrome effect. Here I layered just one coat of Hurt No Living Thing over a black creme polish. As you can see it totally transforms it!

Hurt No Living Thing is an addition to the Heavenly Quotes collection and the inspiration was a poem by Christina Georgina Rossetti. This is the shade description from the official site: “Delicate muted shade fluctuating between dove grey and dusty pink to suggest to be gentle and kind to all creatures”.

Close-up I could definitely the see orange shimmer and certain poses also show the subtle duochrome shift to orange. It’s subtle but it’s definitely there! I layered it over black here but you can layer it over any shade and get a gorgeous result. Even pale shades or pastels. It really adds something unique!

You can purchase A England Hurt No Living Thing from Hypnotic Polish or from any of the other official stockists. It’s a wonderful shade and I can definitely recommend it! Have you tried it yet? Let me know in the comments!

Connect with Hypnotic Polish: Official Site - Facebook - Instagram
Connect with A England: Official SiteFacebookTwitterInstagram

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China Glaze – City Flourish Swatches

Today I’m sharing six shades of the China Glaze City Flourish collection! This collection is somewhat old news as it was released a while ago for Spring 2014. City Flourish holds 12 shades in total but I recently ordered six of my favourites. Since I loved them so much I decided I had to share some swatches! Let’s take a look!

China Glaze – Don’t Honk Your Thorn: First up is this beautiful nude shade. It’s a little bit darker in person and has some subtle blue shimmer. I purchased this one mainly to use in nail art. On its own it’s pretty but not terribly exciting. For nail art however, this is perfect! Formula was great. I used three thin coats.

China Glaze – Grass Is Lime Greener: Next up is this gorgeous lime green pastel neon. If you recall the pastel neon cremes from the Sunsational collection, these are pretty much exactly like that! I recall opinions were quite divided on that collection and the same thing happened with these. I personally loved the Sunsational cremes and these gave me no trouble whatsoever either. This green I just had to have. So fun! I used three coats and top coat.

China Glaze – At Vase Value: Next up is this gorgeous pastel neon blue. This one was probably top of my list when the collection came out! It does not disappoint! It looks similar to Too Yacht To Handle from the Sunsational collection but this one is a bit paler and more blueish. I should also add, except for Don’t Honk Your Thorn, they all have a matte finish. This was three coats and top coat.

China Glaze – Lotus Begin: I never used to even wear purple but lately I’m obsessed with pale purples and lavenders so I simply had to have both these purple shades. Lotus Begin is the darker one of the two. It’s super pretty! Reminds me of Illamasqua Jo’Mina or piCture pOlish Wisteria (I only have the old version to compare it to) but Lotus Begin is actually a little paler than these two. Formula was super smooth. I used two coats.

China Glaze – In A Lilly Bit: Next up is the paler version of Lotus Begin. It’s also slightly more reddish toned. It’s impossibly pretty. I love it so much! It’s so flattering and beautiful and I’m going to be wearing this ALL Summer. :D I used three coats and top coat.

China Glaze – Petal To The Metal: Finally we have this gorgeous pastel neon coral. It’s mindblowingly awesome! I adore coral shades and this one is so unique. It’s brighter than you could even begin to imagine! I was doubting whether to pick this up or not and I’m so glad I did. I love it! Time for a pedicure, stat! This is two coats and top coat.

I have to say, I loved these even more than I thought I would! I was a big fan of the Sunsational cremes and these possibly are even more up my alley. I especially recommend the two purples and the coral shade. I’m wearing the green one as we speak and oh my, it is bright! So perfect for summer. I had absolutely zero issues with the formula. They do require some extra attention but they are totally worth it in my opinion.

I purchased my set of China Glaze City Flourish polishes online for $3.25 a piece at (formerly Transdesign!). I can totally recommend them, they were super helpful in answering my many questions and shipping was very quick. If you are based in Europe like me you can choose the flat rate box shipping option which fits 9 bottles max. Did you pick up any shades from this collection? Let me know in the comments!

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OPI – Push And Shove Review

Today I have an in-depth review for you on the infamous OPI chrome polish, Push And Shove! It was released in the Gwen Stefani collection around December 2013 I believe (correct me if I’m wrong). I’ve read countless reviews on this polish and heard very diverging opinions so I simply had to find out for myself what all the fuss is about. :D Let’s take a look!

Here is my swatch of OPI Push And Shove! I did a few trials and test (see the next photo) to come up with the perfect foolproof way to make this work. In the photo above (and the other photos in this post, except for the trial photo below!) I’m wearing 2-3 coats of China Glaze Ridge Filler, followed by one thin coat of OPI Lay Down That Base, finished with one coat of OPI Push And Shove. The mirror chrome finish of this polish highlights every minor imperfection of your nail plate and I found that a few layers of ridge filling base coat completely fixed this!

OPI gives you a complimentary mini base coat when you purchase Push & Shove, it’s called Lay Down That Base and holds 3.75ml. They suggest you to use this to ensure easier application, they also suggest you to NOT use a top coat. No top coat definitely made me frown. It’s intended as a “One Night Only” polish so not using top coat definitely isn’t going to help with wear. Does the top coat dull out the chrome finish? See for yourself and read my thoughts below…

Please keep in mind this is my personal experience and opinion! You might have a different one.

  • Pointer: I used three coats of China Glaze Ridge Filler, one layer of OPI Lay Down That Base, one coat of OPI Push And Shove and one coat of Seche Vite. This is the winning combination for me! I expected top coat to dull down the chrome shine but I honestly see no difference whatsoever. Even in person, it looks exactly the same with or without top coat. It also makes it last A LOT longer so I say, break the rules and use top coat!
  • Middle: Here I used three coats of China Glaze Ridge Filler, one coat of OPI Lay Down That Base and finally one layer of OPI Push And Shove. The difference here is no top coat. As you can see it looks pretty much the same.
  • Ring: This is where I skipped the ridge filler and only used OPI Lay Down That Base and one coat of OPI Push And Shove. Let me be honest with you, my nail plate is in a pretty rough state. My nails are long and strong but my nail plate has dents all over and a few ridges. Pretty unsightly! Definitely ruins the gorgeous chrome effect for me personally.
  • Pinkie: Finally this is where I wanted to try if skipping the complimenar base coat made application any harder. This is two coats of OPI Push And Shove. The answer? I needed two coats compared to one coat but application wasn’t any trickier than usual. So in other words, if you run out of the teeny tiny mini base coat, no stress!

I’ll be honest with you, I absolutely freakin’ LOVE OPI Push And Shove. It’s bold, it’s shiny, it’s super eye catching and it’s simply magnificent. I didn’t find it difficult to apply, it’s actually fairly easy to work with if you keep in mind that you need to work quickly. Make sure you apply enough in one coat and use 3 strokes maximum. This is key, whatever you do, resist the urge to go in for the fourth stroke. You will mess up! If you do, apply a second coat.

I can 100% recommend Push And Shove. Yes it’s a little trickier to use but the effect is so mindblowingly awesome that it is totally worth the extra effort. I do recommend to make sure to wait in between each layer. Especially if you are going to apply ridge filler as I did. Just sit down at your desk, play your favourite TV show or go on YouTube and take your time.

I purchased my bottle of OPI Push And Shove online for $4.99 at (formerly Transdesign!). I can totally recommend them, they were super helpful in answering my many questions and shipping was very quick. If you are based in Europe like me you can choose the flat rate box shipping option which fits 9 bottles max. It’s a bit pricey but it evens out with the low price of the polishes (China Glaze is just $3.25!).

Have you tried OPI Push And Shove? What’s your experience with it? Let me know in the comments!

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Zoya – Aurora Swatches

Today I have a swatch post for you sharing one of my all time favourite colours from Zoya! I received this one in a swap that I did with the lovely Kaitie about two years ago I think. Let’s take a look!

This is Zoya Aurora! It’s a stunning scatter holo in a jelly purple-y base. It’s quite opaque for a jelly as I needed just two coats. The scatter holo particles are very dense and thin, irregular-sized. They are absolutely stunning and magical. You simply have to see this one in person! It’s so gorgeous. I’ve had this bottle for two years and only wore it twice, I use it so sparingly because I’m afraid I will run out. It’s one of my favourite polishes from my entire stash!

Zoya is a brand that’s not too easy to get your hands on here in Europe. And when you do find it it’s usually quite a bit more expensive than in the US. I wish I could take advantage of their amazing sales! Thanks to Kaitie I managed to get my hands on the beautiful Aurora. Zoya Storm, the black counterpart of Aurora (from the same collection, Ornate Holiday 2012), is still very high on my wishlist!

And finally here is a shot in direct light. This is my attempt to capture the holo sparkle. Sadly, my camera was no match for Aurora… It’s such a complex and unique polish. You seriously need it on your life!

I absolutely adore the Zoya formula, Aurora was just a dream to work with. I also love the brush which is just the right size for me. I really wish my Zoya collection was larger, I only have a mere 3 bottles! That definitely needs fixing. :) What are your favourite Zoya colours? Let me know in the comments!

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Chevron Ikat Nails

A few days ago I shared swatches of the new Rimmel London Rita Ora collection. It featured 12 gorgeous creme colours that are just perfect for nail art. Today I’m sharing the first manicure featuring two of the Rita Ora colours! Let’s take a look.

I’ve been wearing my favourite colour from the collection, Rimmel London Breakfast In Bed, since I swatched them (on Thursday) and today (Monday) I decided to put some nail art over the top. So I’ve been wearing the solid base colour for 4-5 days and I didn’t have any tipwear or chips whatsoever. WOW! I’m impressed, Rimmel!

So anyway after 4-5 days wearing solid colour I had to spice it up. I adore a nice mint green but after a few days I am itching for some nail art. :D I created this chevron ikat design using a fine nail art brush and Rimmel London Do Not Disturb and my black ORLY Instant Artist striper. A super quick and easy design! You just paint short straight brush strokes. Finished with Sally Hansen Nailshine Miracle top coat.

I really love how this design turned out. It’s simple yet striking and looks great from a distance too. I’ll definitely be doing this in more colour combinations soon. Hope you like it! Let me know what you think in the comments. If you recreate it make sure to tag me, I’d love to see!

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