Glam Polish – 100K

Today Glam Polish is celebrating as they reached 100.000 Instagram followers. It’s quite a feat, and to celebrate the occasion they released an awesome limited edition shade. Let’s take a look!

Glam Polish – 100K (natural daylight)

Glam Polish – 100K (natural daylight)

Glam Polish – 100K (direct light)

Glam Polish – 100K (direct light)

Glam Polish – 100K: It’s a super glittery and festive polish as you can see! It’s a champagne base with a rainbow of microglitter, silver flakes and holo microglitter. Sparkly to the max! I used two easy coats and top coat for my swatches. It applies so well!

You can purchase Glam Polish 100K via their official website (though I believe it may be sold out there) or via Mei Mei’s Signatures Bigcartel store who will launch this shade August 31st 2PM SGT. If you’re unsure what time that is in your timezone, you can use World Time Buddy (that website makes my life so much easier).

Connect with Mei Mei’s Signatures: Official Site – Bigcartel – Twitter – Facebook – Instagram
Connect with Glam Polish: Official Site – Etsy – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Blog

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Pueen – 24M Make Your Day & Double Sided Stamper Review

I’m back today with a new-to-the-blog brand, Pueen! I’ve seen and heard many wonderful things about Pueen so I was very excited when the lovely Petra from Pretty Polish offered me to try out some products. Pueen is a US brand that creates stamping plates and supplies. Petra is one of the stockists for Pueen so you can buy the items I’m about to show you from her shop. Let’s take a look!

When I opened up my package from Petra I found the 24M – Make Your Day stamping set and the Double Side stamper & scraper set. Both came packaged in a cute and protective box. But the big surprise came when I opened them up!

Inside I found the Pueen stamping plate set which comes in a beautiful yellow pleather case. My jaw was on the floor when I saw it! It looks so pretty and I love that they come in a case! The Double Side stamper & scraper set comes with a black stamper and two small scraper cards in different thicknesses. They’re quite small though so I prefer to use a credit card sized scraper.

I took out the stamper heads so I could show them to you both up close. The one on the left has a mauve colour and an oval shape and is very very squishy! It was very glossy when it arrived so I primed it by softly buffing the surface. The one of the right is a yellow and round stamper head which is super squishy, like a marshmallow stamper and very sticky. Mine came with an indentation in the surface, probably because of to the plastic bag it came in that left a dent. I haven’t been able to get the yellow side to properly work for me yet (perhaps because of the dent?) so I’ve been sticking to the mauve stamper head and used that for all the manis I’m showing you today.

Since 24 is quite a lot I’m showing you 6 at a time. First up are the first six, Pueen 98 – 103. The plate that caught my eye the most was Pueen 103 which is what I used for the mani I’m about to show you. I’ve also seen some really gorgeous manis online done with plate 101 and plate 99 has beautiful images too.

I was drawn to the image on the top left of the Pueen 103 plate as it reminded me of dried leaves. So I went for a Fall colour scheme but still keeping it quite light and fresh.

I used Zoya Jacqueline as a base, and stamped over it using Hit The Bottle Rusty Nail, Hit The Bottle The Have And To Gold and A England Fotheringhay Castle. Finished with Super Chic Lacquer Marvel top coat.

The next 6 plates are Pueen 104 – Pueen 109. Some of my favourites here! Lots of geometric designs which I love.

The plate I used for this mani is Pueen 108, the image in the centre bottom. It’s this sort of optical illusion warped image. I’m a big sucker for monochrome manis so I thought this image was perfect for it.

On my pointer and middle finger I applied Cirque Colors Memento Mori, and on my ring and pinkie I applied Cirque Colors Carpe Diem. Then I stamped over them with white and black polish respectively. I used regular nail polishes from Born Pretty Store (both are sadly no longer available). I couldn’t get my Pueen stamper to work with my Mundo De Unas stamping polishes so I had to use regular polish. Finished with Super Chic Lacquer Marvel top coat.

The next set are Pueen 110 – 115. This one has some more organic images. I really love the look of plate 114 but ended up using plate 113.

I used the scribbly notes print from plate Pueen 113 for this look. I first tried stamping it with black but it came out much too harsh so I ended up using a brown. I think it looks like old paper that’s been discolored by the sun.

I used ILNP Spiced Eggnog as a base and stamped the scribbly notes with China Glaze Mahogany Magic, and then I freehanded some flowers on top using Elevation Polish Purple Queen Anthias for the base colour of the flower and added black and white detailing and leaves with my ORLY Instant Artist stripers in Jet Black and Crisp White. Finished with Super Chic Lacquer Marvel top coat.

And then we have the final six, these are plates Pueen 116 – 121.

For my final look I used the image on the bottom centre of the Pueen 116 plate. It’s a fairly abstract image but I used it to create a mermaid-y double stamping look.

I started with Spell Polish Clodhopper as my base and stamped over it with black polish and then again with white polish to create a double stamping effect. Then I added some gems from Born Pretty Store including seashells, 2mm pearls, gold steel balls, 2mm gold studs and 3mm iridescent rhinestones. Finished with Super Chic Lacquer Marvel top coat.

You can purchase Pueen via their official website or through one of the stockists including Pretty Polish based in The Netherlands. I really enjoyed my first experience with Pueen, their plates stamp very well and the designs in this set are great, I also love that it came in a protective case. Since it’s such a large set you’ll get some plates you like and some you don’t like as much which is to be expected since they offer a variety of styles.

Connect with Pueen: Official Site – Facebook – Instagram 
Connect with Pretty Polish: Official Site – Facebook  – Twitter – Instagram

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Gradient All The Nails

It’s that time again where myself and my fellow Paint All The Nails group members link-up and create nail art around a theme. Last time we did Floral nails and this time we are tackling gradients (as you may have guessed from the title!). As participating in the link-ups is completely voluntary in our group you might see some new faces this time around. Yay!

It took me quite a while to come up with an idea for the gradient theme as it’s just so open. It didn’t instantly inspire me like the floral theme did. Eventually I decided to do gradient stamping as that’s one of my favourite techniques to do. I genuinely suck at sponge gradients so this technique is a lifesaver!

I started with Cirque Colors Carpe Diem as my base and stamped over it with Mundo De Unas Papyrus, Spring Green, Pastel Blue and Lilac (in that order) using image plate BPL-010 from Born Pretty Store. I added some bling with 3mm gold round studs and 2mm gold round studs, also from Born Pretty Store. Finished with Super Chic Lacquer Marvel top coat.

I wasn’t completely sold on my first look, so I decided to redo it with a black base and a different image from the same plate. I was so indecisive I just couldn’t decide which to post so I’m showing you both. I’ll leave it to you to pick a favourite out of the two manis! Let me know!

Please make sure to check out what my fellow group members have created! I can’t wait to see!! So much talent! :)

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ILNP – Fall 2015 Collection

I’m back today with the new ILNP Fall collection! This collection contains a whopping 17 new shades, Barbra always does these huge collections. It contains 4 new Ultra Holos, 2 new Multichrome Flakies, 1 new Multichrome, 1 Multichrome Holo and the remainder are a mix of vampy holos and silver flake holos. Swatching them was a mammoth task but I’m really happy with how my photos turned out. I have more than 60 pics in this post for your viewing pleasure! Let’s check them out!

ILNP – Mona Lisa (natural daylight)

ILNP – Mona Lisa (natural daylight)

ILNP – Mona Lisa (direct light)

ILNP – Mona Lisa (direct light)

ILNP – Mona Lisa: First up is Mona Lisa, one of the four new Ultra Holos. I would describe this as a medium brown. This was three thin coats and top coat.


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Girly Bits – What Happens In Vegas… Ends Up On Snapchat

I’m back today with a gorgeous new Girly Bits release! If you’re a fan of Girly Bits you may know that each year Pam has attended Cosmoprof there has been a “What Happens In Vegas…” limited edition polish. This is the third addition to the LE Vegas series, What Happens In Vegas… Ends Up On Snapchat! Let’s check it out!

Girly Bits – What Happens In Vegas… Ends Up On Snapchat (natural daylight)

Girly Bits – What Happens In Vegas… Ends Up On Snapchat (natural daylight)

Girly Bits – What Happens In Vegas… Ends Up On Snapchat (direct light)

Girly Bits – What Happens In Vegas… Ends Up On Snapchat (direct light)

Girly Bits – What Happens In Vegas… Ends Up On Snapchat: WHIVEUOS (for short, lol!) is a linear lavender holo with purple and holo microglitter. Oh my gosh, how gorgeous is this?! The holo is so strong and gorgeous! My jaw almost dropped on the floor when I applied this to my nails. It’s insane! The formula is exactly what we’re used to from Girly Bits, flawless! This was two easy coats and top coat.

You can purchase Girly Bits What Happens In Vegas… Ends Up On Snapchat for pre-order only for 72 hours on Friday, August 28, 2015 3:00 PM EDT until Monday, August 31, 2015 3:00 PM EDT.

Connect with Girly Bits: Official Site – Blog – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Pinterest – Google+

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