Kaleidoscope – Dreams About Spring Swatches

I’m sharing some recent purchases today! I was sent one of the Kaleidoscope Dreams About Spring collection polishes recently by Maria from Hypnotic Polish. You may have seen my swatch! I fell in love with it so much that I had to buy more. Since they are so affordable it was a no-brainer! Let’s take a look.

Kaleidoscope – Blooming Time

Kaleidoscope – Blooming Time

Kaleidoscope – Blooming Time: If you recall my first swatch from the Dreams About Spring collection, these all contain blue microglitter. El Corazon describes it as shimmer but it’s honestly neither shimmer nor glitter. Super unique! This is a blue-based pink with blue microglitter. The formula is smooth and buttery and levels itself out. I used two coats.

Kaleidoscope – Kaleidoscope Of Love

Kaleidoscope – Kaleidoscope Of Love

Kaleidoscope – Kaleidoscope Of Love: Next is this nude/taupe shade with blue microglitter. I think this one is the most unique shade out of the collection. It’s gorgeous! What I love about these is that the formula is almost like a ridge filler and completely smoothes out your nails. I wish all polishes did that! This was two easy coats and no top coat.

Kaleidoscope – Dreams… Bouquet of Violets

Kaleidoscope – Dreams… Bouquet of Violets

Kaleidoscope – Dreams… Bouquet of Violets: Next is the one which I had on my wishlist the longest, a beautiful bright pastel lavender with blue microglitter. It’s one of those neither blue nor purple shades that I love so much. It didn’t disappoint! This one seemed to have slightly less dense blue microglitter. I used two coats.

Kaleidoscope – First Snowdrop

Kaleidoscope – First Snowdrop

Kaleidoscope – First Snowdrop: And finally the pale blue one that I swatched recently. I added it into this post again for comparison but I have a full post dedicated to it if you want to check it out. I used two coats for this swatch.

You can purchase the entire Kaleidoscope Dreams About Spring collection from Hypnotic Polish in the Netherlands. She has worldwide shipping and stocks some amazing indie brands! Make sure to take a look!

Connect with Hypnotic Polish: Official Site – Facebook – Instagram
Connect with El Corazon: http://www.scarlet21vek.ru/ – http://elcorazon.ru – Instagram

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China Glaze – The Giver Collection Swatches

I’m super excited to share my swatches of the China Glaze The Giver collection today. It’s one of my favourite China Glaze collections to date, it features mainly creme polishes and muted colours which are right up my alley. I was sent these by the lovely Petra of Pretty Polish who is one of the stockists here in Europe. She has all the latest China Glaze collections, as well as brands such as piCture pOlish, Cirque Colors, Zoya and more. Let’s take a look!

China Glaze – The Outer Edge

China Glaze – The Outer Edge: The Giver collection contains two glitters so I’ll start and end wiht a glitter! First up is The Outer Edge which is a fine white glitter in a clear base. It contains tiny hex white glitter as well as even tinier holographic glitter, similar to Fairy Dust. This is a snow globe in a bottle! Formula was good. I layered one coat over Intelligence, Integrity & Courage, and added top coat.

China Glaze – Friends Forever, Right?: Next up is this pale pink. It’s white with a tiny hint of pink, very feminine and sweet. It’s less stark than pure white so I found it to be very flattering. I also love this as a base for nail art! The coverage was okay, there was still some VNL after three coats but it didn’t bother me too much.

China Glaze – Five Rules: Next is Five Rules which is a fairly strange colour. It’s beige-y but has a hint of grey to it as well. I think it’s gorgeous! Reminded me of OPI My Vampire Is Buff but darker. I used three thin coats.

China Glaze – Intelligence, Integrity & Courage: Next is a pretty grey which a slightly blue undertone. I think the blue undertone makes it a little easier to wear. I used three coats.

China Glaze – New Birth: This shade is an almost-white like Friends Forever, Right?, only this one is blue toned. I fell in love with this when I saw swatches of it but I found the formula quite problematic. It’s a jelly so it’s tricky to apply and three coats didn’t give me the perfect coverage I was hoping for. Maybe my application is at fault because it seems to look great on other people’s swatches. I wanted to love this one, I really did… I used three coats.

China Glaze – Capacity To See Beyond: Next we have this gorgeous bright turquoise. I feel like it’s a bit of an oddball in a collection of mainly muted shades, this one is anything but muted. It is truly stunning though! I used three thin coats.

China Glaze – History Of The World: This is a true blurple – blue and purple mix. I love this one a lot! The formula was absolutely flawless. I used two coats.

China Glaze – Release: Next is this pretty taupe shade. It’s very unique and I found it quite flattering. This sounds strange but the word that came to mind when I was swatching this was comforting. Possibly because I have a fleece blanket in this colour, haha! I used two coats.

China Glaze – Givers Theme: Do I even need words to describe this? Oh man. I’m in love! This is a beautiful orchid with brilliant coverage. I used two coats.

China Glaze – Seeing Red: This collection includes a red, and usually I cast the reds aside without looking at them again but this one is very very interesting. It has a raspberry jelly base (you can see this around the rim of the bottle) but the red itself is almost like a muted orange. Unlike any reds I own! The formula was great, I used easy two coats.

China Glaze – Community: Next we have Community which is a chocolate brown. It has a muted quality which makes it a little more interesting. I don’t tend to wear browns in their own though, something about them I find hard to get used to. I do think this would look killer for a brown leopard print! Two easy coats.

China Glaze – Boundary Of Memory

China Glaze – Boundary Of Memory: And finally, the second glitter in this collection. It’s a microglitter with silver, black and brown colours. It’s super sparkly! I liked this but mine was a little on the thick side. I used two coats and added top coat since it dries matte.

Here’s an overview of the entire China Glaze The Giver collection. The formulas on most of these was really great, and I truly loved every single one of the colours. My favourites are Givers Theme, Five Rules and Capacity To See Beyond. What are yours? Let me know in the comments!

You can purchase the China Glaze The Giver collection from Pretty Polish. Petra’s shop is based in The Netherlands and she has all the new collections in stock including All Aboard and Twinkle (coming very soon). She offers worldwide shipping!

Connect with Pretty Polish: Homepage – Facebook  – Twitter – Instagram
Connect with China Glaze: HomepageFacebookTwitterInstagram

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Kaleidoscope by El Corazon – First Snowdrop Swatch

Today I’m sharing one of the prettiest polishes ever! I’ve had this one on my wishlist for a while, ever since I saw Deborah aka Love Varnish‘ flawless swatches of this collection. Maria from Hypnotic Polish offered to send it to me which left me a little speechless! She’s too sweet! :)

Before I start though, I wanted to say that my family and I are currently going through a very difficult time. Which is quite the understatement but I’m not sure how to put it into words. My posting schedule may become irregular, possibly even stop for a period of time, so I hope you will bear with me. 

This is my first polish from the Kaleidoscope range which is released by Russian brand El Corazon. This entire collection features cremes with blue microglitter that give an amazing speckled effect. First Snowdrop has a very pale blue (or white?) base which looks gorgeous with the blue microglitter.

What blew me away the most is the formula. This polish has ridge filling properties, it’s self leveling and covers amazingly in two thin coats. These swatches show no top coat! Even the next day this polish is still super glossy and smooth. Flawless! And removal was similar to regular nail polish which is also not unimportant.

You can purchase Kaleidoscope First Snowdrop as well as the others from the Dreams About Spring collection at Hypnotic Polish. I cannot wait to get my hands on more of these. They’re available for just €5,50 (about $7) which is a total steal too. Bottles are 15ml and are 5-free.

Connect with Hypnotic Polish: Official Site – Facebook – Instagram
Connect with El Corazon: http://www.scarlet21vek.ru/ – http://elcorazon.ru – Instagram

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Dance Legend – Wow Prism Swatches

Today I’m sharing some Dance Legend swatches! This post is long overdue but I kept doubting my swatches. I won’t lie, these Wow Prism collection polishes are an absolute pain to capture in photos. They are just so much prettier in person. You’ll have to take my word for it! Let’s take a look.

Dance Legend – Inhale

Dance Legend – Inhale: First up is Inhale which is a gorgeous green with very dense scatter holo flakes. It is super reflective, shiny, sparkly and gorgeous. There’s a very strong holo effect in person that I utterly failed to capture. I’m happy to forward you to my friend Deborah aka Love Varnish who captured these under artifical light and had much better results than me at capturing the holo. :) This was three thin coats.

Dance Legend – Holy Diver

Dance Legend – Holy Diver: Next we have Holy Diver which is a vibrant turquoise scatter holo in a jelly base. It’s more vivid in person and a tad greener (not much). The formula on all of these was thin but nice to work with and dried quickly. The finish was very smooth and not textured whatsoever. I used three thin coats for this one.

Dance Legend – Beautiful Lie

Dance Legend – Beautiful Lie: Finally we have Beautiful Lie which is a periwinkle mix between blue and purple. Very pretty! This is definitely my favourite out of the bunch. It has such a strong and awesome holo effect. I used three thin coats as well.

Finally I created a quick gradient using all three. A sponge gradient was out of the question with these but since they are sheer jellies I used thin coats to create a layered gradient effect. I really loved these! I added some bling to my ring finger because I couldn’t resist. :) I used these multichrome rhinestones from Born Pretty Store that had the exact same colours, then I used gold half pearls and tiny gold steel balls.

You can purchase the Dance Legend Wow Prism polishes directly from Dance Legend in Russia but I recommend using one of the stockists if you are based elsewhere. Near me that’s Maria from Hypnotic Polish. If you’re in the US you can try Llarrowe or Color4Nails.

Connect with Dance Legend: Official Site – Facebook – Instagram

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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel – Swatches & Wear Test

Today I have a fun review to share with you! I’ve been testing out some new Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polishes! These polishes promise a professional salon manicure at home that combines the best of gels and regular polish without the need for a UV lamp. It’s meant to last up to 14 days. That sounds pretty amazing right?! I’ve put them to the test for 7 days, make sure to keep reading if you want to find out how they held up!

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel – Pretty Piggy

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel – Pretty Piggy: First though, some swatches! I was sent two colours from the Miracle Gel line as well as the special top coat. The instructions tell you to apply two coats and one layer of the Miracle Gel top coat. I followed the exact instructions so I could test it out properly. Though I felt like it could do with a third coat to even it out more. However this coral is a lovely shade!

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel – Super Charge

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel – Super Charge: The second colour I was sent is this pearly green with a subtle duochrome finish. For this swatch I used three coats though there is still some VNL. It also left some brush strokes as you can see. Despite that I still loved this one, it shifts to a really gorgeous orange, which you can see here.


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