Firmoo – Review and Nail Art

Today I have a bit of a different review – two years back I did my first Firmoo review and they recently reached out to me again. They’re a company that sells prescription glasses and sunglasses at incredibly affordable rates. I jumped at the chance as I wear my Firmoo glasses daily to this day and would recommend them to anyone. In fact a few months ago we placed an order for my fiancé (for prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses) who is thrilled with his purchase. Let’s take a look!

This is the pair I picked out, DBSN62225 in the colour Tortoise (currently not available in this pattern). The order process is very easy and straight-forward. You can upload a photo of yourself to virtually “try on” the glasses and see how they would look on your face. This feature is fairly accurate, however with this pair they looked slightly smaller on the try-on feature than how it appeared in person – with my previous pair this was 100% accurate. My tip is to always make sure to check the measurements and compare with the pair you already own. Once you’ve selected your pair (there are hundreds to choose from, the styles are endless!) you simply input your prescription details and then you have the option to select a few features such as lens thickness, lens colour, coatings e.g. UV, Anti-Scratch, etc.

From the moment I placed my order it took exactly 7 days for my pair to arrive at my doorstep which is ridiculously fast! As always it came with a sturdy case, cleaning wipe and a tiny screwdriver (not pictured) which is a handy tool to have lying around. The pair I picked out cost only $19 which had me somewhat sceptical. This included the lenses too, so I would be worried that the quality would not be as great. However, I can say that they look and feel great and sturdy and are very well finished, they don’t look cheap at all and the most important thing, my prescription and vision is absolutely perfect!


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Creative Shop Space Stamper – Review

Today I have a review on the Creative Shop Space stamper, courtesy of What’s Up Nails, that is very long overdue. I’m pretty ashamed it’s taking me this long to review these. All will be explained, let’s take a look!

This is the Creative Shop Space Stamper! I’m sure if you’re into stamping you are familiar with the original Creative Shop stamper which definitely revolutionized the stamping industry. The creator has been developing a new stamper for months and this Space stamper is the result. The stamper heads are available in light or dark and each come in 4 varieties of shimmer colours. The shimmer is quite pretty but adds no function to the stamper head. The heads are very squishy and slightly sticky.

What’s different about these stamper heads is that they’re hollow underneath, as you can see on the right side. They have a glossy finish but don’t need priming though you are free to do so (using a magic eraser) sponge if you wish. What’s also different about them is the new holder, which has a couple of ridges to improve grip and more interestingly, a hole at the bottom (you can see it in the photo at the top of this post). This allows the stamper to sink into the holder completely, which I personally found rather inconvenient but you can simply tape up the hole to make a firmer stamper, which is how I like to use it.

I have to admit, the reason this review took me so long is that I had a lot of trouble getting used to this stamper. I could not get it to pick up easily. It definitely took a bit of practice and trial and error. It seems to be picky depending on the plate/polish combo you use and also the pick-up method. Here are some tips that work for me when trying out a new stamper:

  • Try experimenting with light or firmer pressure when you pick up on the plate, light helps for me.
  • Try using a rolling motion and pushing motion, rolling usually works best for me.
  • Try different plates/polish combinations, sometimes this can make a significant difference!
  • Try scraping as few times as possible, once or twice at most. Leaving more polish on the plate can help, if you scrape away too much, the polish will dry quickly and you won’t be able to pick up a good image.

There are two other issues I had which is that your nail edge can leave indents in the stamper head, this I found very frustrating as I did not use a great deal of pressure to transfer the image to my nail. I also noticed that the image doesn’t always cover all the way up to the edge of your nail and around the cuticle. It’s a good stamper but not what I was hoping for as I definitely struggled to get it to work for me. I feel like I can say I’m an experienced stamper, so I personally wouldn’t recommend this one as it takes some getting used to. However please keep in mind this was my experience and yours may be different.

I couldn’t leave you without some nail art using this stamper! I started with two coats of Bundle Monster gel in Blue Venom (keep your eyes peeled for some swatches coming soon!) on all nails. On my middle and pinkie I stamped using an image from MoYou London Tropical 05 plate and Messy Mansion Soft Gold. On my pointer and ring finger I’m wearing 2mm gold square studs from Born Pretty Store.

You can purchase the Creative Shop Space stamper via What’s Up Nails. Use my code VERYEMILY10 for 10% off all nail vinyls. What’s Up Nails also stock some of my favourite brands including A England, Floss Gloss, MoYou London (used in this post), Mont Bleu products, and more!

Connect with What’s Up Nails: WebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagramPinterestYouTube

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Dance Legend – Anna Gorelova

I hope everyone had a good weekend! Mine was far too short however we have an extra long 4-day weekend coming up this week, plus we should finally be getting some nice weather so I’m pretty excited about that! I have four Anna Gorelova by Dance Legend shades to share with you today! Two from the Winter collection and two from the Summer collection. Let’s take a look!

Anna Gorelova – 43 July

Anna Gorelova – 43 July

Anna Gorelova – 43 July: First up is this stunning beige nude with fine colour shifting flakies from the Winter set. I really fell hard for this one! I used three thin coats but you may be able to get away with two thicker ones. Formula was on the thin side but easy to work with. Finished with top coat for a smooth glossy finish.

Anna Gorelova – 37 January

Anna Gorelova – 37 January

Anna Gorelova – 37 January: Next up is this beautiful royal blue jelly with very fine scatter holo flakes, also from the Winter collection. A very rich colour. I was expecting this one to be a little more opaque, I needed three coats for opacity. Finished with top coat.

Anna Gorelova – 32 Seine

Anna Gorelova – 32 Seine

Anna Gorelova – 32 Seine: Next up is this shade from the Summer collection. It’s a beautiful pastel turquoise blue with gold flakes. You may have seen this one before as I did some nail art with it a while back. It’s a stunning shade! You will need either two thicker coats or three thin ones. I got away with two here and finished with top coat!

Anna Gorelova – 25 Dawn (shade)

Anna Gorelova – 25 Dawn (shade)

Anna Gorelova – 25 Dawn (sun)

Anna Gorelova – 25 Dawn (sun)

Anna Gorelova – 25 Dawn: Finally we have the most unique shade of the bunch, a UV-reactive polish that goes from blue to purple and has gold flakes and fine scatter holo flakes. UV-reactive meaning this one will change colour depending on whether you are indoor or outdoor. Exposed to UV-rays (sunlight) this turns into a super rich dark purple. Indoor (in the shade, away from sunlight) this is a beautiful periwinkle blue. The colour shift is very dramatic! The only downside to me was the sheerness of the formulation, I used about four coats to get it fully opaque but it’s totally worth it. I finished with top coat which does not interfere with the UV-reactive properties.

You can purchase Anna Gorelova by Dance Legend polishes directly from Dance Legend in Russia but I recommend using one of the stockists if you are based elsewhere. Near me that’s the lovely Maria from Hypnotic Polish who kindly passed these onto me.

Connect with Dance Legend: Official Site – Facebook – Instagram
Connect with Hypnotic Polish: Official Site – Facebook – Instagram

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Guest Post for Jae Procrastinating Polishr

I’m really excited to announce I’ve done an EPIC guest post over at my friend Jae’s blog, Procrastinating Polishr. Inspired by my favourite show, RuPaul’s Drag Race! Make sure to head over to the post to check it out! I’ve done not one but THREE manis. Here’s a sneak peek of one of them but you definitely don’t want to miss the others!

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Paint All The Nails Presents Monochrome

It’s time for my favourite monthly link-up with the gals of Paint All The Nails! This month we voted for monochrome and decided to challenge ourselves and limit it to greyscale. I personally love black and white nails and wear them very frequently, there’s something really bold and striking about it. I love the contrast! Let’s take a look!

For my mani I had something geometric in mind but when I actually sat down and did my nails, I came up with these freehand florals. It happened pretty organically and I loved them so much that I just went with it!

I used Lacquer Lust Mist as my base, a beautiful light grey creme that is a true grey with no warm or cold undertone. For the flowers I simply used my ORLY Instant Artist stripers in Jet Black and Crisp White. Finished the look with glossy top coat!

I also decided to add some matte top coat the next day and I think I love them even more like this! What do you think, glossy or matte? I used Cirque Colors Matte Look top coat.

I really hope you enjoyed my monochrome nails! Make sure to check out what my friends from PATN have come up with and show them some love!

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