Hēhē Stamping Plate – Miyazaki Hayao Studio Ghibli Collection

I’m really excited to share this post with you today, the latest collection from Hēhē Plates. Haiyan’s latest creation is inspired by Miyazaki Hayao the co-founder of film studio Studio Ghibli. They create the most whimsical and beautiful animation films. The most famous example would be My Neighbour Totoro!

While I loved Disney as a child, as an adult it doesn’t excite me very much. Studio Ghibli however makes really intriguing films and I’ve watched almost all of them. I’ve really fallen in love with the films! So I was very excited when Haiyan’s staff member SiQi told me the new collection would have a Miyazaki theme. Let’s take a look at the plates!

Hēhē 065, inspired by My Neighbour Totoro
Hēhē 066, inspired by Ponyo
Hēhē 067, inspired by Spirited Away
Hēhē 068, inspired by Kiki’s Delivery Service

I’ve chosen to use Hēhē Plate 066 inspired by Ponyo because that’s my favourite Studio Ghibli film. It’s a beautiful and magical love story. My manicure is heavily inspired by Haiyan’s mani you can see on the Aiyoohehe website. I just loved it so much!

On my pointer finger I used Cirque Colors Miami-Dade as a base and stamped the water pattern with Mundo De Unas in Iris and White. On my ring finger I used Cirque Colors Vitamin D as a base and stamped Ponyo using Mundo De Unas Orange and filled in her face and arms with white polish. On my pinkie I applied Cirque Colors Carpe Diem as a base and stamped the bubbles with Mundo De Unas Turquoise. Finished with Super Chic Lacquer Marvel top coat.

Hēhē 061, inspired by Howl’s Moving Castle
Hēhē 062, inspired by Castle In The Sky
Hēhē 063, inspired by Arrietty
Hēhē 064, inspired by The Wind Rises

My second mani shows you these plates are not just suitable for Studio Ghibli related nail art. There are lots of images which you can use for “regular” nail art too. For example the beautiful flowers from Hēhē plate 063. I love them so much!

I started with Cirque Colors Carpe Diem as my base, stamped over it with Mundo De Unas black. Then I filled in the design with sheer jelly polishes. I used BK 01, Dance Legend Gauguin, Dance Legend Chagall, China Glaze Shell-O and China Glaze Heat Index. Finished with Super Chic Lacquer Marvel top coat.

Hēhē 069, inspired by Princess Mononoke
Hēhē 070, inspired by The Cat Returns
Hēhē 071, inspired by Pom Poko
Hēhē 072, inspired by several Studio Ghibli films

My final look uses Hēhē Plate 069, the Princess Mononoke plate. I went on google and was inspired by the colour scheme of the forest in the film for my gradient and the accent nail features Princess Mononoke’s mask.

I started with a base of Cirque Colors Carpe Diem on all nails except my ring finger where I used Spell Polish Cardinal Sin as a base. For the gradient I used China Glaze For Audrey, China Glaze Exotic Encounters, China Glaze Emerald Fitzgerald and Cirque Colors Martinique. Then I stamped the trees using Mundo De Unas Black and stamped the mask and Kodama with Mundo De Unas White. Finished with Super Chic Lacquer Marvel top coat.

You can purchase the new Hēhē Plate Hayao Miyazaki collection from the official website. The full set of 12 plates is priced at $23 and individual plates are $2 a piece. Shipping is $5 for orders under $30, and orders above that amount are shipped free worldwide.

Please keep in mind there are counterfeit and fake Hēhē Plates circulating online (on eBay and Aliexpress for example) so be sure to purchase from Hēhē directly so you are certain of high quality products.

Connect with Hēhē Plate: Official SiteFacebookInstagram

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Cirque Colors – Vice Collection

I’m back today with some awesome Cirque Colors swatches! The new Vice collection which features 5 new bright cremes as well as a holographic top coat. Let’s take a look!

Summer is heating up and our vices are out on the prowl. Whether it’s “coffee and cigarettes” or “sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll”, we know your look wouldn’t be complete without one our of limited edition neons on your tips. Introducing The Vice Collection — a sizzling summer release of our brightest cremes to-date. Pair it with our sparkly holographic top coat for the ultimate quick fix.

Cirque Colors – C.R.E.A.M.

Cirque Colors – C.R.E.A.M.

Cirque Colors – C.R.E.A.M.: First up is this awesome neon pastel green. I saw this and loved it but thought to myself, that’s probably going to give me VNL. Nope! I’m wearing two easy coats with top coat here. Coverage was great and the formula was good to work with, dried to a dull finish so be sure to add glossy top coat.

Cirque Colors – Miami-Dade

Cirque Colors – Miami-Dade

Cirque Colors – Miami-Dade: Next up is Miami-Dade a bright turquoise light blue creme. LOVE this, not much else I can say. Two easy coats and top coat.

Cirque Colors – Lean

Cirque Colors – Lean

Cirque Colors – Lean: Next we have Lean, an awesome bright violet creme. Depending on the light setting this will lean either blue or red, it’s a bit of a colour changer. This was two easy coats and top coat.

Cirque Colors – Nympho

Cirque Colors – Nympho

Cirque Colors – Nympho: Next is this crrrrrazy neon pink creme. Doesn’t it look so juicy and perfect? I’m not a pink lover but this one is just awesome. I used two easy coats and top coat.

Cirque Colors – Vitamin D

Cirque Colors – Vitamin D

Cirque Colors – Vitamin D: Finally we have my favourite, Vitamin D. A beautiful peachy pastel neon. Currently wearing this as my pedi and it is so cute! If you’re wondering how this compares to China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy, it’s kind of like a mix between China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy and China Glaze Sun Of A Peach. I used three thin coats but two thicker coats should suffice. I also added top coat as this dries to a dull finish.

(natural daylight)

(natural daylight)

(direct light)

(direct light)

Of course I had to do some nail art with these colours! I’m wearing a horizontal gradient using all five cremes of the Vice collection and finished with one coat of the new Cirque Colors holographic top coat, called We Trippy.

The Cirque Colors Vice Collection launches July 9, 2015 at CirqueColors.com for $13 each. When you pre-order them they will ship on launch date. You may also find these via the international stockists coming soon. My favourites from this collection are Vitamin D and C.R.E.A.M., what are yours? Let me know in the comments!

Connect with Cirque Colors: Official site – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Pinterest

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Color4Nails Nail Care Products

Today I’m sharing some product reviews with you. A few weeks ago I was sent some cuticle oils and remover by Color4Nails. They’ve been releasing some own brand products lately so I’m sharing my thoughts today. Let’s take a look!

Color4Nails Cuticle Oil: First up is the cuticle oil which comes in a twist tube with a brush applicator that holds 4.5ml of product. I prefer this kind of applicator for cuticle oil as there is no chance of spilling or tipping over a bottle. They’re also easy to carry around in your bag. I was sent a selection of two scents, Coconut Kiwi and Lavender. The other scents include Jasmine Rosehip, Pomegranate Mango and an unscented version. The Coconut Kiwi smells divine but it lingers quite long whereas I found the Lavender more fleeting (which I prefer) but both smell great! The product itself sinks in easily and definitely does a great job at moisturizing my cuticles. Loved this! Retail price $8.

Ingredients: Grapeseed Oil, Avocado Oil, Apricot Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Argon Oil, Vitamin E oil and fragrance and/or essential oils

Color4Nails Hydrating Cuticle Away: Next is the gentle cuticle remover. According to the website this contains coconut oil and sweet orange oil. The active ingredient in cuticle removers is usually lye which is also used in cold process soap making (one of my many hobbies haha!). It’s a harsh ingredient though but apparently for cuticle removers it helps soak off the dead skin. While it doesn’t state on the site whether this contains it or not, I suspect so as it removes cuticles from the nail plate quickly and easily. Be sure to wipe off the product and wash your hands after use to avoid irritation and try not to apply too much on your skin, focus on the nail plate. The label on my tube was too long and covered the cap which looked messy and was a little annoying, I’m a big packaging freak so I hope they’ll fix this. Retails at $8.

Ingredients: Coconot Oil, Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Color4Nails Crystalline Nail Veil: Finally is the Nail Veil, which is used to protect the area surrounding your nail during messy nail art techniques such as stamping, sponge gradients or watermarbles. I’ve been testing this product for a long time but haven’t dedicated a post to it yet so I thought this was a good opportunity to share it. The product itself comes in a thin bottle with a long striper brush and has a yellow colour. It absolutely does what it promises, it peels off easily and it dries quickly, I’ve been using it a lot and I honestly can’t live without a latex barrier anymore. It makes a lot of techniques so much easier! For example sponge gradients, stamping, watermarbling and anything that leaves you with a lot of clean up around the cuticle. Application with the thin striper brush is tricky and takes longer to apply, I prefer a regular nail polish bottle and brush for quick application. This is completely personal preference though! This product does contain latex so if you are allergic this isn’t for you. The bottle contains 8ml and retails at $6.

You can purchase these products form the Color4Nails website based in the USA. They also carry brands such as A England, piCture pOlish, Glam Polish, China Glaze and many more.

Connect with Color4Nails: Official WebsiteFacebookInstagram

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Colors By Llarowe – Rest In Pieces and Slippery Little Suckers

Today I’m back sharing some polishes I got from Nailland Hungary. Two shades from Colors By Llarowe that I had my eye on, let’s check them out!

Colors By Llarowe – Rest In Pieces (natural daylight)

Colors By Llarowe – Rest In Pieces (natural daylight)

Colors By Llarowe – Rest In Pieces (direct light)

Colors By Llarowe – Rest In Pieces (direct light)

Colors By Llarowe – Rest In Pieces: First up is this gorgeous rich blurple holo. When I spotted this on the Nailland website I was blown away! I had to have it! It sure didn’t disappoint, though I do have to mention this stained my nails horribly. I wore it for just an hour when I did this nail art I showed last week using it as my base and I had really bad blue staining, I slapped myself for not wearing my Super Chic Lacquer Bring It On stain-preventing base coat. So when I swatched it for this post I learned from my mistake and used Bring It On. This applied in two easy coats and I also added top coat.

Colors By Llarowe – Slippery Little Suckers 

Colors By Llarowe – Slippery Little Suckers 

Colors By Llarowe – Slippery Little Suckers: The second shade I chose is this beautiful peachy pink that I fell in love with after seeing Deborah’s swatch. It looks a bit lighter in the bottle than on the nails which is due to the fact that the pigment used in this polish is extremely light sensitive. I usually leave my polishes in drawers but the bottle accidentally got left out on my desk in the sunshine for a few hours and the side facing the window got completely faded. I just hope sunshine was the only culprit and it won’t fade overtime from just sitting in my drawers. That aside it’s a gorgeous peachy pink but I still had a lot of VNL after three coats.

You can purchase Colors by Llarowe through Llarowe or from one of the stockists including Nailland Hungary. I’ve swatched polishes from this brand before and didn’t have any problems so I think maybe I got unlucky with these two, what is your experience with CbL? Let me know!

Connect with Colors by Llarowe: Official WebsiteFacebookInstagram
Connect with Nailland Hungary: Official Website – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram

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Messy Mansion – New Plates And Accessories Kit

I have some products to share with you today that I am ridiculously excited about! Four new Messy Mansion stamping plates and their new accessories kit which is one of the coolest stamping products I’ve seen in a while. It’s just so awesome!

Before I share though, I want to add that while I always try to show products when they’re available, the accessories kit is currently out of stock. So if you want to get your hands on it be sure to enter your e-mail address on the product page to be notified when it’s back.

Messy Mansion is an Australian company that has a large range of very high quality stamping plates and other stamping related products. I’ve been impressed with them every since I first got to try some of their plates so I was really excited to review some of their new plates. But I am even more excited about the accessories kit which came in a beautiful metal tin. Let’s find out what’s inside!

Inside the Accessories Kit you get three scrapers in different thicknesses, two more flexible scrapers and a sturdy scraper (similar to a credit card) and two metal templates with cut-outs. One that has nail shapes and one with different random shapes. If you’re wondering how they work exactly, I’ll briefly explain but I also recommended checking out the Messy Mansion video!

I have to say the templates are an absolutely ingenious product. I had SO MUCH fun playing with them! The one with the nail shapes has several uses, one of which is figuring out which portion of a large design you can fit onto your nail. Some plates come with designs that cover the whole plate and trying to find a part of the design that will look nice on your nail can be really daunting and difficult. This makes it a lot easier even if you have oval nails like me, it was very helpful to isolate a part of the design. The other template though I’m even more excited about. It has chevron, French tips, circles, stars and straight line cut outs. When you’ve scraped away the polish from your plate you place the template on top before rolling or pushing your stamper over the plate. It perfectly isolates the design allowing you to stamp a chevron or straight line without using vinyls or covering up part of your nail. It’s so awesome! I’ve prepared two looks today with the shapes template so be sure to keep reading.

I’m also sharing four new Messy Mansion plates. If you recall my first review on their plates, I mentioned that they are much larger than other circular plates on the market. You can’t really tell in pictures but they’re a really nice size. The plates I’m sharing today are MM51 which has Art Nouveau fence designs, MM52 which has aztec artwork, MM53 with beautiful Art Nouveau designs and MM56 with lace designs.

The first look I’m sharing is with the MM51 plate, I used the largest design in the middle but rather than placing the design so the lines run vertically I rotated it and used the lines horizontally.

As my base I’m wearing Aliquid Lacquer Serenity Now, Insanity Later which is a grey jelly with blue, yellow and pink glitter. I wanted to echo the colours of the glitter in my look so I applied Born Pretty Store studs with the same colours on my pointer and pinkie and stamped it using a neon pink, Mundo De Unas Blue and a neon yellow. The neon stamping lacquers I will be sharing more details about soon. Finished the look with Super Chic Lacquer Marvel top coat.

For my next look I used the MM53 plate with the Art Nouveau designs. I fell in love with the design on the bottom left. They’re quite narrow and only just fit my nail so that’s something to keep in mind. I also used the metal template for my middle finger to block off a narrow strip of the design.

I started with piCture pOlish Honey Dew from Nailland Hungary as my base. On my ring finger I applied Cirque Colors Carpe Diem as my base and stamped over it using Mundo De Unas Black. For the design on my middle finger I stamped it using the template and then using the reverse stamping method I covered the stamping with a strip of white polish before peeling it off and applying it onto my nail. I was amazed myself with how good it came out. I think this is one of my favourite nail looks I’ve done in a long time! The stamping design is so beautiful! Finished with Super Chic Lacquer Marvel top coat.

Then I used the MM52 plate. I wasn’t quite sure how to use this plate, so I ended up googling “Aztec Art”. This plate is inspired by the Aztec Sun Stone sculpture which is one of the most famous Aztec artworks. I found a lot of colourful art inspired by the Sun Stone but I ended using a colour palette that mimics the original stone.

I started with Elevation Polish Arashiyama as my base and then I stamped over it using Il Etait Un Vernis Drop Dead Gorgeous. I finished the look with Cirque Colors Matte Look top coat.

For my final look I used the MM56 plate which was my favourite of the four new plates. It comes with beautiful lace designs but they are more unique than other laces prints I’ve seen which I enjoyed. I used the image you see on the middle left of the plate and the pointed shape on the template. I really loved how this look turned out, even though my positioning with the pointed shape isn’t perfect. It was quite hard to get a perfect position since you need to work fast with stamping but I still think it was pretty successful.

I started with Pahlish Fleur De Sel as a base which I purchased in a group order with my friend Deborah from Love Varnish (thanks Deborah!). I’ve had (and loved) it for a while but this is the first time I’m sharing it on my blog. I stamped over it with Hit The Bottle Magenta At Your Own Risk and finished with Super Chic Lacquer Marvel top coat.

You can purchase Messy Mansion stamping plates and the accessories kit via their website based out of Australia. The latter is currently out of stock as I mentioned at the top of this post so if you want to get your hands on it (which I definitely recommend!) you can leave your e-mail address on the product page so you get notified when it’s back.

Connect with Messy Mansion: Official WebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagramYouTubePinterest

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