Dance Legend – Iris Swatches

I have two posts for you today, first up is another Dance Legend swatch from the Provence collection. The lovely Maria from Hypnotic Polish sent these to me with a simple request, to use a bright base colour to match these cheerful glitters. :D You can catch the previous ones here, let’s take a look!

As I mentioned in my previous posts of the Provence collection, all shades are inspired by a flower. This one is inspired by the Iris. I think I probably expected a different colour combination when thinking of an Iris flower but I loved this one nonetheless. It features blue hex glitter, orange squares and white hexies. I used one coat over China Glaze Def Defying and added top coat.

For my base colour I used China Glaze Def Defying from the Cirque Du Soleil Worlds Away collection. This one is also available for purchase from the Hypnotic Polish website! I wanted to use a bright grassy green shade as a base to contrast the floral-inspired glitter. I like it but it will probably pop even more over a darker base.  These glitters are also suitable for a glitter gradient or as an accent nail to compliment a nail art mani.

You can purchase Dance Legend Iris from Hypnotic Polish. Maria has an amazing range of awesome indie brands. She ships worldwide so make sure to take a look! She currently has a sale going that ends tomorrow so make sure to take a peek.

Connect with Hypnotic Polish: Official Site - Facebook - Instagram
Connect with Dance Legend: Official Site – Facebook – Instagram

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Powder Perfect – Lady Of The Palace Trio Swatches

Today I’m back with some swatches! These are a new exclusive trio by Powder Perfect for Mei Mei’s Signatures. Powder Perfect is an indie brand from Australia. I’ve never had the pleasure of trying Powder Perfect before these three and I have to say, I was blown away. They are utterly flawless! Let’s take a look.

Powder Perfect – Escape To The Petit Trianon (natural daylight)

Powder Perfect – Escape To The Petit Trianon (natural daylight)

Powder Perfect – Escape To The Petit Trianon (direct light)

Powder Perfect – Escape To The Petit Trianon (direct light)

Powder Perfect – Escape To The Petit Trianon: First up we have this amazing green holo with lots of gold irregular flakes. The holographic rainbow is so strong and even visible in low light. The gold flakes really add a lot of depth to this one. What blew me away the most was the super smooth and opaque formula. I used two thin coats and top coat.

Powder Perfect – La Dauphine (natural daylight)

Powder Perfect – La Dauphine (natural daylight)

Powder Perfect – La Dauphine (direct light)

Powder Perfect – La Dauphine (direct light)

Powder Perfect – La Dauphine: The second shade in this trio is La Dauphine which is a gorgeous purple-toned burgundy with a rich holographic finish. It has a lot of deep shimmer to it so it looks beautiful even indoors. Again, the formula was impeccable and just a dream to work with. I used two coats and top coat.

Powder Perfect – Crinoline (natural daylight)

Powder Perfect – Crinoline (natural daylight)

Powder Perfect – Crinoline: Finally the last shade to complete this trio is Crinoline which is a gorgeous greenish beige jelly with a gorgeous mix of glitters. There’s some copper-y gold hex glitters in here and turquoise ones. And a lovely pink shimmer which was hard to capture in photos but really beautiful. I’m glad my Art History lessons have served me well as I still remembered a Crinoline is a peticoat worn in 17th century fashion. I used three thin coats but you could get away with two, I also added top coat.

These were my first Powder Perfects but I certainly hope they aren’t my last! They truly have one of the best indie formulas I’ve tried, they applied smooth and buttery and had flawless coverage. I love everything about this trio, the inspiration (Marie-Antoinette), the colours, how the Powder Perfect label works so beautifully with the collection. It just works so well!

You can purchase the Powder Perfect trio individually or as a set exclusively from Mei Mei’s Signatures shop. She has worldwide shipping available and an incredible range of indies. Make sure to check out the website!

Connect with Mei Mei’s Signatures: Homepage – Twitter – Facebook – Instagram
Connect with Powder Perfect: Homepage – Etsy – Facebook – InstagramPinterest

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piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2014

It’s that time of year again… piCture pOlish Blogfest! I’m really excited to be participating again this year. I had a lot of fun last year creating a tutorial using three piCture pOlish colours. This year’s concept is a little different and consists of two parts. Let’s take a look!

As you can see from the header, this year’s Blogfest is held both on blogs and on Instagram and features NailVinyls. There’s also two parts, part one being a swatch and part two a nail art! Part one was the easy bit, part two was a little trickier. We were sent one of four possible designs. piCture pOlish released a special exclusive 4-pack of NailVinyls yesterday on their website which includes Chevrons, Mini Chevrons, Straights and Right Angles. I was sent the Chevrons for part two but let’s check out part one first!

piCture pOlish – Eyre (natural daylight)

piCture pOlish – Eyre (natural daylight close-up)

piCture pOlish – Eyre (direct light)

piCture pOlish – Eyre: I was sent Eyre which is one of four “new” reborns of discontinued Ozotic shades. This one corresponds to Ozotic 914. It’s a gorgeous blue with a subtle duochrome that shifts to a darker blue and purple with lots of scatter holo flakes. I’m a sucker for scatter holo flakes and this one is absolutely stunning. Application was two easy coats, I also added some glossy top coat.

Now part two! Our brief was to come up with a look using the two colours we were sent, in my case piCture pOlish Mad Magenta and piCture pOlish Chillax, and the NailVinyls. There were quite a few restrictions but we were allowed the addition of black and white polish and the use of a nail art detailing brush so I think/hope my nail art is according to the rules! :D

I started with a white base on my middle finger and ring finger, applied the Chevron NailVinyls then alternated piCture pOlish Chillax and piCture pOlish Mad Magenta before removing the vinyls. Then I used some black polish and a fine brush to paint some detail on top. I should have probably left out the dots to conform better to the rules but I did use a brush to create them so I just went with it. I think the end result looks a bit like a tribal print? I’m really happy with how it came out!

I have to add that both shades applied really easily in two coats and the formula was flawless. Especially piCture pOlish Chillax blew my mind, it is the brightest turquoise I’ve ever seen. It is so insanely stunning! Photos don’t prepare you for how bright and fun it looks in person. I was so surprised when I first saw it. It’s definitely a must-have!

I hope you enjoyed my manicures for piCture pOlish Blogfest 2014. It took me a while before I came up with these but I’m glad I came up with something that’s still very “me”. Though I had to really restrain myself not to add some studs to my pointer and pinkie! :D

You can purchase piCture pOlish shades through the official website or from one of the many international stockists. They offer special Every Day Deals on the website. The special 4-pack of NailVinyls is available exclusively from the piCture pOlish website.

Connect with piCture pOlish: Official Site - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Pinterest
Connect with NailVinyls: Official SiteFacebookInstagram

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Guest Post at Popping Nails

It’s me again! I’m finally back after my little break. Did you enjoy my guest posters? I had so much fun seeing what they all created, I hope you did too. Of course now I need to get back into the swing of things. I’ll have a lot of posts this week because I have quite a bit to catch up on. There will be several days where I’ll have 2 posts a day, hopefully things will go back to normal the week after that. :D

It’s my turn to guest post now… I created these nails for Popping Nails, Charlie asked me a while ago to guest post for her and I obviously said yes. She’s really talented! Make sure to head over to her blog to check them out and make sure to follow her!

Stay tuned for the second post of the day coming up very shortly… It’s a fun one! You won’t want to miss it. :)

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Guest Post by The Nail Polish Challenge

It’s already time for my last guest post… I’m so sad! I had such fun this week! I want to thank every single one of the super talented ladies I asked, it’s been so wonderful. Today we are closing with Kelli from The Nail Polish Challenge. I’ve admired Kelli’s nails and amazing work for a long time now. I swoon over her flawless photos and instantly recognisable consistent pose. It’s also been a pleasure  getting to know her, she’s super sweet and pretty hilarious. It’s kind of amazing getting to know people you’ve looked up to for so long and finding out they are so nice! Let’s take a look at what she created.

Hi everyone! Wow, it is really such an honor to be guest posting for Emily today. I actually got her email request to guest post while I was at work a couple weeks ago, and I’m pretty sure I ran around the office yelling for about thirty minutes. (My boss wasn’t thrilled, and didn’t know what a “guest post” was.) But, nothing can stop my excitement! Today I’ve got a fun leopard print manicure to show you, using some upcoming Fall 2014 polishes. I don’t know about you guys, but anytime I think of autumn, my mind goes to leopard print.

I started with a base of I Love Nail Polish Mega (L), which Emily recently reviewed. Then, using a toothpick and Zoya Genevieve (which is spelled “Geneviev” on my bottle, but I think that’s a typo), I drew on some tiny leopard print. I topped the whole look off with a quick drying top coat.

I totally love how this turned out. Often times with holographic polish, I feel like I don’t want to cover them up because I don’t want to lose that rainbow sparkle, but this polish happens to be so packed with holo that you can still see it through all my leopard print! Plus, my favorite kind of leopard print is this really tight, close together style of leopard print. With practice, it could almost look like a stamp. (And since I’m awful at stamping, I would love to have my designs look like stamps! Haha.)

I know that technically it’s still summer, and I should be posting brighter manicures, but I can’t help it – Fall is my favorite season, especially for nail polishes. I find that the best polishes of the year come out in autumn. These two polishes I used are perfect examples! I just love vampy colors.

Below is a visual of the polishes I used. Genevieve looks a lot less blue in person, but it’s definitely got a blue tinge to it (more so than the Zoya website shows, I think!)

Anyway, thanks SO MUCH to Emily for letting me post today. It really means so much to me to be noticed by one of my favorite bloggers, and I have appreciated all of our fun conversations so far! Perhaps I will be lucky enough one day to have Emily post on my blog, too ;)

Thank you so much for these awesome leopard nails, Kelli! I haven’t done any leopards in a long time and I can promise you my next one will have a holographic base. I just love this! I’d never think to layer it over a holo polish but it works so beautifully. I love the super fine leopard print, it totally looks stamped! :D 

Please show The Nail Polish Challenge some love on social media. You can find Kelli on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Bloglovin’Tumblr and YouTube. And make sure to stop by her blog for more flawless nail art and amazing swatches!

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