Catrice – Eletrix Blue Swatch

I have a swatch post for you today featuring Catrice! Let’s take a look.

This is Catrice Eletrix Blue from the Haute Future collection. That’s not a typo, it says “Eletrix” on the bottle which I thought was a little strange but oh well. I’m fairly sure this collection is from a few months back but I found this one at a discount at my local drugstore and decided to pick it up.

I’m really glad I did, this holographic muted blue is such a beauty. Application was great too, it dried very quickly and extremely glossy. It was very self levelling and smooth, I’m impressed Catrice! I believe I used two coats so coverage was nice too.

This is what it looks like in direct light. Sadly this shot doesn’t do it justice! The holo is much stronger in person and really beautiful. I personally feel like Catrice (and Essence) tend to bring out fairly uninteresting limited editions nail polish-wise, but this one truly impressed me. The holo is gorgeous!

The only thing I disliked was the wide brush but I’m happy to overlook that with a polish this gorgeous. It’s such a unique shade too. I loved it!

Did you manage to pick these up when they were released? I’m afraid they are no longer available but hopefully Catrice will bring out some similar holos in their core collection (one can always hope…).

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Dance Legend – Smoky Swatches

Today I have three Dance Legend swatches for you! They are three shades from the Smoky collection and they are seriously awesome. It’s no secret that I love cremes and these are cremes with a twist, you’ll see what I mean in a few seconds. They are right up my alley! Let’s take a look.

Dance Legend – Moorland

Dance Legend – Moorland: First up is Moorland which is a gorgeous dusty lavender. Oh hello I’m in love! This one is so friggin stunning I can’t get over it. If you look at the close-up you can see why they named this collection Smoky, and why I called these “cremes with a twist”. They contain what looks to me like rough pigment or particles. It could be microglitter or shimmer but in any case it’s super fine. It is stunning and gives a concrete-like effect. I used three thin coats, the formulation is thin and jelly-like and very glossy.

Dance Legend – Grey Britain

Dance Legend – Grey Britain: Next is Grey Britain which is a gorgeous grey (bet you didn’t see that coming). :D I really love this one. The tiny speckled effect works great here. I could see this working really well as a base for nail art but I would totally wear this on its own too. A great palate cleanser after wearing some Summer brights maybe?! This was three very thin coats again.

Dance Legend – Cetraria

Dance Legend – Cetraria: Finally we have Cetraria which is a dusty turquoise. I really like this one, it’s not a mint nor a pale blue, sort of inbetween. This one did not disappoint! Cetraria is a type of lichen/moss in case you were wondering (I did!). This was also three thin coats. Though you could get away with two thicker ones!

I have several more Dance Legends to show you but couldn’t resist starting with my favourite set. At first glace they may seem like the most “boring” ones but I knew I would love these and I did! The full collection holds 6 colours. It’s also worth mentioning that the black particles didn’t make these any harder to remove.

You can purchase the Smoky collection directly from Dance Legend in Russia or from one of the international stockists. I personally recommend the last option if you are based elsewhere as I had some difficulty receiving my package from Russia. What do you think of these cremes with a twist? Let me know in the comments!

Connect with Dance Legend: Official Site – Facebook – Instagram

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Pretty & Polished – Little Mei-Ow!

Today I have a quick swatch post for you featuring a really lovely and delicate glitter from Pretty & Polished. It’s a Mei Mei’s Signatures exclusive, so you will only be able to find it at her shop. Let’s take a peek!

This is Pretty & Polished – Little Mei-Ow! which is officially the cutest name EVER! :D It’s a gorgeous pastel pink/lavender thermal with pastel glitter. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t able to capture the thermal effect in photos but it’s definitely visible in person, though quite subtle. In the close-up shot below I think you can see it ever so slightly.

I found lavender, purple, fuchsia, gold, pastel blue and white glitter, mainly hexies and some circle glitters. They sit in a jelly base and I needed three thin coats for full coverage. I also added top coat to even out the glitters. Formula was nice to work with and dried fairy quickly.

If you look closely you might be able to tell that my nails look more pink near my cuticle and more lavender-ish towards my free edge. It’s a subtle thermal effect but it’s definitely more obvious in person.

You can find Pretty & Polished Little Mei-Ow! exclusively at Mei Mei’s Signatures. P&P bottles hold 15ml and are 3-free and cruelty free. I really love this sweet and delicate glitter! Mei Mei really has the best exclusives!

Connect with Mei Mei’s Signatures: Homepage – Twitter – Facebook – Instagram
Connect with Pretty & Polished: Official Site – Etsy – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram

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Reverse Chevron Nails

Today I have a nail art manicure for you! These make my Mondays so much better hehe. This time I have a design inspired by Margaret aka m_a_tom on Instagram. She is having a contest so I figured this was the perfect time to try out her Reverse Chevron nails. Let’s take a look!

On my pointer and pinkie I’m wearing Polish My Life Peaches Anyone, a gorgeous pastel peach. It’s a little more reddish in person, and totally perfect for Summer! On my ring finger I’m wearing the amazing Shimmer Polish Candace for a gold accent nail. It’s one of my favourite gold glitter polishes!

Then on my middle finger I recreated Margarets Reverse Chevron design. She’s made a picture tutorial that’s very helpful if you want to recreate it too. I calls for nail vinyls which I don’t own (yet!) so I used striping tape. I instantly regretted it. :D I have zero patience for striping tape so I quickly got frustrated. In the end I only used striping tape for one half of the design, and used my ORLY Instant Artist striper for the other half. I used Polish My Life Birthday Suit as a base.

I still like how these turned out even though they looked much better from a distance compared to up close. I’ll be entering these into her contest so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Whatever the outcome, I had lots of fun creating these! Hope you like them too.

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Guest Post at Nail Polish Society

You can find today’s post over at Emiline Harris’ blog at Nail Polish Society! She is having a 1-year blogiversary (and a giveaway to celebrate!) and asked me to guest post for her. I was so honoured so I obviously said yes! I created some fun florals for her so make sure to head over to her blog to check it out!

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Nail Art Society – Something Blue

Today I have another Nail Art Society kit to show you. I’m working through past kits as I only got them recently. This one dates from May and this kit was called “Something Blue”. Let’s take a look!

In the Something Blue kit subscribers received:

  • Jessica nail polish in Surfer Boyz ‘N Berry
  • Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Pens
  • The Crème Shop Nail Wraps
  • High quality nail scissors
  • Two 3D nail art bows
  • Decorative Nail Shield
  • 2 midi rings

And as always there was an instructional card, orange woodstick and a cute branded drawstring bag.

This is the look I created with the kit! I absolutely love the Jessica polish. It’s a beautiful warm-toned pale blue. Formula as always was flawless. On my pointer I created a half moon manicure with the Sally Hansen pen, and on my pinkie I created a ruffian design.

On my middle finger I added the 3D nail art bow. I didn’t use the nail shield as it would be a bit much for this design but it is absolutely stunning! For the nail wrap design I cut up one of the stickers. I found this made them a lot easier to work with.

The Something Blue is sadly no longer available for purchase. However you can subscribe to Nail Art Society and get awesome kits delivered to your doorstep each month! Kits are $11.95 + shipping. Right now they are still US-only but I hope they will expand soon. P.s. I’ve seen this months kit and it is absolutely awesome!

Connect with Nail Art Society: Website – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram

// Provided for Honest Review

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Polish My Life – Swatches & Review

Today I have swatches and a review of Polish My Life. This is an indie brand from NYC, created by the talented Shaneka. I found out about this brand through Instagram, mainly through Luster Lacquer who posted some gorgeous swatches! Every time this brand showed up on my feed I caught myself staring and swooning and drooling. I had to grab some especially after hearing about their amazing formula. I finally took the plunge last week and ordered three shades. Let’s take a look!

Polish My Life – Muscat Martini

Polish My Life – Muscat Martini: First up is the shade that pushed me to buy these. I had to have this one! There was just nothing that could stop me :D. Muscat Martini is a gorgeous blue-ish pastel lavender. It’s almost a neon-y pastel and it is just absolutely stunning. I’m sure we all know colours like this tend to be notoriously tricky to apply. I don’t know how Shaneka does it but these are some of the best cremes I have ever tried. I used two coats for this one!

Polish My Life – Peaches Anyone?

Polish My Life – Peaches Anyone?: Next is this gorgeous pastel peach. It is utterly gorgeous. Oh god! It’s even brighter in person, my swatches don’t do these justice. I especially love how they look in low light, they make my skin look more tanned. Again, absolutely flawless formula, just two coats!

Polish My Life – Birthday Suit

Polish My Life – Birthday Suit: Then finally we have Birthday Suit which is an off-white. I mainly purchased this one as a base for nail art as an off-white is just a little more interesting than a true white. As much as I love OPI’s My Vampire Is Buff, I’m not a huge fan of its formula so I really wanted to try this one. It’s a little paler than MVIB which I love. The formula required two thin coats and it is utter perfection.

I can’t recommend and praise these Polish My Life cremes enough. I am so glad I purchased them! I definitely need to get me some more. Shaneka has a gorgeous range and I cannot wait to see what she does next. Hands down one of the best formula for cremes I’ve tried which is saying something!

You can purchase these from the official Polish My Life website. The prices are very reasonable, especially for this quality. She also ships worldwide! My package took less than one week from the USA to Belgium.

Connect with Polish My Life: Official WebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitter

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Liquid Sky Lacquer – Hypnotic Fantasy

Today I have a swatch post for you featuring Liquid Sky Lacquer, more specifically a Hypnotic Polish exclusive! This shade was created specifically for Maria’s shop and you won’t be able to find it anywhere else. Let’s take a look!

Liquid Sky Lacquer – Hypnotic Fantasy: Hypnotic Fantasy is a gorgeous dark blurple holo. It leans more towards the purple side of blurple but it really depends on the light setting. It’s definitely a bit of a muted colour but really gorgeous nonetheless. The formula was thin but still covered very nicely in just two coats!

Here’s the close-up! This was shot in the shade, so I’m pretty impressed I was able to pick up the rainbow. Such a satisfying moment. :D

And as always here’s a swatch in direct light. Hypnotic Fantasy has a gorgeous bright holo rainbow with a nice linear effect. It’s even stronger in person!

This is the direct light close-up. Look at that pointer finger! Delicious holo goodness. Love it! The formula was really nice to work with. I didn’t think it would cover in two coats as the first layer was fairly translucent but the second gave me flawless coverage. It dried quickly and glossy! Overall very impressed with this one.

You can purchase Liquid Sky Lacquer Hypnotic Fantasy from Hypnotic Polish. It’s an exclusive as I’ve mentioned so you will only be able to purchase it from Maria’s shop. Thankfully she ships worldwide! She has an awesome range of brands so make sure to take a look.

Connect with Hypnotic Polish: Official Site - Facebook - Instagram
Connect with Liquid Sky Lacquer: Official Site – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram

// Provided for Honest Review

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Maybelline Bleached Neons Review

Today I have swatches of three Maybelline Bleached Neons! I purchased these a few weeks go at my local drugstore. I didn’t even know this collection was being sold in my country so that was an awesome surprise as there’s been a lot of hype about this collection on social media. Let’s take a look!

Maybelline – Coral Heat: First up is Coral heat, an awesome coral neon pastel. This collection definitely reminds me of the China Glaze pastel neons (the cremes from the Summer 2013 Sunsational collection), only the formula is less chalky. I wouldn’t say it was perfect but they were definitely easier to work with! This one had the nicest formula and required two coats. I also added top coat as they dry semi-matte.

Maybelline – Sun Flare (aka Bleached In Peach): Next is Sun Flare which is called Bleached In Peach in the US. This one is my favourite out of the three I picked up. It’s an awesome neon pastel peach. It’s so Summery! It’s fairly similar to China Glaze Sun Of A Peach only this one’s a lot paler. I love how tan this makes me look. Formula was a little streakier and required three coats but was still pretty easy to work with. I also added top coat!

Maybelline – Chic Chartreuse (aka Lime Accent): Then finally we have this awesome pale neon green. This one also has a different name in EU/UK compared to US. It kinda looks like Wasabi! :D I am so glad they had this one in stock as it is such a fun colour. Love this one! I also used three coats and top coat.

I totally understand the hype and buzz around this collection. These shades are a must-have for Summer. If you loved the China Glaze pastel neons you will adore these! The formula is fairly good though you might need an extra coat to even out streaks. The only thing I disliked about these was the brush, mine all seemed to have a very scratchy and uneven brush with stray hairs. Maybe I was just unlucky with this batch, as the other Maybelline Color Show polishes I have have an awesome brush.

Did you pick up this collection? Let me know in the comments if you did! Which one is your favourite?

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Monday Nail Art

Today I have some (you guessed it!) nail art on the blog. I had absolutely no clue what to name this design so I named my post “Monday Nail Art”. I have a serious lack of inspiration today, but then again, it is Monday after all. :D

This is another Japanese inspired design. Mainly the accent nail, which is a simple but awesome geometric design. On my pointer I’m wearing China Glaze Don’t Honk Your Thorn, on my ring finger I have China Glaze Sunday Funday and on my pinkie I’m wearing Sally Hansen Firey Island.

For the accent nail on my middle finger I started with a white base, Essence Hattrick, then painted on the black lines using my ORLY Instant Artist Striper in Jet Black. Then I filled in the lines using China Glaze Sunday Funday, China Glaze Hey Sailor, Sally Hansen Firey Island and piCture pOlish Sky.

On all fingers except for my middle finger I added textured studs which are my absolute favourite! You can find them here from Born Pretty Store, and 2mm gold half pearls that are also a must-have. They are so shiny and a nice change from regular studs or rhinestones. You can use my code EMILYW21 for a 10% discount on your order too!

Hope you like these! Let me know in the comments if you do. And also if you have a suggestion on what to name this design! I’d love to hear it :D

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