piCture pOlish – New Collaboration Shades 2014

I’m so excited to share this post with you all. I have swatches of the four new piCture pOlish collaboration shades to share today! Creating a piCture pOlish collab shade is a huge honour but I also get a real kick out of seeing what other bloggers create and what their inspiration is behind their shade. Shall we take a look?

piCture pOlish – Sizzle by Cosmetic Sanctuary

piCture pOlish – Sizzle: First up is Sizzle which is created by the talented Lisa from Cosmetic Sanctuary. You can read her inspiration here. I was very surprised by this colour, in a good way! I am not usually a fan of pink shades but this one is just stunning. Sizzle is a lot more neon than I thought it would be, it’s super bright but the coverage is also great for a neon. It also has some awesome fine scatter holo shimmer that add some sparkle to it. It dries matte so I added top coat for a nice and glossy finish. The formula was great, I used three thin coats.

piCture pOlish – Forget Me Not by Lacquertude

piCture pOlish – Forget Me Not: Next up is Forget Me Not which was created by none other than Kate aka Lacquertude. She’s the official piCture pOlish swatcher, you can find her beautiful nails all over the PP website. Make sure to check out her post on her blog here with the story behind her shade. Forget Me Not is a crisp bright blue with a very fine scatter holo and silver shimmer. At first glance it reminded me of Freya’s Cats but this shade is much lighter and the scatter holo is finer and more delicate. I love this one! Formula was flawless, it’s a bit on the thinner side but I loved working with it. This was three thin coats and top coat.

piCture pOlish – Fool’s Gold by The Nailasaurus

piCture pOlish – Fool’s Gold: Next we have Fool’s Gold by none other than The Nailasaurus. I was so interested to see what Sammy would come up with and I think she hit jackpot with this shade. You can read about her inspiration here. Fool’s Gold is a beautiful turquoise aqua with gold hex glitter, fine scatter holo and silver shimmer. I found it super flattering and a really fun shade that has a real tropical feel to it. I’ve never seen a shade quite like this one, it is just unique and wonderful. Possibly one of my favourites! I used three thin coats.

piCture pOlish – Unicorn by Brit Nails

piCture pOlish – Unicorn: Finally we have Unicorn by the amazing Allie from Brit Nails. I get serious nail envy every time I look at Allie’s blog, she has the most elegant long nail beds I’ve ever seen and her swatches are to die for. She created this unique minty blue shade called Unicorn, read her inspiration here. It has tiny pink hex glitter, silver hex glitter and colour shifting shimmer which goes from pink to gold. It’s a tad darker in person and more greenish. It was definitely tricky to capture. Unique doesn’t begin to describe this one! I used three thin coats and top coat.

The formula on all four was lovely to work with. You could get away with two thicker coats on most of them but I prefer using thinner coats to ensure it dries quickly and evenly. I have to admit that Sizzle was the one that surprised me the most as I usually don’t gravitate towards pink, it’s just so well done. Unicorn is the most unique one out of the bunch and I think Fool’s Gold is a real hidden gem. And you simply can’t go wrong with Forget Me Not! Which one is your favourite?! Let me know in the comments!

You can purchase the new piCture pOlish collaboration shades from the official website or from one of the many international stockists.

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Ethereal Lacquer – Black Rose Swatch

Today I have a stunning polish to share with you! It’s the coveted Ethereal Lacquer Black Rose, a Mei Mei’s Signatures exclusive. I’ve had my bottle for a long time but since it wasn’t in stock Mei Mei asked me to hold off my review. It’s finally coming back (today!) so I can share my thoughts with you!

Ethereal Lacquer – Black Rose (natural daylight)

Ethereal Lacquer – Black Rose (natural daylight)

Ethereal Lacquer – Black Rose: Black Rose is a beautiful deep burgundy/purple holo. It’s rich and bold and super vampy. I fell in love with it when it first arrived and I’m still smitten. The formula is amazing and it covers perfectly in two coats. I also added top coat for some extra shine.

Ethereal Lacquer – Black Rose (direct light)

Ethereal Lacquer – Black Rose (direct light)

Ethereal Lacquer – Black Rose: And this is what it looks like in direct light! It’s such a rich colour, and the holo is beautiful. It’s definitely stronger in person though! I kept thinking this reminded me of a shade I’d tried recently and when I compared it to ILNP Black Orchid, I found a very close match. They are not exact dupes but definitely very similar! Black Orchid has a different holo finish, it’s a little more shimmery and sparkly than Black Rose. Both are stunning!

You can purchase Ethereal Lacquer Black Rose exclusively at Mei Mei’s Signatures. It is relaunching TODAY (like now!) to make sure to keep an eye on Mei Mei’s social media pages so you are the first to know of the restock. It will sell fast so make sure to grab it quickly! Mei Mei asked me to include that the new batch may be slightly darker than the one I’ve shown here.

Connect with Mei Mei’s Signatures: Official site – Twitter – Facebook – Instagram
Connect with Ethereal Lacquer: Official Site – Instagram

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Asa no Ha Nails + Tutorial

I’m back with some nail art today, but that’s not all, I also have a tutorial for you! I haven’t done a tutorial in a long time and I simply had to do one for this design. I love it so much! Let’s take a look.

These are Asa no Ha nails! Asa no Ha is an ancient decorative embroidery pattern known as Sashiko (little stabs). There are many different Sashiko patterns but this is the Asa no Ha print aka Hemp leaf. :D It’s one of the prettiest geometric prints ever. But… It’s a little tricky to paint. I would say this is an advanced design but I hope with my step-by-step photos you’ll be able to tackle it. My nails were inspired by the talented LadyCrappo who also did a tutorial for this design. My method is a little different so I decided to share it with you today, with LadyCrappo’s permission.

  1. Start with a base colour, I used Polish My Life Muscat Martini and paint a triangle in the middle of your nail using a striper brush, I’m using ORLY Instant Artist in Grape.
  2. Next paint a triangle below it and two more beside that (which forms a Triforce for you nerds!). Make sure to follow the two sides of the first triangle to form the ones below it. All you’re doing is elongating those lines and drawing a horizontal one below it!
  3. Then fill up the whole row with triangles. You can paint one at a time or paint the horizontal lines first then form the others.
  4. Cover your entire nail in this pattern! Take your time, but don’t worry if it doesn’t look perfect, mine don’t either! You won’t see it too much at the end so no stress.
  5. Then comes the fun tricky part, connect each corner of the triangle in the center. You can paint dots in the center like LadyCrappo’s tutorial if it helps you.
  6. Repeat this step for all the triangles. It takes some time but the end result is so worth it! Clean up any paint you may have gotten on your cuticle and finish with top coat.

I found it helps to paint this design triangle per triangle. You could alternatively start with evenly spaced horizontal lines across the nail, and diagonal lines going both directions. I noticed this doesn’t always give perfect triangles for me. Though you could definitely try it that way too!

This is my finished look! I painted the Asa no Ha print on my middle finger and ring finger and my thumb (not shown). I even painted my dominant hand, it just takes a bit of practice. If you are feeling like, “damn you Emily, I have no patience for this!”, I spotted the Asa no Ha print on one of the MoYou Suki plates (they have the best designs!), so there’s always that option if you don’t feel like freehanding it.

As I mentioned above I used Polish My Life Muscat Martini as a base and painted the print with ORLY Instant Artist striper in Grape. I finished all nails with Glisten & Glow HK Girl top coat and used a matte top coat on my middle and ring finger so you could see the print more clearly. I absolutely love these nails and I hope you do too! If you recreate it make sure to send me pics. I’d love to see. :)

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Glisten & Glow – HK Girl Top Coat Review

Today I have a review for you on a product I’ve been lusting over for months! I’m talking about Glisten & Glow HK Girl top coat. It’s become a big favourite amongst many nail polish lovers alike and I am so excited to finally try it after reading many rave reviews. Sneaky Mei Mei sent me two bottles for personal use but I couldn’t help but review this and share my thoughts with you!

Glisten & Glow HK Girl comes in a round bottle with a black cap. The pretty label in front says “Fast Drying & Super Shiny Clear Top Coat” which is a very accurate description. This top coat is glossy! And it dries fast. Really fast. I’ve been a Seche Vite user for many years but it can be a bit of a problem child. Shrinkage and thickening are familiar words if you use Seche Vite. I haven’t experienced either of those with this top coat, but I’m not over halfway point yet. I’ve been told it does get a little thicker if you are nearing the end but nothing near Seche Vite. We’ll see! So far so good.

It comes with a great brush that is easy to use, not too thin and not too wide. I found the formula really easy to work with, it’s very smooth and just the right consistency. What I love most about it is that it doesn’t smear nail art. For this reason alone I absolutely love it! I do quite a bit of nail art (and more recently stamping!) and there is nothing more frustrating than smearing your design. This is one of the few top coats I’ve tried that just absolutely does not smear nail art.

Here I layered one coat of Glisten & Glow HK Girl over Glam Polish Mai Tai’s At The Pink Palace (swatch and info here!), as it matched the pink label so beautifully! As you can see it’s very glossy. I love the shine and it does a great job at smoothing out glitters though you may need an extra coat for stubborn glitter. The shine doesn’t dull whatsoever. Wear was amazing too, my current manicure is going strong after 5 days with barely any tip wear, thanks to Glisten & Glow HK Girl!

I have to say, this is one of the best top coats I ever tried. I love the fast dry time, the shine, the glossiness, the easy formula and that it doesn’t smear my designs. The only negative I could find was that it’s not 3-free, it contains DBP which I’m not super happy about. You really need to avoid this ingredient if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant as it can cause harm to your unborn child. It shouldn’t be too big of a concern otherwise though. If it was 3-free this would certainly get a “holy grail” stamp from me. Though I did read on the official website that there is a 3-free version available but only in Europe (DBP is banned in cosmetics here by law). I am interested to see how they compare. I can’t find a full list of all stockists so I only know of Rainbow Connection in the UK and Hypnotic Polish in NL selling the 3-free version.

You can purchase Glisten & Glow HK Girl top coat from the official website based in USA, or from one of the stockists. I got my bottle from Mei Mei’s Signatures who ships worldwide! Have you tried Glisten & Glow HK Girl before? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

Connect with Glisten & Glow: Official WebsiteFacebookInstagram

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Renaissance Cosmetics – Wunderkammer Swatches

I have three more amazing polishes by Renaissance Cosmetics to share with you today. I was in love with the two shades Meghan sent me from her latest release, and I am equally smitten with these colours from the Wunderkammer collection. Let’s take a look!

Renaissance Cosmetics – Emerald Envy (natural daylight)

Renaissance Cosmetics – Emerald Envy (natural daylight)

Renaissance Cosmetics – Emerald Envy (direct light)

Renaissance Cosmetics – Emerald Envy (direct light)

Renaissance Cosmetics – Emerald Envy: First up is this amazing deep grassy green with green holographic microglitter and a holo finish. I also spied some blue and gold shimmer in here. It is so vibrant and stunning. It did stain my nails so make sure to use a good quality base coat (I didn’t, oops!). The formula is truly one of the best I’ve tried, so smooth and buttery, this was almost a one coater. I used two thin coats and top coat.

Renaissance Cosmetics – Curio/Curiosity

Renaissance Cosmetics – Curio/Curiosity: Next is this awesome black and white topper. It’s not just a boring black and white glitter mix, it has lots of stunning shimmer, iridescent glitter and holographic glitter. I love this one so much! I’m a huge sucker for black and white glitter and this one is by far the most unique one I own. I layered one coat over Serum No. 5 Silver Lining and added top coat.

Renaissance Cosmetics – Porcelain Dream

Renaissance Cosmetics – Porcelain Dream: Finally we have Porcelain Dream which is a beautiful white/gold glitter. I thought long and hard on what to layer this over but since it has such stunning iridescent glitter and multichrome flakes I simply had to layer it over black. I want to try it over white too, as it reminds me of a bridal colour scheme. Formula again was really easy to work with, no fishing or dabbing and one coat gives a great amount of glitter. I used one coat over Cirque Memento Mori and top coat.

You can purchase Renaissance Cosmetics polishes from the official website. They are based in Canada and offer worldwide shipping. I’m also happy to tell you I have a 15% off coupon code! It’s “veryemily15″ and valid until September 28th. All products in the store apply but it can’t be used with other coupons.

Connect with Renaissance Cosmetics: Official Site – Facebook – Instagram – Pinterest

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