Pahlish – The Wicked Years February Duo

I’m back today with the Pahlish February duo! It’s called The Wicked Years and takes inspiration after series of novels by Gregory Maguire. Let’s take a look!

Pahlish – Mother Yackle

Pahlish – Mother Yackle

Pahlish – Mother Yackle: First up is this gorgeous creme/jelly lilac. It’s a bit of a unique shade as it dries slightly darker and more blue-toned than in the bottle. This makes it quite tricky to describe! It has a softness to it yet it’s still quite bright. It’s a total “me” shade so naturally I love it. I used three coats and top coat.

Pahlish – The Grimmerie

Pahlish – The Grimmerie

Pahlish – The Grimmerie: The other half of this duo is a pretty glitter topper with multichrome flakies, lilac glitter circles, square gold holo glitter and tiny gold holo glitters. I layered one coat over Mother Yackle and added a matte top coat for a bit of a different finish.

You can purchase the Pahlish The Wicked Years duo via the official website. Bottles contain 15ml and are 5-free.

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Bundle Monster – Basic Instict Stamping Plates

Today I’m back with a review on a new set of Bundle Monster plates. They’ve been consistently releasing awesome products lately. I am so obsessed! This set has a theme I would not usually go for but there are some gorgeous designs in here nonetheless, let’s take a look!

This is the new Bundle Monster Basic Instinct set which features five XL plates. You can grab them separately too as always! The theme is based around lingerie, burlesque and a hint of 50 Shades Of Grey. I prepared two looks using plates XL302 and XL305. You can see the plates up close on the website here.

For my first look I went with a subtle white to nude gradient stamping. If you would like to know how I achieve gradient stamping, make sure to check out my tutorial on YouTube! It’s super easy I promise! The image I used is from plate Bundle Monster Basic Instinct BM-XL304.

I started with A England Sparks Divine (review here) as my base then stamped a gradient using Girly Bits White Wedding and A England Sparks Divine. Finished with glossy top coat.

For my next look I used Bundle Monster Basic Instinct BM-XL302 plate. The design features roses and polka dots. I wanted to replace the polka dots with gold hex glitter but the polka dots are peeping through underneath. You could barely tell in person but the macro photo especially makes it seem very obvious, bit of a shame but I do like this look regardless.

I used Cirque Colors Carpe Diem as my base then stamped using Girly Bits Little Black Dress and added gold hex glitter from Born Pretty Store. Finished with glossy top coat.

The Bundle Monster Basic Instinct plates are available via the website now.

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A England – Sparks Divine

Today I have a brand new polish by A England to show you called Sparks Divine. Back in November Adina released Whispering Waves, which was released at the same time as Sparks Divine. There was a batch problem with Sparks Divine so now it’s finally back in its intended form. I’m excited I finally get to show you! Let’s take a look!

A England – Sparks Divine (new version)

A England – Sparks Divine (new version)

A England – Sparks Divine (new version): First up is the new and permanent version of Sparks Divine. It’s a gorgeous tan/nude/gold holo. The first coat is sheer but the second evens it out completely. It’s gorgeous and delicate! Really love this colour. I used two coats and top coat.

A England – Sparks Divine (old version)

A England – Sparks Divine (old version)

A England – Sparks Divine (old version): This is the “faulty” batch of Sparks Divine I received back in November. A brown sheer polish with sparse shimmer. This is the swatch I made back in November, I tried it on again this week and most of the shimmer has sunk, even with shaking vigorously it leaves you with a less sparkly version of what you see in this swatch. Side-by-side it’s an easy choice in my opinion. The formula was a bit problematic for me too. I used three thick coats for this and still had some VNL.

Only a few hundred bottles were sold of the old version so it’s a very small limited edition. If you did manage to grab one it’s a collector’s item for sure. :) I do recommend the new Sparks Divine version, it’s much prettier in my opinion and has the signature high quality A England formula.

You can purchase A England directly from A England if you are based in the UK or through one of the international stockists if you are located elsewhere. For me that’s The Nailista Shop in Belgium, who kindly passed this one onto me. Thanks again Kate! You can also purchase through Hypnotic Polish.

Connect with A England: Official Site – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram

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Irresistible Me – Ruby Auto-Curling Iron Review

I’m back today with something completely different! I started this blog as a mix of nails, make-up and other stuff and while my focus has been mainly nails over the years, this wasn’t my original plan for the blog. Over the past few months I have been sneaking in a few different non-nails topics and I hope to continue to do so in the future. You can expect my usual honesty and thoroughness so I hope you will enjoy these posts as much as I will. :)

Today I’m sharing a review on the Irresistible Me Ruby Auto-Curling Iron, something I have been wanting to try for yonks. Let’s take a look!

This is the Irresistible Me Ruby Auto-Rotating Curling Iron. It came in a beautiful black box and was packaged very securely as it survived the trip all the way across the ocean. Irresistible Me is based in New York, USA and they sell 100% human hair extensions, wigs, hair accessories and tools. I was offered extensions to try out but as I have long hair I wasn’t sure if it would be for me. (Should I try them? Let me know! :)) The Sapphire Curling Iron caught my eye as it has 8 wands (so cool!) but I was offered the Ruby Auto-Rotating Curling Iron to try out instead. Being a complete newbie the auto-curling feature was totally perfect for me!

Inside the box comes the curling wand as well as an instructional booklet. Some of the features listed:

  • Diamond / Ceramic / Tourmaline Technology
  • Universal Voltage
  • Automatic Curling Iron and Rotating Auto Recovery
  • Auto Shut-Off
  • Fast Heat-Up
  • Light Weight
  • 2.5m and 360 Degrees Rotating Power Cord

The fast heat-up is a huge plus, it takes less than a minute to heat up! I was definitely surprised how fast it was. I also love the auto shut-off feature which provides extra safety. While the plug was suitable for US only, I used a simple converter plug to make it fit into European plugs without issue and since it’s universal voltage I didn’t have to worry about that either. I’m no expert on the coating but the website states this: “The barrel is ceramic, fused with tourmaline to easily create silky, smooth curls. The diamond coating enhances its durability and heat transfer, unlike conventional ceramic irons.”

The wand didn’t come with a special protective glove as I was hoping but… The tip of the wand is safe to touch as it does not heat up so it’s not completely necessary. The barrel itself is 26mm wide and comes with a clamp. You can also set it down on the table without the barrel touching the surface which is very handy. The tool is not too heavy and feels extremely durable and high quality.

Figuring out how the iron worked was not difficult especially with the help of the instruction booklet. On the bottom you have the on-off button, you hold it for 2 seconds and then choose the temperature you want it to heat up to. It goes up to 410°F (210°C). I used the 340°F setting as I have reasonably fine hair. If you have thin blonde hair make sure to use a low setting, if you have thick dark hair you can use a higher setting.

In the middle of the iron you have the left and right button and the red is a reset button. Using it is simple, you clasp the end if your hair between the clasp, and then click either left or right depending how you want the curl to go (ideally away from your face and alternating). The iron automatically rotates and winds up your curl. Once you’re ready (after 5-10 seconds) holding the curl, you push the clasp to release and hit the reset button so the clasp rotates back to the front. Now you can admire your perfect curl hehe!

I’m super nervous about showing my face on here, please be kind haha! 

On the left is how my hair looked the day after I washed it and when my curls have been slept in (I woke up like this, lol!). Kinda flat in some areas and not a lot of bounce, not to mention the outer layer of curls have become a bit frizzy.

On the right is how my hair looked after using the Irresistible Me Ruby Auto-Curling Iron for the first time. My curls look less frizzy, more bouncy and my hair has more volume. Love it!

Why would you use a curling iron if you already have curly hair? Well, the reason why I was so intrigued to try a curling iron is, since I have long hair and no layers, my curls get dragged down very easily. Especially the next day when my hair has been slept in, and some areas just don’t produce a nice curl (I’m sure you curly girls will know what I mean!). I also haven’t seen many reviews on curling irons from people with a similar hair pattern to me (if any at all) so I hope this will be helpful for some people whether it’s worth the investment or not (I say yes)! :)

Here’s a more up-close view of the curls. I’m SO obsessed! The curls near my face are always so annoying and flat and now they look perfect and bouncy. I really love the results. If you have wavy/curly hair like me, I can definitely recommend a curling iron. It really makes a huge difference on those days where your hair could use a bit of help. And the auto-rotating feature is really helpful and easy to use, especially for beginners.

You can purchase the Irresistible Me Ruby Auto Rotating Curling Iron via the official website. It’s currently on sale for $95 (from $119. It’s not the cheapest curling iron out there but the quality is totally there and I personally loved the auto-rotating feature. Would highly recommend!

Connect with Irresistible Me: WebsiteFacebook – TwitterInstagramYouTubePinterest

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Throwback Thursday Nails #1

This month I am introducing a new series on my blog called Throwback Thursday Nails! As of this year I have been blogging over six years so as you can imagine, I have built quite an extensive library of nail art. However, I have improved so much over the course of those six years so I figured it might be fun to recreate some old manicures and do an updated version as it were. Every Thursday I will share a recreation of a design I did several years ago. Let’s take a look at the first one! :)

First up are some simple floral nails I did back in March 2011 (original post here). At the time I thought they were pretty darn cute and felt quite pleased with myself haha. I liked how these looked so I didn’t change too much about the design except for a more detailed floral.

I started with Catrice as my base, a gift from the sweetest Deborah aka Love Varnish, thank you so much girl! She knows me so well, it’s a total Emily-colour. :) Then I used my ORLY Instant Artist striper in Crisp White for the pinstripe and added some silver in between using a silver glitter It’s So Easy striper. For the floral print I used acrylic paints from Born Pretty Store. Finished with glossy top coat!

Here’s a better look at the floral print. Up close it’s far from perfect, but from a distance they look quite effective I think. Love the colour scheme of this mani, that’s why I didn’t change it from the original.

I also wanted to share a photo of this adorable painters palette ring that I got from Born Pretty Store. So cute! Hope you enjoyed my first installment in this series! If you want to help me choose what design to do next, head over to my Facebook page and check out my nail art albums from 2010-2011 and 2012!

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