Ms. Sparkle – Swatches

Here is my second post of the day for you! I was recently contacted by the sweet Simone of the Dutch indie brand Ms. Sparkle, wondering if I wanted to review and swatch some of her polishes. Obviously I said yes! I’m always happy to support European indie brands and I just spotted some polishes from her latest collection on Instagram and they looked lovely. She kindly allowed me to pick three of her latest release, the “Fall Is Kicking In” collection that holds six shades in total. Let’s take a look!

Ms. Sparkle – Cypress & Cognac 

Ms. Sparkle – Cypress & Cognac: First up is definitely the most unique polish out of the collection, Cypress & Cognac. This is a multichrome glass fleck with green shards of glitter that sit in a brownish jelly base. it has gorgeous shimmer and sparkle and the multichrome effect is very strong. Definitely stronger than my picture shows! You might be able to layer it on its own if you have shorter nails but I personally loved the effect over black. I layered two coats over black and added top coat.

Ms. Sparkle – Royal Blue

Ms. Sparkle – Royal Blue: Next we have Royal Blue which is… a royal blue! It’s a jelly blue with vibrant blue shimmer/microglitter and holographic and white squares. I’m a sucker for square glitter so I really liked this one. Formula was easy to work with, definitely not too thick. It did dry semi-matte so make sure to add some glossy top coat! I used three thin coats and added top coat.

Ms. Sparkle – Misted Yellow

Ms. Sparkle – Misted Yellow: Finally we have this gorgeous mustard/ochre yellow. This one is my favourite out of the collection! I just love ochre colours and this one is so beautiful. As you can see this one also has lots of tiny gold glitter. Yellow polishes tend to be notorious for their tricky formula but this one was nice and opaque. I used two coats and top coat.

You can purchase Ms. Sparkle polishes from Simone’s Etsy shop. These three shades belong to a new collection, Fall Is Kicking In, that will be released September 1st I believe. Make sure to follow Simone on social media to be the first to know when they come out! Pictures of the entire collection are up on Instagram.

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Dance Legend – Holodays Swatches

I’m back again with some swatches! I’ll have two posts for you again today and the second one is coming up a little later. First though are some more Dance Legend polishes. I have three shades of the Holodays collection to show you. This collection holds six mini shades in total and I picked my three favourites to show you today. Let’s take a look!

Dance Legend – Blanco (natural daylight)

Dance Legend – Blanco (natural daylight)

Dance Legend – Blanco (direct light)

Dance Legend – Blanco (direct light)

Dance Legend – Blanco: First up is Blanco which is a silver holo with added scatter holo. All of these contain both linear holo and scatter holo flakes. Which obviously makes for quite a blingy polish! The holo is very strong and I love how it looks in the shade as well. The formula is thin but nice to work with. I used three coats.

Dance Legend – Neptune (natural daylight)

Dance Legend – Neptune (natural daylight)

Dance Legend – Neptune (direct light)

Dance Legend – Neptune (direct light)

Dance Legend – Neptune: Next up is Neptune which his a gorgeous muted blue, almost a periwinkle. It’s definitely paler in person than my pictures show. Again, super strong holo and gorgeous scatter holo flakes. I’m in love! This was three thin coats.

Dance legend – Anthem (natural daylight)

Dance legend – Anthem (natural daylight)

Dance legend – Anthem (direct light)

Dance legend – Anthem (direct light)

Dance legend – Anthem: Finally we have Anthem. Do I even need words to describe this? This purple holo is so strong. I love it! It has gorgeous scatter holo flakes as well that in the shade look like little stars in a nights sky. Super sparkly! The formula was also great, I needed just two coats.

You can purchase the Dance Legend Holodays polishes directly from Dance Legend in Russia but I recommend using one of the stockists! Near me that’s Maria from Hypnotic Polish. If you’re in the US you can try Llarrowe or Color4Nails. As I mentioned these are minis, they hold 6.5ml which is a smaller size due to expensive pigments. They are gorgeous though!

Connect with Dance Legend: Official Site – Facebook – Instagram

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MoYou London – Review

Today I have a review for you on MoYou London! If you are a fan of stamping I’m sure you’ve heard about them before. They are a UK based company that specialises in stamping plates. They have some of the prettiest plates I’ve ever seen! Their designs are unique and wonderful, very high quality, and the best part? They’re also very affordable! Let’s take a look.

I ordered six stamping plates a few weeks ago and they kindly threw in three plates for review purposes. The hardest part was choosing which I wanted. I spent hours on their website, looking through all the designs. They have a whopping range and almost 30 collections to choose from. They even bring out new collections every Friday! In the end I settled on: Mother Nature 03, Sailor 05, Time Traveller 03, Tropical 05 and Tropical 10, Artist 04, The Pro XL 05 and The Pro XL 20, and Tourist 07. They come in paper pouches with the cutest designs! They are so collectable which is a huge part of the appeal for me too.

MoYou London has regular stamping plates that hold 18 designs or more, they also have XL plates that have 12 full nail designs and then they have full image plates that have a super unique design across the whole plate.  They have a hard plastic backing that make sure you don’t scratch yourself at any sharp edges, and they also have the logo on the back which looks super stylish.

One of the plates I chose for review was this one, the Artist 04 stamping plate. This particular plate is inspired by The Kiss by Gustav Klimt. It’s an instantly recognizable and very famous painting, also one of my personal favourites. I find the full plates that have an entire design like this really beautiful but they do have less full nail designs, especially if you have longer nails like me. The patterns on the dress are a little too small to cover the whole nail but there are 8 patterns in this plate could cover your entire nail which is pretty good!

Of course I had to show you these plates in action! I chose one of the designs from the Artist 04 plate and created this design. I call it Klimt meets Mondriaan. :D I used the stamping decal method for this which means you stamp as normal onto your stamper but fill in the design with nail polish, add top coat and allow it to dry before peeling it off and applying your stamping design as a decal.

I started with Cirque Carpe Diem as a base (review coming this weekend!) and allowed it to dry. Applied black nail polish to the design I wanted to use on my plate, then I used my XL squishy stamper to pick up the design. Once it dried I used China Glaze Hanging In The Balance, China Glaze Hey Sailor and H&M Being On The A-List to fill in some of the squares. Added top coat across the whole design, peeled it off and applied it to my nails. On my pointer and pinkie I only applied part of the design, then drew a line across the edge with my ORLY Instant Artist striper in Jet Black. Finished everything with top coat!

I really hope you enjoyed my review. I wanted to show you a design with every single plate if I could but that post would be too lengthy. Instead you can expect a lot of posts coming up featuring MoYou. I have a few designs scheduled that I hope you will like. I cannot wait to place my next order, the plates coming out this weekend look so pretty. If you subscribe to their newsletter you’ll be the first to know about the new releases! I’m personally eagerly anticipating the Scorpio zodiac plate coming out in November. :D

You can purchase MoYou London stamping plates directly from the website. They are £5 each which is (at the time of writing) around €6.30 or $8.30 a piece which to me is very affordable since you get a large plate with lots of designs. I can highly recommend MoYou London if you haven’t tried them before. The plates are beautiful and the quality is flawless! If you have tried MoYou before, feel free to let me know in the comments which your favourite plates are! I’d love some suggestions. :D

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Serum No. 5 – Cut It Out Nail Vinyls – Lovely Magic

I have the second post for you now featuring Serum No. 5 Cut It Out Nail Vinyls. These vinyls come in 5 different styles right now. You can check out the previous ones here in case you missed them. Let’s take a look!

This is the Lovely Magic set and features hearts, unicorns, clouds and stars. I received them in the colour Lilac but they are available in a whole rainbow of shades. Including holographic and neons. I really love this lilac shade, you can use them both as a stencil and as a sticker to leave on your nail. For this look I only used them as stencils.

My first idea featured something with rainbows and unicorns and even though I like rainbows and unicorns, they are not entirely my style. I tried to go in a different direction and came up with these Day vs. Night nails using the clouds and the stars. It’s also quite different from what I usually do but I really love how they turned out! What do you think?

On my pointer finger I applied Serum No. 5 Blue Blazes and on my ring and pinkie I applied a base of Estée Lauder Blue Blood. For the clouds I used the Cut It Out Nail Vinyls cloud stencil and sponged Serum No. 5 Pure Glow Getter over the top. For the stars I sponged A England Excalibur over the star stencil. And finished off the whole look with Serum No. 5 As A Matte-A Fact which is a gorgeous matte top coat with irregular-sized silver flecks. You can see my swatch of this one alone here.

You can purchase the Serum No. 5 Cut It Out Nail Vinyls from the official website. They are $6 and you get some different styles and options with each sheet which is great. I definitely recommend you to check them out!

Connect with Serum No. 5: Official Site – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Tumblr

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Dance Legend – Iris Swatches

I have two posts for you today, first up is another Dance Legend swatch from the Provence collection. The lovely Maria from Hypnotic Polish sent these to me with a simple request, to use a bright base colour to match these cheerful glitters. :D You can catch the previous ones here, let’s take a look!

As I mentioned in my previous posts of the Provence collection, all shades are inspired by a flower. This one is inspired by the Iris. I think I probably expected a different colour combination when thinking of an Iris flower but I loved this one nonetheless. It features blue hex glitter, orange squares and white hexies. I used one coat over China Glaze Def Defying and added top coat.

For my base colour I used China Glaze Def Defying from the Cirque Du Soleil Worlds Away collection. This one is also available for purchase from the Hypnotic Polish website! I wanted to use a bright grassy green shade as a base to contrast the floral-inspired glitter. I like it but it will probably pop even more over a darker base.  These glitters are also suitable for a glitter gradient or as an accent nail to compliment a nail art mani.

You can purchase Dance Legend Iris from Hypnotic Polish. Maria has an amazing range of awesome indie brands. She ships worldwide so make sure to take a look! She currently has a sale going that ends tomorrow so make sure to take a peek.

Connect with Hypnotic Polish: Official Site - Facebook - Instagram
Connect with Dance Legend: Official Site – Facebook – Instagram

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