Cirque Colors – Burlesque Swatches

I’m really excited to share my swatches of the new Cirque Colors Burlesque collection with you! This is a 4-piece collection inspired by vaudeville shows of the early 20th century. Cirque describes these as sultry shades and it couldn’t be more accurate. These holographics are stylish and classy with a vampy touch. Let’s take a look!

Cirque Colors – Harlow (natural daylight)

Cirque Colors – Harlow (natural daylight)

Cirque Colors – Harlow (direct light)

Cirque Colors – Harlow (direct light)

Cirque Colors – Harlow: First up is Harlow which Cirque describes as an antique gold. I thought it looked like a golden olive green almost. It’s a very interesting and unique colour. The holo is really strong and gorgeous! I used three thin coats but you can get away with two thicker ones.

Cirque Colors – Josephine (natural daylight)

Cirque Colors – Josephine (natural daylight)

Cirque Colors – Josephine (direct light)

Cirque Colors – Josephine (direct light)

Cirque Colors – Josephine: Next we have Josephine which is a beautiful “blackened green”. A gorgeous dark green holo. It had a muted feel to it somehow. I can’t help but think of Chris Rea’s song Josephine whenever I see this polish, he’s one of my mums favourite singers. This was two easy coats.

Cirque Colors – Trocadero (natural daylight)

Cirque Colors – Trocadero (natural daylight)

Cirque Colors – Trocadero (direct light)

Cirque Colors – Trocadero (direct light)

Cirque Colors – Trocadero: The third shade in this collection is this beautiful navy blue holo. I’ve not seen many holos in this particular shade of blue so I definitely think it’s unique! It has a rich but muted quality just like the green. This was also two easy coats.

Cirque Colors – Boudoir (natural daylight)

Cirque Colors – Boudoir (natural daylight)

Cirque Colors – Boudoir (direct light)

Cirque Colors – Boudoir (direct light)

Cirque Colors – Boudoir: Finally we have Boudoir which is a dark violet/radiant orchid type of shade? It’s so hard to describe! Cirque calls this a vampy burgundy but it definitely leans towards purple. It’s very unique and very vampy. Loved this one! I used two coats.

Finally I created this simple v-gap skittle nail art, loosely inspired by the artwork for this collection. Hope you like it!

The Burlesque Collection will be available online at on September 25th for $13 each. You can refer to the Stockists page for participating retailers.

Connect with Cirque Colors: Official site – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Pinterest

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Fall Plaid Nails

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! I’m in bed today, feeling sorry for myself… It’s that time of month again (TMI but we’re all ladies here :D ). Thank god for Netflix for keeping me company! It officially launched in Belgium last Friday and I am already hooked. Currently watching Breakout Kings, New Girl and Grimm.

Fall season is officially here so I figured this was the perfect time to post these Japanese nail art inspired nails. They’re about as Fall appropriate as I go. I’ll be honest, I’m not a Fall person even though I am a Fall baby. I’m all about Summer! Even on my nails, I have a hard time embracing darker colours. Even though they are gorgeous!

On my pointer finger I have Priti NYC Coffee Blush, a gorgeous shimmer-y mocha colour. On my ring and pinkie I’m wearing ILNP Absolute Zero. On my middle finger I created a plaid pattern using Cirque Colors Carpe Diem as a base and ORLY Instant Artist striper in Jet Black. Then I finished the look with lots of bling! Duh! I used gold steel balls, 3mm pearls, 3mm pearlescent rhinestones, 2mm blue rhinestones, all from Born Pretty Store.

The plaid pattern is super easy to freehand, you just need to draw some straight lines with a striper brush. They don’t need to look perfect, in fact I intentionally made them look a bit messy! It just really brings the whole fabric print effect together. Love it! Hope you like it too. Are you a Fall person? Let me know in the comments!

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Maybelline Vintage Leather Swatches

I have a quick swatch post for you today! I purchased the following two Maybelline shades from a local discount store, they’re from the Vintage Leather collection which was released last year. The bottles showed some pretty sparkly flakies so I decided to pick them up. To my surprise, they had a pretty matte finish! Let’s take a look.

Maybelline – Tanned & Ready (UK) / High Style Sienna (US)

Maybelline – Tanned & Ready (UK) / High Style Sienna (US): As you can tell from the names I listed, Maybelline uses different names for the US and UK version. I’ve noticed the same thing with the Bleached Neons collection. Tanned & Ready (aka High Style Sienna) is a terra cotta shade with sheer white flakies. Formula was nice though you need to work fast, I used two coats. For the second swatch I used a glossy top coat.

Maybelline – Turquoise Temptation (UK) / Antique Teal (US)

Maybelline – Turquoise Temptation (UK) / Antique Teal (US): Again, this one has two names. I like Antique Teal best, it’s definitely more a teal than a turquoise. This one was very opaque, almost a one coater. I used two for swatch purposes. The flakes are beautiful but definitely come more to life once you add top coat.

I’m afraid they may no longer be available for purchase in stores since they are from last years collection. Though you may have some luck on Amazon! Do you prefer these with the matte finish or with a glossy top coat? Let me know in the comments!

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Dance Legend – Galaxy Swatches

Today I have three shades from the Dance Legend Galaxy collection to show you! Each shade is a multichrome with lots of scatter holo flakes. The name for this collection couldn’t be more appropriate, these really do look like galaxies on your nails. So pretty! Let’s take a look.

Dance Legend – Pulsar

Dance Legend – Pulsar: First up I have Pulsar which is a multichrome that shifts from a deep purple to pink and orange. It also has a ton of scatter holo flakes as you can see. This really gives them a starry effect! The formula was thin but easy to work with. I used three coats and top coat.

Dance Legend – Comet Tail

Dance Legend – Comet Tail: Next we have Comet Tail which shifts from a deep raspberry pink to red, orange and green. The shift on this one is incredibly strong too and I couldn’t stop staring at my nails when I wore this. I’ve not seen too many shades with this colour shift either. Usually it’s more of a red than raspberry pink. Very pretty! This was three thin coats.

Dance Legend – Milky Way

Dance Legend – Milky Way: Finally we have Milky Way which shifts from an aqua/teal to purple to pink and orange. Again, super strong shift. The scatter holo particles really come to life in the sunshine, they sparkle so beautifully. This was three thin coats.

You can purchase the Dance Legend Galaxy polishes directly from Dance Legend in Russia but I recommend using one of the stockists if you are based elsewhere. Near me that’s Maria from Hypnotic Polish. If you’re in the US you can try Llarrowe or Color4Nails. This collection uses mini bottles rather than full size, they hold 6.5ml due to expensive pigments. They are gorgeous though!

Connect with Dance Legend: Official Site – Facebook – Instagram

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Guest Post at Love Varnish

Today you can find my post over at Love Varnish! I’ve created a guest post for my friend Deborah while she is on holiday in NYC (buying ALL the polish, I’m so jelly haha!). I hope she is having a blast! Make sure to check out my guest post on her blog to find out how I did these.

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