El Corazon – Fashion Girl Swatches

I have two awesome polishes from Russian brand El Corazon to share with you today. Deborah from Love Varnish swatched these a while ago and I completely fell in love with them after seeing her post. So much so that Deborah decided they were better off with me since she wasn’t blown away so she sent them to me as a birthday surprise! I couldn’t thank her enough. <3 Without further ado let’s take a look!

El Corazon – Fashion Girl In Paris

El Corazon – Fashion Girl In Paris

El Corazon – Fashion Girl In Paris: First up is this beautiful blue toned grey jelly with white hex glitter in various sizes. This reminds me of falling snow or dewdrops. It is very delicate and so stunning! I used three thin coats and top coat.

El Corazon – Fashion Girl Gone Shopping

El Corazon – Fashion Girl Gone Shopping

El Corazon – Fashion Girl Gone Shopping: The second shade is the same polish but with a soft lilac jelly base. My swatches don’t show these off to the fullest, Deborah swatches however do!! This is a bright shade yet it’s pastel, very unique. I used three thin coats and top coat.

You can purchase El Corazon polishes from Hypnotic Polish. Unfortunately neither of these are available from the website anymore but I still wanted to share them because they’re gorgeous! However there still are two similar shades from this collection available from Kaleidoscope By El Corazon.

Huge thank you to Deborah for the awesome gifts. <3

Connect with Hypnotic Polish: Official Site – Facebook – Instagram
Connect with El Corazon: http://www.scarlet21vek.ru/ – http://elcorazon.ru – Instagram

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Essie – Angora Cardi

As you may know Marsala was chosen by Pantone as colour of the year 2015. At first I was a bit unsure about this choice but I have to say it totally grew on me. Marsala is Italian wine so the best way you could describe the colour is a dusty wine shade. Dusty being the key here, as it’s no ordinary burgundy or red shade. It is just a little muted which makes for a really unique colour!

When I was looking through my stash to find a match I found an untried Essie which to me looked like the perfect Marsala colour! Essie Angora Cardi is a beautiful dusty wine red. It is one of the more unique colours I own, which is also what I love about Marsala. It’s unique and unusual, but very flattering on the skin.

Essie Angora Cardi has a wonderful formula and covers nicely in two coats. I also added top coat for extra shine. I don’t seem to own many other matches so I am definitely on the lookout for more shades in this colour family. What is your favourite Marsala polish? Let me know in the comments! 

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Cuccio – Accent Colour Kit

Today I have a new-to-me brand to share with you, Cuccio Colour. It’s a salon brand from the US that has professional products, as well as a regular nail polish line. I was introduced to this brand by my dear friend Kelli from The Nail Polish Challenge. She sent me one of the Cuccio Accent Colour Kits for my birthday! <3

Cuccio Colour – Jamaica Me Crazy

Cuccio Colour – Jamaica Me Crazy

The kit comes with a full size colour and a mini shade. The full size in this case is a perfect lavender (Kelli knows me well!!). I was completely blown away by the formula. This is two easy coats though you could almost get away with one. It’s buttery smooth and it dried to a beautiful shiny glossy finish. I wore this one on its own and it lasted FOUR DAYS without chips. Impressive is the least I could say!

Cuccio Colour – Illumination

Cuccio Colour – Illumination

The mini accent polish is Illumination which has two sizes of blue hex glitter and teeny tiny bar glitters. It also has a gorgeous glass fleck duochrome finish which shifts from blue to purple and pink. The shift is nice and strong!

These Cuccio Accent Colour Kits are sold via HB Beauty Bar. As I mentioned I got mine as a bday gift from Kelli aka The Nail Polish Challenge. Be sure to check out her swatches and review of this kit as well! Thanks so much again Kelli <3

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My Top 10 Polishes of 2014

Today I have a bit of a different post, a round-up of my favourite and most memorable polishes I swatched this year. While it was a tough year for me personally, it was a great year for my blog. I got to work with some incredible people this year, met some amazing new friends in the nail community and even had the opportunity to create my own nail polish. Without further ado, here is my top 10 of 2014!

#10 I Love Nail Polish – Black Orchid (review here)

In tenth place I have ILNP Black Orchid. I honestly could have picked any ILNP because Barbra did an awesome job this year and created some gorgeous shades. Black Orchid is so rich in colour and the formula is amazing. Vampy and classy!

#9 Girly Bits Cosmetics – Seriously Sassy (review here)

I have a ton of purples in my top ten, this one by Girly Bits simply had to be included. Impossible to accurately capture in photos, this one you have to see to believe. The jelly base and sparkly glitters make this a stand out and must-have for purple lovers.

#8 Lilypad Lacquer – Envy Me (review here)

Next I have a shade that really took me by surprise. I was absolutely in awe of it when I first unwrapped it and I still love it so much. This green holo by Lilypad Lacquer has gorgeous vibrant fuchsia shimmer. One of the more unique polishes I tried this year.

#7 Cirque Colors – NYFW (review here)

I could have listed any of the Cirque Metropolis cremes but NYFW is definitely my favourite. I swooned over it for weeks before I finally got my hands on it. And it didn’t disappoint! So gorgeous and so pure.

#6 piCture pOlish – Moody Blues (review here)

Next we have Moody Blues which was created by my friend Hannah. The unique shade of blue and stunning red glitters blew me away. Though it wasn’t released this year, it’s one of my favourite polishes I own so I had to include it in my list.

#5 Spell Polish – Wool Of Bat (review here)

In fifth place is this gorgeous purple by Spell Polish. Spell is one of my favourite indie brands of the year and this was the stand out shade for me. Wool Of Bat, an almost-black matte purple with rich purple shimmer. Gorgeous! While matte shades tend to chip the same day, this one lasted three days for me so that’s an extra bonus!

#4 Polish My Life – Muscat Martini (review here)

I have a big weakness for pastel shades but they are notorious for their streaky formulas. None of that with Polish My Life! An indie with a real knack for creating cremes and pastels. Muscat Martini is the most perfect pastel purple with a flawless formula. A shade I went back to several times this year and wore it again and again. I can’t get enough!

#3 Renaissance Cosmetics – Kensington (review here)

In third place I have Renaissance Cosmetics Kensington. Yes, another purple! :D The formula is so buttery smooth and I love the rich shimmer. Shown here in its true matte state, but it looks gorgeous with top coat too. It truly blew me away.

 #2 Kaleidoscope By El Corazon – First Snowdrop (review here)

In second place, First Snowdrop by Kaleidoscope. This polish blew my mind, so much so that I bought three more from the same collection. The formula, coverage and unique speckled effect is just right up my alley. These also have the bonus of easy removal and almost ridge filler-like smooth finish. Love love love!

#1 piCture pOlish – Eerie (review here)

And… what else could be my number one than my very own shade, Eerie. It is everything I dreamt and more. piCture pOlish did an awesome job at translating my vision. Eerie still is without a doubt the most beautiful polish ever to me. I’d be quite happy to wear only this polish for the rest of my life. Lucky I have some back-ups!

What were your favourite polishes of the year? Do you like my picks? Let me know in the comments! I also want to thank you all for sticking with me this year. Your support is what keeps me going! Thank you so much. I hope you all have a wonderful 2015. See you then!

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Dance Legend – TermoTrio 1

Everyone is busy with the Holidays so I took a short blogging break but I am back! My posting still may be irregular, trying to take a bit of pressure off and focus on the enjoyment part of blogging. It is a hobby after all… :)

Today I’m really excited to share my swatch of Dance Legend TermoTrio in the shade 1. I had this unique three-colored thermal polish on my wishlist for a long time and out of the blue, Maria from Hypnotic Polish decided to send it to me. Needless to say I was pretty excited!

As I mentioned, Dance Legend TermoTrio shows not two but three colours. This particular one, shade 1, shifts from a light periwinkle blue when hot to a fuchsia in mid-transition and a deep dark purple when cold. You won’t always see all three shades on your nails but i had no trouble capturing this effect. It looks so cool doesn’t it?! Shown above is two coats and Glisten & Glow HK Girl Top Coat.

You can purchase Dance Legend TermoTrio shade 1 from Hypnotic Polish who offers worldwide shipping. It sells out quickly so be sure to grab it while you can!

Connect with Hypnotic Polish: Official Site – Facebook – Instagram
Connect with Dance Legend: Official Site – Facebook – Instagram

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